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Clark Legacy 1


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Clark Legacy 1

  1. 1. The Clark Legacy: 1 by: ilovereecee
  2. 2. This is our founder, Trevor Clark. Trev is a Knowledge sim with the LTW to reach the top of the Intelligence career. That sounds easy peasy! He's messy, mean, active and outgoing. The outgoing kind of contradicts the mean, doesn't it? Well. . . let's get this legacy started!
  3. 3. Trevor sits down at his empty desktop, which he's been told by the locals will soon have a nice computer sitting atop it thanks to Mr. Humble, to start skilling. As a Knowledge man, he already has the wants to earn a cleaning and a cooking point.
  4. 4. No luck finding the Intelligence career track in the newspaper or the computer that Mr. Humble dropped on his doorstep – or patch of grass in front of the door rather. Oh well, maybe Trev will have better luck tomorrow.
  5. 5. While Trevor was working on earning more cooking skill points to fulfill his wants, a pretty, pale red head strolled onto the lot. I immediately X-ed out the skilling box and made him introduce himself.
  6. 6. Kaylynn Spitzig (I know, what a horrible last name!) struck up a conversation at once. “ I don't like the sun, not at all.” Well that's pretty obvious, look at how extremely pale she is! While Kaylynn shared some facts about herself with Trevor, he found himself developing a crush on the pretty blue eyed, red haired woman.
  7. 7. It's a good thing I had Trevor get up and greet his visitor! They hit it off right away. He asked Kaylynn on a date and they had a wonderful time. Trevor even discovered his predestined hobby – Music & Dance!
  8. 8. The date ended with a sweet kiss! Trevor and Kaylynn had a dream date with each other, experienced their first kiss with each other and also both developed a crush on each other. It was a pretty productive and lovey dovey night for all.
  9. 9. It was a few days after Trevor moved in that he finally found his desired career. The Intelligence career is very hard to come by, I guess. He started out as a Gumshoe with 11 – 6 hours. That's not even a full time day, he's got it pretty easy!
  10. 10. Trevor's first day at work was terrific! He came home with a promotion and a nice little bonus that will help expand the house. Now he works the same hours and earns more as a Private Eye Detective. Trev decided to share this happy moment with the woman that he liked – which has now turned into love, thanks to this passionate kiss!
  11. 11. “ Kaylynn, this has been the best day of my short little sim life thus far, the only way it will be better is if you say you'll be my bride!” Kaylynn, a Family sim, accepted her love's proposal and moved in with him. Trevor wasn't lying when he said it was the best day of his life thus far, this day he earned the most aspirational points I've ever seen any sim earn in one day. And he's still got the evening to go!
  12. 12. Kaylynn Spitzig moved in adding $19,000 to the family funds. It went to good use remodeling the home. Now the Clark family has a nice sized kitchen/dining area, master bedroom, well decorated bathroom and a few spare rooms that will be decorated with more money. Kaylynn also used some of the money to buy herself new clothes and give herself a nice makeover. She braided her hair down one side and let her bangs hang in her face. She looks more approachable now.
  13. 13. While Trevor was flying up in his career, his fiance Kaylynn was not having such great luck. Kay was working as a record store clerk, but got fired for suggesting a different type of music to a country music lover. The poor girl was just trying to help, but the customer didn't appreciate her help and told her manager who fired her.
  14. 14. Trevor felt so bad for his fiance and tried every way possible to cheer her up. It wasn't hard to get her laughing! With a little time and a few dirty jokes, Trevor had Kaylynn giggling up a storm and feeling loads better.
  15. 15. The night ended with a little Woodhull, which made both of them happy. And to top off the night for Kaylynn, Trevor put another ring on her finger and made Kaylynn his wife. Her aspiration meter light up platinum for the next few days. She may have lost her job, but she had the best night of her life.
  16. 16. The next morning Kaylnn woke up to find out that her surprises were not over yet. She'd been wanting a kitten for a while now, so Trevor, knowing this, got her two! Danny, a ditzy black cat, and Sandy, a playful white cat, made great additions to the Clark family.
