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Season 2, episode 1


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Season 2, episode 1

  1. 1. The LHKR LegacySeason 2, Episode 1 – Passing the Gavel By: ilovereecee
  2. 2. Welcome back to The LHKR Legacy! This is a joint legacy between four members of SiMania,, Lydia/hippielayla86, Haleigh/meadowthayer, Katie/ilovereecee and Roxy/Taube. This is the beginning of a new “season” of our legacy, which means a new member is writing! This would be me,Katie/ilovereecee. Our theme for this legacy is our favorite TVshows, each generation features a new show from the writers choice. Before we start this season, let me remind you that last season Haleigh/meadowthayer started our family with the founder Sony Sitcom. He graduated college, married the gorgeous Kaylynn Spitzig and together they had four lovely children all named after One Tree Hill. The kids are Lucas, Nathan, Jake and Peyton. From those four, Peyton was chosen as heiress. This is where we pick up today...
  3. 3. “Mother, dont you think its time I went off to college?” Lucas, the oldest of Sony and Kaylynns four children asked. “I mean, dontyou want me to have a good education? I think college will be very beneficial for me!” “I dont know, son. Youre a romance aspiration. You want tobecome a professional party guest. How would college help you, really? Dont you want to stay home with Mommy?”
  4. 4. “Mom!” Lucas whined, “College is a great opportunity for me, its crucial to the rest of my life. These days you need a degree!” “Are you feeling okay? Do you need to see a doctor?” Kaylynn questioned. “Since when do you care about your education?”“Okay, for real Mom. I heard the babes in college are sweeeeet! I need to go, plus where else can I learn to party, but college?”
  5. 5. After Lucas fessed up and told his mother Kaylynn the true reason he wanted to go off to college, she agreed. Afterall, if Lucas isgoing to become a professional party guest, where better to learn the basics of partying than a university!? So here he is, all grown up at Sim State University and ready to paint the town red.
  6. 6. “Ha ha ha!” Lucas laughed uncontrollably, “Youre so funny Mary. Im really glad we met. Youve got some good jokes!” “Well Ive got plenty more to offer than jokes,” Mary suggested.“Is that right? Well maybe we should go out later tonight, once I get settled in and everything?”
  7. 7. Right after meeting Mary and securing his first date, Lucas went tohis claimed dorm room and posted the do not enter sign. He only has three outgoing points. Looks like his willingness to socialize with others only goes so far!
  8. 8. Lucas is a All of his wants romance/grilled were verycheese aspiration, knowledgebut his first day of aspiration centered. college didnt First he wanted to show it. gain a cooking point. Then he wanted to write a term paper and complete his first college assignment! All very odd wants coming from a romance aspiration.
  9. 9. Lucas even rolled the want to play chess! So far Lucas is acting as opposite from a romance aspiration as he possibly can. Hecontinues to meet friends around the dorm, however. He ended up becoming friends with Thomas Wren while playing an intense game of chess together.
  10. 10. “I know you probably didnt know this, but its my first night away from home. I just moved into the dorms today.” Lucas lecturedwhile whipping up a grilled cheese. “And I love grilled cheese! I see that you made mac n cheese, but that just wont cut it for me. Were celebrating a milestone in my life for goodness sake! Im starting college and that calls for a delicious grilled cheese!”
  11. 11. Lucas has been talking to Mary over the phone to build their relationship all throughout his first semester. At the very end of hisfreshman year, he invited her out to the club. They had a great time tearing up the dance floor!
  12. 12. “Oh Lucas, that feels great! Youre really good with your hands!” Mary exclaimed. “If you think that feels good...” Lucas smiled. “Hey guys, good night for a soak huh!?” Just as Lucas was about to get lucky, this guy walked up!
  13. 13. Lucky for the young couple, the townie didnt stay too long. Whenthey were left alone, Lucas and Mary picked up exactly where they left off!
  14. 14. Just as they finished their hot tub woohoo, Mrs. Crumplebottomdecided to join the party! Gosh, cant these two get a little privacy for their public woohoo!?
  15. 15. “I saw what you did there Missy...” Mrs. Crumplebottom yelled. “Oh please dont call the police!” Mary pleaded.“Youre still doing it! Youre wearing your swim suit in public! How indecent of you, put on some clothes young lady!”“Really?” Mary laughed while changing clothes, “Well if thats what youre really worried about here!”
  16. 16. “In all fairness, I guess I didnt make myself clear when we firsttalked about a year ago. I didnt want grilled cheese just that night, Id like it every night. So if you could just put that in your cooking schedule, or whatever you call it, thatd be great. Thanks!”
