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  1. 1. The Cooke Legacy: Chapter Five - Baby Mania A joint project between ilovereecee & meadowthayer
  2. 2. Welcome back to The Cooke Legacy! This is Katie writing still, and let me give you a little re-cap of the last chapter before I let the heir, Brennan, take over. Brennan and his siblings graduated from college in the last chapter. The heir found the love of his life, Cherry Lew, proposed to her and asked her to move into his parents home with him after graduation. This is where this chapter will pick up. Thank you for coming back to read, and now I'll hand the story over to Brennan . . .
  3. 3. After graduating, Cherry and I moved back home with my parents and Uncle Albert Jr. Cherry donned a new look and I never thought she could be any more beautiful, but I was wrong. With her new hairstyle, makeup and clothes, I couldn't keep my hands off her! She was absolutely stunning, I'm glad I'll be marrying her in just a few days time!
  4. 4. I introduced Cherry to my parents and she was making friends with them in no time. She and mom talked all about the wedding and it seemed like they'd never stopped. I swear they planned the entire wedding the first night we were home. I'm just glad to see my future wife and my mother get along so well!
  5. 5. I knew that Cherry would adore my young uncle, Albert Jr. My grandparents adopted him a few weeks before they both passed, leaving him to be an orphan. But that didn't mean much in this house. He is still surrounded by people that love and adore him.
  6. 6. I was lucky enough to find my desired career pretty quickly! My LTW is to Become the Law; so I chose a career in the Law track. I started later on that very afternoon. I was a little nervous, because I graduated college I got a high spot on the ladder on my first day. I hope there wouldn't be any problems from other people who had been in the company longer.
  7. 7. There were no problems at all. In fact, my day went smoothly and was extremely successful! I was promoted to The Law my very first day. I managed to get promoted and achieve my first LTW the second day back home. Life was pretty good so far. My new LTW is to Become Mayor. That should be simple enough.
  8. 8. It was the night before the wedding and all talk was not on my big promotion that day, but on who would be attending, where they would sit, what food to serve. It seemed as if my wife and mother hadn't planned out quite everything just yet.
  9. 9. Eventually the ladies in the house excluded the men from the wedding conversation and ignored us completely to finish up the last minute plans. I felt like I wasn't even a part of the wedding, Cherry just told me to show up and everything else she'd work out with my mother. That worked for me!
  10. 10. The morning of the wedding finally arrived, during the night I'd sneaked out to get Cherry a surprise. Her LTW is to raise 20 puppies or kittens, so I wanted to help this along. I went out and bought Scribbles, the orange male cat, and Tilly, the lime green spotted female cat, and they will be the parents of the many, many kittens soon to come.
  11. 11. The morning seemed to fly by and soon it was one in the afternoon – time to get married! Before I knew it, I was slipping the ring on Cherry's small finger and we were saying “I do”! Everything seemed to go so quickly because of the excitement surrounding us. I couldn't believe Cherry was now Mrs. Cherry Cooke! It made me happy to think we were officially husband and wife.
  12. 12. It seemed not everything went as smoothly as my wife and mother had planned. Two of the guests, my father and Bradley, were not there to witness the exchange in vows. But, my mother, Blake and Brynne clapped as we shared our first kiss together as husband and wife. Now it's time to party!
  13. 13. Inside and out of the hot summer sun, Blake made a toast to Cherry and I. It was thoughtful and made Cherry grin from ear to ear. I felt like I was floating, and not from the champagne, but from pure happiness of being married to my true love.
  14. 14. While our guests mingled about the house, Cherry and I sneaked upstairs to sing on the karaoke machine. It was a slow song and we swayed along to the music. Even Scribbles came to join in the festivities and howled along with us as we sang.
  15. 15. Later that night after everyone had changed out of their formal wear, the party was still going. But this time, for a different reason. My Uncle Albert Jr. was aging into a child and everyone gathered around to celebrate with him.
  16. 16. Uncle Albert Jr. aged very nicely. My grandparents would be so proud to see the young man their son was becoming. I sure know I was proud of him!
  17. 17. Immediately after the party was over, Cherry wanted to become best friends with Albert Jr. She and A.J. were already great friends, and now she wanted to be his best friend! Watching her play with my uncle, I thought what a great mother she'll make for our kids one day.
