Jia Inc Steamer Set


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Designer: Office for Product Design
Material: Fire proof ceramic, Cedar wood, Terra cotta

A Modern Interpretation of the Traditional Steamer

Steaming food has been an integral part of Chinese cooking for hundreds of years. Office for Product Design have reinterpreted the classic Chinese steamer giving it a modern functional twist.

The fireproof ceramic bowl is more stable and less susceptible to changes in temperature than regular stoneware, making it less likely to crack or break during cooking. It can be used in conjunction with gas stove, oven, and microwave cooking. Terra cotta is featured for its efficient liquid absorbing characteristics. Using to replace the traditional bamboo basket base prevents the food from absorbing too much moisture during steaming.

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Jia Inc Steamer Set

  1. 1. Across theboundaries oftradition andmodernity____________________________JIA Inc. continuously attempts tostrike a balance between the oldand the new and aims to re-interpret traditional Chinesematerials and craftsmanshipthrough modern design typologiesand creative thinking.
  2. 2. Across living spaces__________________________________________JIA believes that home objects should not be definedby living spaces but instead should fit many differentmodern lifestyles and environments
  3. 3. Steamer set___________________________________________________________________________Steaming food is a common method of cooking in Chinese cuisine and is becomingincreasingly popular around the world because of its health benefits. The resulting design is asimple and practical steamer set which is easy to understand and suitable for Asian andWestern steam cooking alike. Honest and technologically simple materials combine todisguise a high level of functionality.
  4. 4. ModernInterpretation ofChinese TraditionalSteaming Cooking
  5. 5. Healthy Diningand Sustainable__________________________________Steaming is considered a more healthycooking method because people use lessoil and steaming also results in a morenutritious food than boiling because fewernutrients are leached away into the water. 
  6. 6. Terra cotta_________________________________The accompanying cedar wood steamerbasket differs from others in that it has aperforated terracotta base. This materialis ideally suited for steam cooking as itabsorbs excess moisture and preventsthe food from becoming soggy.
  7. 7. Fireproof ceramic______________________________________The steamer pot and lid are made from glazedfireproof ceramic which is robust and versatile,and allows it to be used directly on the stove orin the oven. The material more stable and lesssusceptible to changes in temperature, makingit less likely to crack or break during cooking.
  8. 8. Use & care:The fireproof ceramic is highly water-absorbent. Avoid submerging the unglazedportion of the pot in water for extended periodof time.When cooking over direct fire, be sure tocontrol the intensity of the heat to prevent thebottom of the pot from turning brown easily.But it’s normal that the bottom of the pot willturn dark brown after using for a period oftime.When steaming food with the steamer basket,it’s recommended to place a dish or bakingpaper on top of the terra cotta.The steamer baskets are not recommended tobe soaked in water for long to avoid waterstain. 
  9. 9. Thank youwww.jia-inc.com