  17. 17. “Voooo Gerbits!”“Uh, miss, youre really making it difficult for me to concentrate on this very intense game versus myself!”
  18. 18. “And she was all, Vooo Gerbits! while Im trying to play chess. It was pretty rude.” Lucas gossiped. “I always think those girls are so annoying! Running up when Imtrying to study, yelling their cheers and jumping around. They just look silly!” Thomas agreed.
  19. 19. “I know right!” Lucas exclaimed, “I should have told her to go make me a grilled cheese. I could have tolerated her if Id just had that delicious, buttered bread and creamy cheese...” “Dude, Im youre best friend and all, but if you dont stop talking about grilled cheese, Im gonna lose it!” Thomas said sternly.
  20. 20. Back in the main home, Nathan Sitcom is working hard as a blogwriter. He has the want to go to college however, and it isnt going away. Looks like the time has come for him to join big brother Lucas at SSU.
  21. 21. “Dad, its time for me to head off and go live with Lucas. I reallywant to go to college and learn as much as I can. Id like to be a rock god one day, but I feel that college can still help me.” “I know what you mean son,” Sony replied, “dont forget, Im aknowledge aspiration too. College just calls your name until you go! Have fun and be safe.”
  22. 22. “Do you really have to go, son?” Kaylynn asked, “Cant youbecome a rock god without going away for four years? I cant stand to see all my babies leaving home.” “Oh Mom, itll be okay! Youve still got the twins here anyway. Theyre not going anywhere for a while. I love you, Ill be sure to call you and check in.”
  23. 23. “Welcome to Sim State, little brother!” Lucas greeted Nathan once he got in the door. “Heres some grilled cheese for you! Fresh off the oven, too!”Since Nathan moved in with Lucas, they had enough money to rent out a two bedroom home together. Its very spacious and enough for the two of them.
  24. 24. “Oh suck on that!” Nathan cried, “Cant beat that kill streak. Go ahead, try Luke! You cant do it!” Lucas and Nathan are spending lots of time together now thattheyre roomies in college. Playing video games until all hours of the morning is a favorite with the two of them.
  25. 25. I took this picture for two reasons. One, to show you that the boyshave a chess table still. Lucas loved it in the dorm, but it gets usedmainly by knowledge aspiration Nathan now. And two, Nates face is so funny here. He seems to be saying “Hey baby!”.
  26. 26. Just like when Lucas started college, all of Nathans wants revolvearound his classwork. He wants to do assignments, study and write term papers. I think this has less to do with the new excitement of being at SSU and more to do with his primary knowledge aspiration.
  27. 27. “Luke!” Thomas Wren cried, “How many times do I have to tell you, bro? I dont care about your dumb grilled cheese.” Thomas and Lucas are BFFs, which means Thomas can be one hundred percent honest when it comes to not giving a flip about Lucass obsession with grilled cheese.
  28. 28. “Im glad you came over to see the new place, Mary. I was hopingto get you alone in the bedroom, and it looks like my plan worked!” Lucas said suggestively. “Hah, so funny Lucas.” Mary rolled her eyes. “Actually, I washoping we could talk. Weve been very physical up until now, buthavent had the chance to really connect. I think its time I tell you how I feel... I love you, Lucas.”
  29. 29. “Oh, uh...” Lucas stuttered. “Well, um, thanks. I love playing video games! How about we go do that now. Yeah that sounds good!”
  30. 30. “Dude, Im your very best friend, so I wouldnt lie to you...” Thomas started, “You messed up! She said she loved you and you asked her to go play video games with you!? What on earth were you thinking!?”
  31. 31. “It freaked me out, okay?” Lucas replied. “Im a romance aspiration, it was getting a little too serious for me in there! Video gaming was the first thing that came to mind, it kind of popped out.” “Well you better undo the damage, dude. Or your screwed. So what if she said she loves you, is that really the worst thing in the world?”
  32. 32. “Mary, thank you for coming over, I know I was an idiot last night.The truth is, I just got scared. Its not that I dont love you, because I do!” Lucas admitted while caressing Marys cheek. “I just havent really thought about any major commitments. Thats a big step.And theres something I think I ought to tell you before we take thatleap.... I love grilled cheese. A lot! Its just to tasty and it goes goodwith anything. You can eat it any time of day, I never get tired of it.”
  33. 33. “Are you seriously talking about grilled cheese sandwiches right now, Lucas?” Mary questioned angrily. “Yeah, please dont interrupt me. Let me explain...”“No! Were talking about our future here! Or trying to at least! Call me when you grow up.”
  34. 34. “So are you gonna call her?” Thomas asked over a grilled cheese dinner later that evening. “I dont think so. I was trying to tell her a major part of my life, andshe just couldnt listen to me for two minutes. I love her, but I reallylove grilled cheese. If she cant even listen to me explain that, how are we supposed to work?”