  17. 17. All of the surprises and support from her new husband proved to help alot. In no time Kaylynn had a new job as a Playground Monitor She got to work with kids, which she loved and best of all she had nights and weekends off to spend at home.
  18. 18. Although Kay didn't bring home a promotion, she did manage to keep her job and make a new friend on her first day at work. It beats the last time she came home from a first day and got fired! :)
  19. 19. With the money she and Trev were earning, they were able to add more furniture into the bare rooms in their home. It looks like Kay does not like the new kitchen table chairs though!
  20. 20. With all of the promotions Kay was earning, she needed a more professional looking wardrobe. She also wanted something she could feel comfortable in because she now had an ever expanding belly! With baby number one on the way and being a Elementary School teacher, a girl has to look stylish and feel comfy too!
  21. 21. Kaylynn broke the pregnancy news over dinner. Trevor was excited that he was going to be a father, and even made the connection between the woohoo and the pregnancy. Knowledge sims *rolls eyes* :D
  22. 22. Pregnancy wasn't especially hard on Kaylynn, it just made her sleep. Alot! For the better half of the day Kay could be found snoozing away in bed.
  23. 23. Danny and Sandy were becoming close pals . They really got along great and played well with each other. Hopefully one day Sandy will be in the same position as Kaylynn :D
  24. 24. Labor pains woke Kaylynn up from one of her long, long naps! Trevor, who was napping beside her, woke up to hear his wife's screams. He got out of bed just in time to see. . .
  25. 25. His precious baby girl with blue eyes, pale skin and of course red hair. The couple named her Lexie and immediately fell in love with the tiny infant when she smiled up at her parents and waved her little arms.
  26. 26. Trevor didn't mind taking a break from all of his precious skilling to feed, bathe and change his baby girl. He was a big sucker for his newborn daughter and was at her crib with ever whimper that came out of her room.
  27. 27. Lexie was such a joy in the new parents lives that they decided to start on another one right away! Kaylynn was especially ecstatic as a Family sim and Trev was secretly hoping for a son this time.
  28. 28. The kittens grew up to be playful, rowdy, full grown cats! Danny aged into a plain old short haired cat and Sandy aged into a very fluffy long haired cat.
  29. 29. Taking care of Lexie proved to be a tad harder than changing diapers and feeding bottles. She was an extremely fussy baby and loved to be held. She hated her crib and let everyone know as soon as she hit the sheets!
  30. 30. Before anyone knew it, it was time for a birthday party! Trevor and Kaylynn invited a few of their friends over to show off their baby girl on her first birthday.
  31. 31. Lexie aged into a smart toddler who favored her father in brains and beauty! She got his nose and quick thinking brain. Lex learned to talk in no time at all! Trevor couldn't be prouder of his daughter and was convinced that she was a toddler genius.
  32. 32. A new little baby is on his or her way! This time Kaylynn's pregnancy wasn't filled with sleepy days. She was having a harder time and spent a lot of her time throwing up in the bathroom.
  33. 33. Although there were some perks to pregnancy; like her husband catering to her every need ;)
  34. 34. Kay ate much more than she did when she was pregnant with Lexie. She also had many more cravings than she did with Lexie. Most of the time she wanted pancakes for breakfast and spaghetti for dinner. All of this food went straight to her hips and she gained a lot of weight during her second pregnancy.
  35. 35. Lexie is just the biggest sweetheart! She loves her mommy and daddy and even the cats. She always snuggles them whenever they walk in the room and lets them know she loves them.
  36. 36. While Trevor was catching up on some sleep, Kay tried to teach Lexie a nursery rhyme. This far along into her pregnancy she wasn't feeling much up to teaching her how to walk. The mommy and daughter had a fun time trying to sing classic nursery songs.
  37. 37. Kaylynn had just put the bottle down for Lexie when labor pains hit! This time she didn't have her husband next to her to cheer her on, she had to do all the work herself while Lexie sucked on her bottle.
  38. 38. A tiny little boy with red hair, tanner skin and blue eyes was born. Kaylynn named her sweet new baby Noah. She couldn't wait until Trevor saw that he had a new son!
