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Cumi naveen

  2. 2. Founder
  3. 3. Diverse businesses► Fertilizers & Pesticides, Engineering, Financial Services,Abrasives, Sugar, Farm Inputs, Textiles, Construction, Plantationsand more…….Worldwide Presence► 28 companies under its umbrella, of which seven are listed andactively traded in NSE & BSE► Over 40 Manufacturing facilities► Over 32,000 Employees
  4. 4. Family Tree
  5. 5. A Vellayan S Iyengar V RavichandranN Srinivasan D SatwalekarV ThyagarajanM.MurugappanS GaneshBOARD OF DIRECTORS
  6. 6. CarborundumUniversal,USAUniversalGrindingWheel ,UKDate of Incorporation: April 21, 1954∞ Business activity - manufacture of CoatedAbrasives, Bonded Abrasive, Super-Refractories, Electro-Minerals, IndustrialCeramics, and Ceramic Fibers∞ Exports its products to 43 countries∞ Over 20000 varieties of Products∞ 25 manufacturing locations across India,South Africa, Russia, Australia & China∞ All the manufacturing facilities ofCarborundum Universal are ISO 9001:2000and ISO 14001 Certified
  7. 7. Mr. M M MurugappanMr Subodh Kumar BhargavaMr T L Palani KumarMr Sridhar GaneshMr Shobhan ThakoreMr M LakshminarayanMr Sanjay JayavarthanaveluMr. K SrinivasanBOD
  8. 8. HISTORY1954• Incorporated as a joint venture between Carbarundum Company, USA/Universal GrindingWheel Company,UK and the Murugappa Group of India.1962• Bauxite Mining at Bhatia, Gujarat.1964• Bauxite Calcination plant at Okha, Gujarat.• Brown Fused Aluminium Oxide Grains plant at Edappilli, kerala.1984• Silicon Carbide plant at koratty, Kerala.1988• Silicon Carbide Micro Grit plant at koratty, Kerala.
  9. 9. 1994• Second unit at Edappilly for White/Brown fused Aluminium oxide Grains plant.1995• 12 MW Hydel Power Project at Maniyar, kerala.2004• Modern Silicon Carbide Micro Grit plant at koratty, Kerala.2007• Established of product Availability point, Venlo, Netherlands.• CUMI has entered into a binding MOU for the purchase of 84.14% of the ordinary shares ofVolzhsky Abrasives Works.2008• Expansion capacity of Silicon Carbide plant at koratty, Kerala.• Acquired 51% equity stake in Foskar Zirconia Ltd, Phalaborwa, South Africa.
  10. 10. International SubsidiariesCUMI AmericaCUMI AustraliaCUMI CanadaCUMI Middle EastFoskor Zirconia, South AfricaCUMI ChinaVolzhsky Abrasives Works, RussiaThailandUS
  11. 11. KERALAKeralaKorattyEdappilyManyarKakkanadu
  12. 12. KorattySiliconCarbideEdappalyCumi blueMulliteP1Brown fusedaluminaP2White fusedaluminaManyarHydelPowerKakkanaduSiliconCarbideF500F600F800F1000F1200
  13. 13. CUMI(Kakkanadu)
  14. 14. SILICON CARBIDE(KAKKANADU PLANT)• Silicon carbide is a man made mineral of extreme hardness andsharpness.It is made by mixing silica and carbon.
  15. 15. F600(25.8+/-1.0 µ)F500(30.2+/-1.5 µ)F800(21.8+/-1.0 µ)F1000(18.3+/-1.0 µ)F1200(25.8+/-1.0 µ)
  16. 16. APPLICATIONSSiliconCarbideBondedAbrasivesCoatedAbrasivesRefractoriesMettalurgicalBlastingRicePolishingHighAbrasionResistanceCoatingBrake LiningLappingWire Sawing
  17. 17. •Coated Abrasves•Bonded Abrasves•BLasting•Metallurgical•Rice polishing•Refractories
  18. 18. •High Abrassion Resistance Coating•Lapping•Brake Lining •Wire Sawing
  19. 19. Producton ProcessRaw Material (QATesting)Size Reduction(QA Testing)Classification(QA Testing)Controll Screening(QA Testing)Bagging(QA Testing)Warehousing(QA Testing)Despatch
  20. 20. ORGANOGRAMDGMManufacturing(Manager)ExcutiveSupervisorsTeam MembersHuman Resources(Dy. Manager)Jr.Officer(Dy. Manager)Jr.OfficersMarketing(AGM)Manager(North East)SupervisorsManager(south)SupervisorsManager(East)SupervisorsManager(CustomerService)ExectivesJr OfficerAccountsAGMDy ManagerExecutivesJunior OfficerExecutivesJunior OfficerProjects(Dy. Manager)Executive/GETsTeam MembersEngineeringServices(Dy. Manager)ExecutiveTeam MembersQuality Assurance(GM)Quality HeadTrainessCommercial(AGM)ManagerSupervisor
  21. 21. Financial DetailsSALES 2012(cr) 2011(cr)MAY 3 1969 1592PROFIT 2012(Cr) 2011(cr)NOV 8 6506 41.1
  22. 22. STRENGTHS• Raw materials• Flat organized structure• International tie ups• Automated Process• Process Line Flexibility• Educated and skilled force• Integrated process• Organizational climate• Power resource• co – operating environmentWEAKNESS• Financial policies• Low customers• No advertisement• Production depends up onEuropean marketsOPPORTUNITIES• Tapping overseas market• New marketsTHREATS• Expensive equipments• Fluctuation in demand• Power Tariff hike• Emploee AttritionSWOT
  23. 23. Technological Specifications• SCADASCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) generallyrefers to industrial control systems (ICS): computer systems thatmonitor and control industrial, infrastructure, or facility-basedprocesses• PLCA programmable logic controller (PLC) or programmablecontroller is a digital computer used for automation ofelectromechanical processes, such as control of machinery onfactory assembly lines, amusement rides, or light fixtures
  24. 24. CUMI follows TQM throug 5s
  25. 25. Recent Aquistions• June 20,2012cumi to buy RHI South African subsidiary• June 14CUMI tie-up with UK firms.
  26. 26. CUMI VISION 2020To be amongst the largest and most admiredAbrasives/Technical Ceramic in the World
  27. 27. To steadily improve EMD’s profitability andgrow aggressively in new products
  28. 28. AWARDS(CUMI KAKKANADU)• CII HR Excellence Awards for StrongCommitment to HR, 2009• KMA Manager of the Year Awards, 2011• Young Managers Awards of KMA in 2012• KMA Management Excellence Awards for itsCommitment towards CSR, 2012
  29. 29. CSRSolid WasteManagementChild Sponsorship
  30. 30. CLIENTS• Bosch• Sac processing• Chousan Abrasives• Ibiben
  31. 31. Competitiors• Saint Gobain• Grindwell Norton• Snam Abbrasives
  32. 32. World ScenarioCUMI is the second largest producers in the worldIndian ScenarioCUMI is the largest producers in india.
  33. 33. Environment week celebrations JUNE4 to11(2011)
  34. 34. THE GREENAGERS FEST(MAY 25,2011)
  35. 35. ACTIVITIES TILL• 100 bio gas plants and 16 vermin pots completed as on31 Dec 2011..• 50 children studying in classes from 3rd to 7th wereselected for sponsorship.
  36. 36. Conclusionis an organization , which practices totalemployee involvement and encourages totalquality for both products and people.Management is very transparent in its activities .