  18. 18. It wasn't long before I got my next promotion and became the Mayor of Cooke City. This meant another LTW I'd achieved. My new and third LTW was to Become a Hall of Famer. It was something out of the politics side and I thought I would enjoy it.
  19. 19. Tilly is expecting kittens any day now. She spends a lot of her time napping outside, resting up for when the big day comes, the sun must feel good on her growing belly.
  20. 20. Mom and Cherry didn't work, but stayed home to tend the the gardens, clean the house and tend to Scribbles and Tilly. Their most recent project was expanding the family vegetable garden. Mom tore down the green house walls so the plants could breathe some fresh air and then she and my wife began fertilizing the soil to plant some new seeds.
  21. 21. It was a few weeks after our wedding that Cherry and I began to talk about having children. We decided that there was no better time than the present to start trying to get pregnant. Cherry, a Family sim, couldn't have been more excited. I was a little nervous, but also shared some of the excitement my wife had.
  22. 22. It didn't take long before we knew we were pregnant! The very next morning, Cherry spent almost an hour in the bathroom with wave after wave of morning sickness. I felt so bad not being able to help her, but she reassured me she was happy. Aside from the horrible morning sickness of course!
  23. 23. A.J. was becoming a bright young boy. He studied hard and skilled quickly. My dad made sure his little brother had his homework done every single night. A.J. would do great in college, when the day came for him to leave.
  24. 24. Tilly gave birth to her identical kittens, Alana and Buzz*. They both look like Scribbles as of right now, but who knows what they'll look like when they're older. *The kittens will be named from Disney movies. Alana is Ariel's sister in The Little Mermaid, and Buzz is a character from A Toy Story.
  25. 25. The morning sickness had finally stopped for Cherry and her belly was beginning to show. This wiped away any fears I had before and those feelings were replaced with pure joy. I couldn't wait to be a father and to see my wife hold my son or daughter.
  26. 26. During her first pregnancy, Cherry craved pancakes all the time! It didn't matter if it was dinner time or breakfast time, she always wanted to eat pancakes. I joked that our baby was going to come out covered in butter and syrup because that's all Cherry was eating!
  27. 27. *Okay, Katie here! I've downloaded the lot full of sims hack, because Tilly and Scribbles couldn't try for a kitten anymore. But I think the hack is messed up, because now they can try for a kitten, but cannot get pregnant. I had them try from Friday to Monday evening with no luck. So I've uninstalled the hack, Cherry might just be SOL on her LTW. . . okay, back to Brennan's narration now.
  28. 28. In order to be prepared for when our baby came, Cherry began reading all the parenting books that our bookcase held. She wanted to know what every single little whimper and sigh meant.
  29. 29. All of Mom and Cherry's hard efforts in the garden were paying off. Mom now had a large and thriving garden to tend to. It took up a lot of her time, but that's how she liked it.
  30. 30. I was in the kitchen when I head my wife calling my name. It sounded as if something were wrong, so I bolted into the living room where she had been playing with the kittens and came to see her in labor with our first child!
  31. 31. I'd never seen anyone go through childbirth before and after seeing my wife do it, I was glad I was born a male. I don't know if I could have done it.
  32. 32. When all was said and done, we had a beautiful baby girl to hold and love. She has my brown eyes and her mother's brown hair. We named our tiny new daughter Caroline.
  33. 33. Mom had begun to be around the pesticides and plants so much, that she turned into a plant herself! Mom was thrilled that she was now a plantsim, it meant she could garden to her hearts content without getting tired, for now she needed no sleep. The rest of us were a little worried about her, but supported her decision to stay a plantsim all the same.
  34. 34. Another benefit of Mom's new plantism, is that she is Caroline's full time nanny. When everyone else is sleeping at night or at work during the day, Mom is there to take care of my tiny daughter.
  35. 35. Cherry was such a great mommy! She was always running upstairs to play with Caroline whenever she was awake. It's too bad we can't try for another baby* just yet. Cherry would be so happy with another child to love. *Without the lot full of sims hack, Cherry and Brennan cannot try for another child just yet.