  39. 39. While Trevor was at work and Noah was napping, Kaylynn set out a birthday cake for sweet Lexie. There wasn't a party or balloons like her first birthday, but Lexie laughed and had a good time anyway.
  40. 40. Lexie aged into a very pretty girl and looks more like her father with every birthday that passes. She's still the same sweet girl she was as a toddler and immediately wanted to befriend both of the cats.
  41. 41. Everyday when Trevor got home from work he kissed his daughter on the cheek and went straight upstairs to cuddle and play with his baby boy. I've never seen a prouder father!
  42. 42. Kaylynn was happy to go back to work and keep earning promotions. She was excelling in her career and with just a little more time she'd be at the top of the career track in no time at all! Sweet Lexie gave her mother a hug everyday when she came home from work. Usually they got home at the same time so they were happy to see each other at the end of a long day.
  43. 43. Lexie had no trouble making friends. Her parents knew she was naturally a loving and caring child and so of course she would find friends in no time. Allyn Fuchs was her first friend that came home from school. They made great girl friends!
  44. 44. The kitchen was full of red headed sims for little Noah's first birthday party. Everyone gathered around to cheer on the youngest Clark as he aged into a toddler.
  45. 45. And a cute one at that! Noah also favors his father and inherited his nose. He and his sister could almost be twins if it weren't for the age difference and skin tone difference.
  46. 46. Danny and Sandy had been keeping a liter of their own in Sandy's belly for a few days now. Two small black kittens named Henry and Liza were born to the proud feline parents.
  47. 47. As a Knowledge sim Trevor has that silly want to meet aliens. His want was granted and he was sucked up high into the sky by the alien race. He came back carrying their baby, as we all know.
  48. 48. Looks like sweet Lexie favors her father in more than one way. She's smart, looks like Trevor and shares the same predestined hobby – Music & Dance. Kaylynn let her little girl put up a ballet bar on her wall to practice on. Maybe one day she'll be a famous dancer!? :)
  49. 49. It didn't take long before Trevor was showing. He had a little one on the way. Kaylynn loved having a baby on the way, but not being the pregnant one for once. It didn't matter to her that this baby would not be a blood relative of hers, she would love him or her all the same.
  50. 50. Kay supported Lexie's enthusiasm for Music & Dance. She loved spending the extra time twirling around the kitchen with her only daughter whenever they had a spare minute together.
  51. 51. Noah is the complete opposite of his older sister. While Lex is very nice and sweet, Noah only has a few spare nice points. His poor teddy bear! Whenever Noah gets his hands on the stuffed animal he starts biting his ear or beats him against the floor.
  52. 52. This reminds me of when Lexie was born and Trevor was sleeping while Kaylynn was in labor! Now things are the other way around and it looks like Trev could use some help.
  53. 53. Kaylynn hopped out of bed just in the nick of time. A little boy with green skin, black hair and black eyes was born. His father named him Charlie. Kay cheered as she watched her beloved husband cuddle the newborn in his arms for the first time.
  54. 54. Trevor has gotten a tad more involved with his family and less involved with his job since the birth of his son Charlie. Now instead of skilling hour after hour, Trevor enjoys teaching Noah how to walk and talk and sometimes will even dance with Lexie.
  55. 55. The kittens grew up into very fluffy and very identical adult cats. Henry and Liza look exactly like their mother, but only with dark black hair instead of a snowy while color.
  56. 56. Lexie is excelling in her classwork. She brings home an A+ every day from school and usually has a friend following her off the bus. It doesn't surprise her parents that everyone at school loves her, because she's such a kind little girl.
  57. 57. It was time for little Noah to grow into a child and join his sweet sister in elementary school. His mother and father cheered him on into childhood where he would make new friends, skill and be surrounded by homework night after night.
