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Act three, scene three


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Act three, scene three

  1. 1. SiMania Admods: The Musical!Act Three, Scene Three – Greased Lightening Written by: ilovereecee
  2. 2. Hello there and welcome back to SiMania Admods: The Musical!This is Act Three, Scene Three – Greased Lightening, the third andlast chapter written by me, ilovereecee/Katie, for this turn. I want to thank you now for coming to read this chapter and I hope that you enjoy what you see today.Just a quick reminder of what happened last time: Rolfe and Marsha married and had six lovely children. Sandy, Marty, Danny, Viola, Betty and Tom are all named after the 1978 musical Grease! We said goodbye to previous heir Mark and his wife Kea last time, but welcomed three new additions to the family – puppies Doody, Frenchy and Putzie. That is where we will pick up today...
  3. 3. We begin this chapter with Kea being quite the jerk, again, as a ghost. She was such a loving mother andgrandmother when she was alive, but now shes just a plain old meanie!
  4. 4. Rolfe is currently working toward his lifetime want to top theEntertainment career. He now holds the post of Knight of the Round Table!
  5. 5. The first birthdays of the chapter are Betty and baby Tom! Every time the family has a birthday party, the cops get called to break it up, so Ivekind of given up on that. Instead, just the immediate family gathers around to showtheir support. Betty aged into a cute little girl and got a new hair do! Tom also aged into a cutie with a personality of
  6. 6. The next evening, its time for Marty to age into ateenager. Once again, thefamily gathers around for support.Wow, Marty is gorgeous!She aged into a stunning teenager and rolled aromance/knowledge. She has the same primary aspiration as her mother Marsha.Side note, see Kea in thebackground here? Shesroaming around looking for someone to scare!
  7. 7. If you remember from the last chapter, Marty is super fast when it comes to knocking out her skill points. She has now maxed themall, and is the first child of the generation to do so. Now she is free to enjoy the rest of her teen years as she sees fit!
  8. 8. Poor Marsha, she and Rolfe cant even enjoy a date night withoutKea busting in to scare someone. And if I were Marsha Id have had an accident all over myself right here! Can you imagine slowdancing with your husband, and all of a sudden a ghost pops out of him!? No thanks!
  9. 9. Rolfe and Marsha dont let Kea ruin their date night, however. Asusual, they both wanted to woohoo each other in the car. After their backseat activities, Marsha is platinum and ready to take on the world!
  10. 10. Being a primary romance aspiration and having a husband plus six kids dont exactly go together. Thankfully, Marshas secondaryaspiration is family and her occasional dates with Rolfe keep her a very happy woman.
  11. 11. On the weekends, all of the school aged children sit down in thestudy room to work on their skills. I like for my sims to have asmany maxed skills as possible before going to college, that way they can enjoy their university years.
  12. 12. Marty has already maxed her skills, so she is free to enjoy her weekends now. The first thing she wanted to do was to have herfirst kiss, so the matchmaker was called to set her up on a date. I letSandy join in the fun, even though her skills arent maxed. I feel badthat shes the oldest and is missing out on her teen years all because she skills so slowly. The matchmaker set them both up with dates that served as a 1st date for Rolfe when he was a teen lol!!
  13. 13. You can definitely tell a huge difference in Sandy and Martys personalities by looking at their first dates. Sandy (who has 10 playful points) had a very playful date with Ricky. Theyshared a ton of jokes and had a water balloon fight. Marty (who has 3 playful points) had a very serious, romantic date. They flirted,admired each other and even shared a slow dance.
  14. 14. At the very end of her date, Marty even shared her very first kisswith Christian. This sent their date into the “dream date” category and also boosted Martys aspiration bar into platinum!
  15. 15. Marsha continues to be a great mother, despite the fact that she is a romance aspiration. She rolls various wants to interact with herchildren throughout the day. Now that two of her girls are teenagers, she really has fun with them! She and Marty get along especially well.
  16. 16. Sweet Betty rushes out every night to give Rolfe a hug when he gets home from work. She only has one nice point, but is best friends with her dad and shows him love despite her lack of niceness.
  17. 17. Kea seems to be on a rampage and Marsha isher main target! Poor Marshahas been scared so many timesby Keas ghost, that she hasbegun to fear it.The encounters happen so frequently thatMarsha dropped into aspirationfailure and hadto be visited by the shrink!
  18. 18. While Marsha is having her life pulled back together by the shrink, what does Kea do? She goes outside and plays fetch with ghost Cacaphony like she is all sweet and innocent!Dont act like you havent done anything wrong, Kea! Weve got the proof that youre wreaking havoc left and right.