  35. 35. “So youre not going to try to fix things,” Thomas paused, “because she didnt listen to you talk about grilled cheese?” “Yep.” Lucas said shortly.
  36. 36. So its Lucas senior year at SSU, and he has decided to ditch theonly girlfriend hes held. I decided to break out the crystal ball, fromwhich we are using to find spouses for the heirs. Jill Smith was one of the top five picked females for Lucas. Right off the bat, he decides to test Jill by talking about grilled cheese!
  37. 37. “Oh I love grilled cheese!” Jill exclaimed. “Its probably the best invention ever!”“If I werent a romance aspiration, Id marry you right now!” Lucas immediately was attracted to Jill.
  38. 38. The rest of the evening, Lucas got to know Jill more and more. By the end of their date, they were almost best friends and shared their first romantic kiss together. Immediately after, Mehrissa the school cheerleader and Nathan came rushing in to cheer on the new couple! How supportive of them.
  39. 39. “Whoo wee!” Nathan laughed, “Thats a smelly one!” Nathan has two neat points. It shows!
  40. 40. “Thanks for coming to my house party, Jill.” Lucas said through breaths on the bubble machine.“Sure thing! If youre going to be a professional party guest oneday, youve gotta start throwing more shindigs around this place! Im glad I could be at the very first one.”
  41. 41. “Youre so going down! I dont know if youve heard yet, but I hold the kill streak record in this house.” Nathan said confidently.“Yeah, well, I dont know if youve heard,” Mehrissa said back, “butI pretty much kick ass at this game. Im about to give you a run for your money!”
  42. 42. The party is a smash hit! Everyone is having a blast so far. All ofthe family members were invited, along with Jill Smith. Mehrissa just showed up as she normally does about this time in the evening.
  43. 43. “Look, dear!” Sony shouted, “This is how the kids on campus are dancing these days. I can do it just as well, arent I so hip!?”“Um, I dont think thats how anyone dances these days, darling.”
  44. 44. While everyone else was dancing in the living room, Mehrissa andNathan snuck off to his bedroom and got to know each other a little better. Mehrissa even graced Nathan with his very first kiss.
  45. 45. “Lucas, Ive never found you sexier than right now!” Jill exclaimed. “But your parents are grinding on each other right beside us, and its really killing the mood.”“Wanna go to my bedroom?” Lucas asked hopefully. Jill smiled in reply.
  46. 46. “You know, its so weird. When Im with you, I dont think of anything else. Im having so much fun getting to know you more and more everyday. Ive never met someone like you before, I can be myselfaround you. And you accept my obsession with grilled cheese. I really love you.”“Did you mean to say you really love that about me?” Jill questioned. “No, I meant what I said.” Lucas smiled.
  47. 47. “Jill, after tonight there isnt a doubt in my mind that youre the only one for me. I meant everything I said to you earlier and tonight made it clear to me that youre exactly what I want in my life now and forever.” Lucas pulled out a ring as he dropped to one knee. “Will you marry me, Jill Smith?”
  48. 48. Back in the main legacy home, everyone is doing well. Fortuneaspiration Jake is painting like a madman and loving the money its bringing in. Popularity aspiration Peyton is working on becoming best friends with her mother. Kaylynn is the only family member Peyton isnt already best friends with.
  49. 49. Sony and Kaylynn are both enjoying the sweet retired life, but theystill have pretty busy days. Kaylynn spends the majority of her time on the phone with her sons Lucas and Nathan who are away atcollege. When the twins are at school, the couple throws caution to the wind and enjoy lots of elder woohoo all over the home, including the family hot tub. Gross.
  50. 50. “Mom, dont freak out,” Jake began, “but Peyton and I are ready to go off to college. Were leaving tonight.” “No way!” Kaylynn objected, “You two are all Ive got left!” “Hey!” Sony exclaimed.
  51. 51. “Shut up, Sony! You know what I mean,” Kaylynn continued. “Jake and Peyton are my babies. What am I going to do when theyre gone!? I dont think I can handle this. You guys just cant leave! I forbid it!”
  52. 52. But leave they did. Poor Kaylynn, all alone with her husband in a huge house with no kids to take care of or worry about... its a family aspiration sims worst nightmare!Anyway, I took this picture to show you how the twins aged into young adults. Snazzy attire, huh?
  53. 53. Much better! I especially like Peytons new outfit. She looks so sailor girl-ish, doesnt she!?