  58. 58. Noah aged into a cute child and like his sister, looks more like his father now than his mother. I have a feeling he'll be a hunk as a teenager and have to beat the girls off with a stick ;)
  59. 59. In the middle of all the birthday fun Charlie wasn't being ignored of course. Kaylynn was a family sim, after all! Even though Charlie wasn't her blood son, she still treated him as if it were that way. She loved him despite his green skin and over sized eyes.
  60. 60. With Kaylynn's maternity leave time over it was time for her to go back to work full time. The Clark family hired a nanny to take care of Charlie and his older sister and brother while nobody else could be home with them. Nanny Kendal really isn't that bad! She takes very good care of Charlie so far. . .
  61. 61. Maybe I spoke to soon ;)
  62. 62. Going back to work was a wonderful thing for Kaylynn. She came home her first day with a promotion. Now she deals with pesky seniors and nervous freshman as a high school principal!
  63. 63. Lexie and Noah are slowly becoming friends. Lexie always wants to hug and kiss her younger brother, but Noah being so mean wants nothing to do with that. They usually end up playing a lot of cops and robbers. Which ends up with Noah shooting sweet Lexie into the ground and laughing about it.
  64. 64. Noah isn't all bad, he does help out Lexie with her homework when she's not feeling up to doing it all.
  65. 65. This legacy's first double birthday has arrived! Sweet Lexie and baby Charlie are both growing older tonight. Trevor and Kaylynn are proud parents tonight! They have their only daughter growing into a big teenager and their baby boy leaving his diapers in the past.
  66. 66. Charlie inherited his father's nose and mouth, just as his older siblings did at his age as well. His cheek bones are a little strange, but hopefully it's nothing he can't grow into. His personality isn't too horrible. He's extremely nice, active and outgoing. But he's not playful or nice at all!
  67. 67. Sweet Lexie grew into an attractive teenager. She also rolled a very surprising and uncharacteristic aspiration – Pleasure! Maybe she'll still remain a sweet little party animal ;)
  68. 68. When Lexie grew up she also chose to have to childhood friend Allyn Fuchs age into a teenager with her. Now the two girls kick it together as teenagers and enjoy trying out the latest dance moves together.
  69. 69. Another day, another friend made in Lexie's life. It seems like she's bringing home a different friend from school each and every day! At least all these friends are keeping her aspiration meter high.
  70. 70. “ What do you think you and I become a little closer of friends, eh baby?” The look on this poor townies face when Noah started hitting on her - It was just too funny!!
  71. 71. It's time for another birthday in the Clark home tonight! This time it's the youngest child growing up. Everyone in the family gathers around to cheer on the little tyke as he ages into a child.
  72. 72. Charlie grew into a cute little alien boy. He put on a sweater, dark jeans and beige Vans which make him look very stylish and possible even cuter. He runs off right away to start cleaning up the mess Henry and Liza are making by not using their litter box.
  73. 73. The very next night there is another birthday! This time it's the founders turn to step up to the cake. ;) Trevor looks lovingly at his wife before blowing out the candles and wishing for a quick and speedy retirement. After he reaches the top and achieves his LTW of course!
  74. 74. Trevor didn't have any trouble staying extremely handsome. With a blue and purple checkered shirt and khakis, Trev is just as cute as he was when he was first plopped down onto this lot from CAS!
  75. 75. Now that all the kids were aged into children, Kaylynn wanted to get them all into private school. She invited over the headmaster and showed him around their home. When she was showing the room where the pets slept and ate, Danny was taking a pee in the liter box and then started sniffing it for an odd amount of time. Kay was embarrassed, but the headmaster seemed to think it was cool because he cheered and whooped! :)
  76. 76. Headmaster Korey loved the tour of the house. He only saw the few rooms downstairs, but he thought what he saw was excellent! The family got 40 points just for the kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom and pet room! Next up on Kaylynn's agenda was to cook dinner. She made pork chops for the headmaster and they had a light conversation about the weather while they ate.
  77. 77. Halfway through dinner Noah came to join his mother and the headmaster. He talked about trigonometry class, which he obviously has not taken. I think he might be trying to impress the headmaster ;) Well, it worked! The headmaster was very impressed with the family – Lexie, Noah and Charlie were all accepted into private school!