  19. 19. “Mom, youve been so stressed out lately. I think we should all take a big family vacation and just relax.”I dont think Marty has a bad idea here. A family vacation would be nice, and it would give poor Marsha a break from all the ghost scares Kea has been dishing out lately.
  20. 20. Lol, right after Marty and Marsha got done talking, they bothrubbed their bellies and thought about food. Like mother, like daughter!
  21. 21. Its birthday time! Little Tom is growing into a child tonight. Hisimmediate family surrounds him for support, and he grows into an adorable, freckle faced little guy.
  22. 22. Later that evening when Rolfe returned home from work, he and Marsha intimately celebrated Rolfes elder birthday.He aged into a handsome old man!
  23. 23. Sandy is such a painfully slow skiller! Another one of her younger siblings, this time Viola, has finished maxing all skills before shedid. Sandy only has three points left before she has maxed them all out, and it seems like shell never finish!
  24. 24. Now that Vi is done with her skills, she gets to enjoy some freetime with big sis Marty. They play a lot of basketball and soccer together. Not because they particularly like it, but because I cant stand when my sim children are obese. Is anyone else like this?
  25. 25. Yay for Rolfe! He has completed another lifetime want. He is now at the very tip top of the entertainment career as a prestidigitator.His new lifetime want is to have 50 dream dates. Ill be honest with you, Im not too terribly excited about this and since hes already achieved quite a few LTWs, this might stay a want lol.
  26. 26. Its birthday time again in the Encore home! Isnt it always? I guess with six children in the home thats what you get! This time wereliterally having a pajama party for Danny and Viola. Everyone butMarsha (and Kea who is floating around, no doubt wondering who to scare next) showed up to the celebration in their nighties.
  27. 27. Danny aged into a handsome young buck, who actually rolled the want to use the guitar thats been sitting in his bedroom since heaged into a child! Danny rolled the family/grilled cheese aspirations.
  28. 28. Viola also aged nicely. She grew into a very pretty young lady. She rolled a different aspiration combo than her twin brother. She got popularity/knowledge.
  29. 29. The children that have maxed all of their skills continue to live leisurely. Marty, a romance aspiration, constantly has the want to meet someone new and ask someone out on a date. She usually fulfills these wants with the help of the matchmaker and she stayspretty content with her teenage life. I love how Cha Cha supervised her date with Forrest!
  30. 30. I decided that Danny and Rolfe need some more quality timetogether. Its very important for a father to have a good relationship with his sons. So since Danny is named after Danny Zuko, he and Rolfe start working on restoring an old junker. Very true to his namesake, huh?
  31. 31. Danny has now also maxed all of his skills, thanks to his alone time playing guitar in his bedroom. Yay Danny!
  32. 32. Its time for another birthday! They roll around like theres no tomorrow in this house! This time little Betty is aging into a teenager. She turned out wonderfully, too! Betty rolledromance/grilled cheese – an odd, but interesting combination.
  33. 33. Just like when Rolfe aged into an elder, Marsha decided to have a private celebration with just thetwo of them. She aged intoa lovely elder, and it wasntuntil I took this picture that I realized her eyebrows stayed red! Oopsie, I need to go fix that lol.
  34. 34. Tom has maxed all of his skills before his teenage birthday! YayTom! This means that all six of the children have maxed all of their skills and are super prepared for college.
  35. 35. Viola, a popularity aspiration, has the want to make best friends with all of the family members (that she already isnt best friendswith). So shes having a blast getting to know her siblings more and running around the house being silly with them.
  36. 36. Rolfe and Danny are still working on their car together. Its come along way since they first started! Rolfe finished fixing up the engine and Danny is done with the body. Now all thats left is the paint! Danny decided on black for his car.
  37. 37. Poor Cha Cha, her time has come! The Grim Reaper came to collect her on Toms teenage birthday. Look how sad she looks!! Something odd happened too. When Cha Cha was taken, Leo wenttoo. I never got the notification or a tombstone where he was, but he is definitely gone! How strange...
  38. 38. Right after Cha Cha and Leo left the family forever, Danny finished painting his new car! What do you think? Pretty nice huh!?
  39. 39. Later that same afternoon, Tom was front and center to blow out his birthday candles! With the support from his parents and siblings,Tom aged into a handsome young man! He rolled a family/romance aspiration – very opposing aspirations!
  40. 40. That wraps up my turn with this joint legacy for now! I hope thatyou enjoyed this chapter, I had fun playing the family during myfirst turn. Next Taube/Roxy will have the family and I know I amexcited to see where they go from here. Thanks again and Ill see you next time :)