  36. 36. Cherry decided she would rather be surrounded by her own children rather than twenty kittens. She decided to sacrifice achieving her own LTW in order for more children to be born soon. So she called the pet adoption agency and had them come to pick up Scribbles, Alana and Buzz. Tilly was now the only pet in our family.
  37. 37. Soon it was time for a birthday in the house! And a double birthday at that! My Uncle Albert Jr. was growing into a teenager and my own daughter was going to be a tiny toddler now! I coudln't believe how quickly time had passed since her birth. My brother Blake and sister Brynne came to celebrate with us. Bradley couldn't make it because he as at work.
  38. 38. Albert Jr. aged nicely with a Fortune aspiration and decided to go straight to college at SSU after the party ended. He hugged his great-niece, my daughter, goodbye and gave her one last tickle before leaving. As for Caroline, she grew into a beautiful toddler. She reminds me so much of her mother with her short, curly brown locks and beautiful smile. I'm so lucky to have such a sweet family.
  39. 39. After a quick nap to rejuvenate from her birthday party, my dad began to teach Caroline how to walk. She did pretty well, if I may say so myself. She took her first steps after only one or two tries. Soon she'll be waddling around the house all on her own!
  40. 40. Cherry decided that she was going to use the Renuyu aspiration object to change aspirations, then change back to Family in hopes of gaining a do-able LTW. After many, many, many times doing this Cherry kept rolling the same trio of wants: Raise 20 Puppies/Kittens, Graduate Three Kids from College, Marry Off Six Kids.* I guess she's just SOL. All of these wants are not do-able since this is a joint legacy and her LTW will change when switching. Cherry is being difficult!
  41. 41. The next morning Cherry discovered we were going to have another baby. This time around instead of craving pancakes, she wanted hamburgers. All the time, no matter what time of the day it was. She craved hamburgers! I'm glad she's not this way when she's not pregnant. That'd be a lot of food to keep stocked up in the fridge!
  42. 42. I was having more luck that my wife with my LTW. It was only a few days before I found the desired career for my new LTW. I began the following Monday as an Assistant Coach, which is a position only two promotions away from the top and from achieving my newest and third LTW.
  43. 43. In the house we are quickly seeing Caroline's loving personality develop. She is friends with both Cherry and I and also my parents, Andersen and Jade. Now she is trying to befriend the family cat. Tilly looks as if she'd rather not. :)
  44. 44. Cherry's belly continued to grow as our little one grew inside of her. And with the belly growing, so did our excitement to be parents of two children. I couldn't wait to see how Caroline would react to being an older sibling. I knew with how sweet my daughter is, that she will love her new baby brother or sister.
  45. 45. Over the past two days Caroline has two of the three essential toddler skills. Cherry is now attempting to teach her to sing a nursery rhyme. Caroline looks more interested in sucking on her thumb. But Cherry never got frustrated, she kept her patience. After all, Caroline is just to cute to get frustrated with.
  46. 46. Eventually Cherry's patience and persistence paid off. Caroline caught on with the tune and began to sing and dance along as her mother softly sang the happy melody.
  47. 47. Caroline learned to sing before she ever learned to talk. We'd taught our daughter a little backwards, but the night she learned her nursery rhymes, I taught her how to talk. Not surprisingly, it didn't take her long to catch on. She's such a smart child.
  48. 48. Being the only cat in the house now, Tilly receives all of the attention. Well when Caroline is asleep anyway. . . :)
  49. 49. When Cherry's due date arrived we were anxiously awaiting the labor pains to hit. Cherry didn't waste any time though, she refused to sit around idle. She went into the kitchen and made herself some hamburgers to eat before the baby came.
  50. 50. A few hours later I was just about to take out the trash when I saw my wife in labor. Quickly, I dropped the trash to remind Cherry to breathe in and out, in and out. I couldn't believe I was about to be a father of two children!
  51. 51. Okay, make that three children. Cherry and I are now the parents of a toddler and twin babies! We had natural, identical twin boys with brown hair and eyes. We named them Clark and Clayton.
  52. 52. So far our sons were very quiet. They didn't cry a lot, only when they needed a bottle or diaper change. Tilly was very interested in them. She loved to watch them while they napped in their cribs.