  78. 78. After the headmaster said goodbye to the family it was time for Noah to grow into a teenager! The entire family gathered around the kitchen table to cheer him on.
  79. 79. Noah aged very nicely. He looks so much like his father - it's ridiculous! He surprisingly rolled a Family aspiration. I didn't see that coming because he has such low nice points ;)
  80. 80. Trevor and Kaylynn both have the want for Lexie to be an overachiever. So sweet Lexie got a job working in her father's office as a Gumshoe. It was what Trevor started out working as so many years ago.
  81. 81. When Lexie came home her fun bar would be so drained from going to school all day, rushing through her homework and then heading straight to work. I've never seen a teenager do this, but Lexie enjoyed swinging on the fridge door after work!
  82. 82. As sweet as Lexie was she still had a Pleasure aspiration. She began dating to fill her aspiration meter which was always so low because she hardly ever had any fun.
  83. 83. Most of the time, Lexie went on a few dates a day. This really boosted her aspiration meter. She quit her job so that she could have more time to date. In her wants panel you could always find “Have 3 1 st dates” and every time she achieved that want, the number of first dates she wanted to have would increase.
  84. 84. We haven't seen much from little Charlie lately. That's because he's ALWAYS skilling. He takes after his father! Charlie is extremely bright and can skill in no time at all. He already has more skill points than his older siblings.
  85. 85. Although it isn't her LTW, Kaylynn finally reached the top of her career. She earned a lot of aspiration points for this feat, which is great since her birthday is right around the corner.
  86. 86. Another day, another date for Lexie. This time she met Ethan Davis, who is actually rather cute! She'll have to keep his number ;) And then there is little Charlie perfecting his homework behind his older sister. The little guy is such a hard worker!
  87. 87. It's Kaylynn's birthday and all of her children gather around the kitchen table to cheer her on. She's a little bummed that Trevor couldn't be there, but he was away at work earning lots of money for his beloved family.
  88. 88. Kay kept her red hair and teacherish looking clothing. She actually aged very gracefully! It won't be long before she's wanting a houseful of grandchildren!
  89. 89. Noah saw how exciting dating was for his older sister and decided to give it a shot. He called up Ivy Koswokos (I didn't think anything could beat Kay's maiden name) to see if she would like to come over. She agreed and they had their first date together. You may remember that Ivy was the townie Lexie brought home from school one day that Noah as hitting on ;)
  90. 90. Noah and Ivy had their very first kiss together! It was very sweet and a little awkward, but adorable none the less. Noah was so nervous and it took him all night to get the kiss, but once he did, his aspiration meter went sky rocketing.
  91. 91. Later that night Ivy sent the traditional bouquet of roses, but also came back a little later to leave another set of flowers. It was the really cheap pink flowers in the blue vase. The family sold it for money ;)
  92. 92. Another great thing happened the night of Noah's first kiss; Trevor has finally achieved his LTW. After much hard work and long nights skilling everything has finally paid off. Trev is now a perma plat elder!
  93. 93. There is a new addition to the family! Danny and Sandy had a brand new kitten. It was a boy who looked different from Henry and Liza. He was named Felix.
  94. 94. Maybe it's because Felix is different from Sandy and Danny's other cats, but he sure did get a lot of attention. Right when he was born, Noah already wanted to make friends with him.
  95. 95. It's the weekend and that means dating time for Lexie and Noah. This is basically all the couple did together all afternoon. It's cute how they can't get enough of each other. Oh, they are now going steady :)
  96. 96. Time for the last birthday in the chapter! Charlie is aging into a teenager tonight. Trevor was once again at work and Lexie was on a date, but Kay and Noah were there to watch the youngest child blow out the birthday candles.
  97. 97. Charlie aged up into quite the cutie. He rolled a fortune aspiration, which doesn't surprise because he is such a hard working young man.
  98. 98. This is where I say goodbye. Thank you so much for reading about the Clark family. I hope you enjoyed the chapter. Remember to vote for your favorite child from the second generation. Look back next time to see Lexie, Noah and Charlie in college!