  54. 54. “Ooh, baby!” Manuel the college student exclaimed walking byPeyton, “youre so hot! I bet kissing you is would be a dream come true.” “Actually, more like striking gold, Ive been told.” Peyton replied. And just who says that, Missy? Youve never been kissed!
  55. 55. “So she was all, Let me teach you the school cheer, then Ill giveyou your first kiss!” Nathan said. “So Im thinking, score Ive got a chance with the school cheerleader. But then she never comes back over! Its pretty heart breaking.”“Oh thats so said!” Kaylynn replied, “But hot too! Theres nothinghotter than a man down in the dumps at the hands of another girl. Come here you poor thing!”
  56. 56. Jakes first semester of college at SSU has been going pretty much how all of the other kids first semesters went. He rolls wants to complete assignments, write term papers and go to class. Also,Jake likes to paint. He really doesnt enjoy the painting as much as the money it brings in. He really loves that!
  57. 57. “I get to play video games, stay up as late as I want and nakedchicks just run right up to me in my own home!?” Jake exclaimed, “College is awesome!!”
  58. 58. Peyton, our heiress, is a popularity aspiration with the LTW to havefifty first dates.... This is probably not going to happen. Im going to switch her aspiration when I get the option after her sophomore year. But watch, shell probably give me something harder lol. Anyway, while she is a popularity sim now, she gets the wants to be friends with her professors. We all know what that means... easy As!!
  59. 59. “So then he was all, You love me? Uh, how about we go play a video game? Isnt that so funny!?” Peyton laughed. “Wow!” Nolan said wide eyed, “Was your brother born yesterday?Doesnt he know thats going to take him down the road to Splitsville?” Peyton always wants to meet someone new, and quite often greetsstrangers right off the street and tells them everyone elses business!
  60. 60. Nolan and Peyton hung out all day (in fact, Nolan stayed on thebubble blower until six the next morning!) and got to be fast friends. While they got to know each other more, Lucas and Nathan danced on each other in the dining area. Inappropriate grinding obviously runs in the family.
  61. 61. “Oh Lucas! I cant believe youre graduating already.” Kaylynn gushed, “Im so proud of you, sweetheart.” “Thanks Mom! Im really happy too.”“Now, go home and get married to Jill. Then yall make lots of babies for your Momma! I want six grandkids, you know?”
  62. 62. Lucas threw one last party in his college home before he headsback to the main neighborhood and settles in with Jill. He had ablast celebration his graduation with his family and of course Jill was there too.
  63. 63. Lucas and Jill moved into a small two bedroom tudor hometogether. I was really banking on Jill bringing more money with her,but she only moved in with one dollar to her name! Gee thanks Jill.
  64. 64. Lucas and Jill literally spent every last penny they had decorating their home. So the night before their wedding, Lucas dug for treasure in his yard. His attempts were futile. He found a few bones and broke a pipe. Before the end of the night was over however, he did find a secret map.
  65. 65. Once Lucas sold the map and bones, he had enough money to buy a few hedges and bushes in which to marry Jill in front of. They had a private wedding in their front yard. I did this becausethey are both romance aspirations, but didnt fear marriage at the time. Gotta get them hitched while they wont go into aspiration failure!
  66. 66. Lucas found a job in the newspaper starting out in the slacker career. He is a DJ for now, he started out pretty low because hedidnt find the career via computer. So while he works his way up, Jill stays at home to tend to their newborns! They had twin boys named Abel and Thomas.
  67. 67. So the naming theme of this generation is Sons of Anarchy. One of my very favorite TV shows on FX. This season just ended on a major cliffhanger, and I cant wait to see more. So Abel is named after the main character Jaxons firstborn son.He is the son of Jax and Wendy, his ex-wife whom Jax left because she was a drug addict. Thomas is named after Jaxs second born son (who is named after Jaxons brother, who is named after Jaxons father lol). Thomass mother is Tara, Jaxons high school sweetheart and now doctor wife. Together Jax and Tara have custody of both kids and Tara even claims them both as her sons.
  68. 68. “So Lucas, have you introduced all your club guests to grilledcheese yet?” Jill half joked. “If I know you, and I do, I know youvebeen talking to the bar manager about putting them on the menu.”Jill continues to be a supportive wife and encourages Lucas grilled cheese obsession.
  69. 69. Abel, on the right, and Thomas, on the left, aged into very different looking toddlers! Abel got pale skin, blue eyes and an odd mix ofgenes. Thomas got the Sitcom eyes, darker skin and a much more pleasing genetic makeup!
  70. 70. Once the twins grew up, Abels face filled out a little more and helooks a lot better! Thomas continues to be a cutie and their parents are as in love as ever!I think well stop here. I want to say thank you for coming to read, and come back next time to see how the rest of the spares lives end up :)