  53. 53. Cherry was a stay at home mom and took care of our three children. She hardly had a moment to rest. Between caring for Clark and Clayton and entertaining Caroline, there was not a moment to spare. But I think that is exactly how my wife likes it!
  54. 54. Soon it was time for my little girl to grow up. I couldn't believe she was going to be a child now. I hope she stayed just as sweet as she was now. All of her uncles and aunts came to see her grow into a big girl and they celebrated with us as Caroline blew out the candles sitting atop her birthday cake.
  55. 55. Caroline, my sweet daughter, grew into a beautiful little girl. She looks so much like my wife! Her curly locks grew down her back and she chose a patchwork dress to wear. I was so proud of my little girl and I hope she is as smart as she is beautiful.
  56. 56. Caroline wanted a bird for her birthday present. I can't deny my little princess anything and she got her wish. She named her new parrot Cupcake.
  57. 57. Clark and Clayton continued to be very calm babies. They didn't need much attention to be happy, but they got attention anyway. My parents especially loved to cuddle the boys and feed them bottles, even if they didn't need it!
  58. 58. When all of the birthday mess was cleaned up and it was time to go to bed, Cherry and I discussed having another baby. She was, of course, up for it. I had no objections, I loved my kids, one more baby would be great. It was decided, we were going to have another little one in the house soon!
  59. 59. The morning after Caroline's birthday happened to be a Saturday. This meant no school for her, instead she was free to play outdoors as she wished. She's proving to be an extremely active child. She loves jump roping and swimming in the pool.
  60. 60. I've finally reached the top of the Athletic career track. This means my third LTW has been achieved. My new LTW is to Marry Off Six Kids. This will be one LTW that will not happen. I'm happy with achieving three LTW's in my lifetime anyway. Most sims never see one achieved.
  61. 61. It wasn't long at all before my wife began noticing the symptoms of pregnancy sneaking up on her. It was official, our fourth child was on the way!
  62. 62. Before anyone knew it, it was time for my little boys to grow into toddlers. Clark and Clayton giggled as Cherry and I held them in front of their cakes. We helped them blow out the candles and I wished for my boys to grow into smart, strong, handsome young men.
  63. 63. There is no doubt about it, my sons are cute little boys. Clark is on the right wearing blue. Clayton is on the left wearing green. They are very, very identical boys.
  64. 64. It wasn't long before my parents got a hold of my sons and started to teach them their essential toddler skills. Both boys learned to talk at the same time. Clark's first word was bottle and Clayton muttered Grandpa as his first word.
  65. 65. Caroline came home from her first day of school with an alright grade. It wasn't the stellar grade she'd hoped for, but it was not bad. She didn't have any homework that night and was free to play around as she wished.
  66. 66. Being the sweet child that she is, Caroline wanted to teach her brothers to sing nursery rhymes. She started with Clayton first; he didn't seem all that interested in singing along with his big sis, but he eventually caught on to the tune.
  67. 67. I'm ecstatic that my children get along so well. Clayton and Caroline have a special bond. They've been friends since before the twins' birthday, but now Caroline wants to be best friends with her little brother. They love spending time together skilling on the activity table.
  68. 68. Cherry finally began to show one evening. It was great to be able to rub her belly and talk to my unborn child. I hoped that this next baby would be a sweet and smart as my other three.
  69. 69. Cherry's favorite time of day was in the afternoon when everyone else was working and Caroline was at school. This meant she had Clark and Clayton all to herself.
  70. 70. During my off days I got to enjoy the same bonding time with my sons. It was great to spend time with them, hear them babble nonsense and snuggle up with them. Before I knew it, they'd be growing up and I wanted to get in as much time as I could with them before then.
  71. 71. Cherry went into labor with our last baby one morning before I was off to work. Luckily she went into labor about twenty minutes before my father and I's carpools arrived. I would have been upset if I hadn't seen my last child born!
  72. 72. Cherry gave birth to another beautiful baby. Charlotte has brown hair and eyes like her siblings. With Charlotte's birth, our family was now complete. And this is where I will leave you, readers. Look back next time to see how Caroline, Clark, Clayton and little Charlotte grow up and of course to choose an heir. Thanks for reading everyone!