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Deborah frankel visualresume


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Published in: Business, Technology

Deborah frankel visualresume

  1. About Me... Deborah Frankel
  2. Where I’m from... Hometown Currently Brookfield, CT Orlando, FL
  3. I am the youngest of 3 sisters Thats me! photo by Judy Frankel
  4. "" 3 traits that people say about me: Genuine Un
  5. "" 3 traits that people say about me: Resourceful
  6. "" 3 traits that people say about me: Passionate
  7. So,... how did the music industry get sucked in my brain?
  8. Quincy Jones’ work for Michael Jackson’s Bad album gave me the idea to become a music producer Well...
  9. The next year, I interned at 105.5 and i95.1 radio stations photo by Judy Frankel
  10. ... and sometimes I did sit in for the receptionist. photo by Judy Frankel
  11. The Full Sail University Days
  12. Full Sail University Bachelor Of Science Recording Arts <3 Photo taken by Mathew Griscom
  13. 3 ideas that I did learnt from Recording Arts: Matching up music with images or video
  14. 3 ideas that I did learnt from Recording Arts: I’m not good at physics
  15. 3 ideas that I did learnt from Recording Arts: About minor and major chords
  16. But I was struggling after 3 months. ttp://
  17. So I transferred to what I love to do as well as something that comes natural to me ... business
  18. During this time, I also started working at T.J. Maxx
  19. How Different Products Can Appeal to Different Customers 2 Ideas that T.J. Maxx taught me...
  20. The interaction of people 2 Ideas T.J. Maxx taught me...
  21. Full Sail University Bachelor of Science Music Business Photo taken by Mathew Griscom
  22. KDS Recording Studio
  23. receptionist What KDS showed me... photo by Judy Frankel
  24. learned how to manage people What KDS showed me...
  25. learned various promotional techniques What KDS showed me...
  26. My Brand Mantra: “A charismatic,passionate, and a forward-thinking leader in the music business.”
  27. Thank you for your time! My information: 321-356-3094