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Xango inside issue5

  1. 1. Volume 5 tagonist, George Bailey, lives a good, honest life, but never can quite real- ize his dream of traveling the world. He believes his good faith is continually repaid with bad luck, and he hits rock bottom one Christmas Eve. Standing on a bridge and ready to end it all, he says, What if he hadn’t connected with Ray or Colli? What if “Without me, everybody would be better off. Lisa & Randy Collins hadn’t reached out to Vern An- I wish I’d never been born.” drews? Where would John Redmond, who’s lost 80 lbs. with FAVAO, be if no one had introduced him to wellness Clarence, George’s guardian angel, drops down without weakness? And how many will decide to make from heaven to intervene. He grants George’s a positive change after seeing the success of FAVAO wish, showing him what life in Bedford Falls Reset Challenge winners Tamara Smith, Beth & Aaron would have looked like without him. The scene is Boston, Gina Lefebvre and David Arrington? (Way to go, very bleak. It turns out that in a lifetime of virtuous you five!) living, George had done much more than he remem-It’s a Wonderful Life bered. There was the time he saved his little brother Please remember your own power to bless the lives of from drowning, and that brother went on to save so others. You can be the change someone is waiting for.I’m learning something about myself as I put together many lives in World War II. There was the fatal error They need your dreams. We need your dreams.these messages for XANGO Inside. I keep coming back to he kept the pharmacist from making, his years serv-different perspectives of a single idea: ing the working class at his father’s building and loan. Take a minute this holiday season to recognize the good With Clarence’s help, George begins to see just what you’ve done, then make a plan for the good you have leftEach one of us changes the world. he’s accomplished through an unassuming life of hon- to do. Because the truth is, what we wake up and face est, hard work. every day is just life. It’s each one of us who decides toThe power of the individual feels like one of those prin- make it wonderful.ciples we can revisit every day, and the holiday season “Strange, isn’t it?” asks Clarence. “Each man’s lifebrings it into sharp focus. Now, more than any other touches so many other lives. When he isn’t around he Happy Holidays,time of the year, we see the uniting power of individual leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?”generosity. We may sometimes feel like George Bailey did on thatIf you’ve been with XANGO for five or six years, you might bridge—inconsequential, frustrated, and like nothing Joe Mortonhave heard me talk about the old Frank Capra classic, we do amounts to very much—but I believe those XANGO Founder & Board MemberIt’s a Wonderful Life. (Does it make me sound old to say, feelings are a symptom of a lack of perspective. What“They don’t make them like they used to”?) The pro- if Dwayne Dyer hadn’t signed up with XANGO in 2002?
  2. 2. 2FAVAO Reset Challenge Winners Couple: Beth & Aaron Boston lost 100 lbs. combined Female: Gina Lefebvre lost 42 lbs.
  3. 3. FAVAO Reset Challenge Winners (cont.) Male: David Arrington lost 75 lbs. Overall: Tamara Smith lost 100 lbs.
  4. 4. 4 XANGO doesn’t tell you what to drive or where to drive it. It’s your life—we just want to put you in the driver seat. You earned every dime of DRIVING THEIR OWN DREAM your commission checks and the way you choose to spend your money reflects your dreams. Like Dr. Sean Stephenson said at NEXT 2012 in Las Vegas, “Money only amplifies who you really are at your core.” And we think it’s pretty awesome that our Distributors’ dreams represent as much diversity as the Distributors themselves. For Sam & Esther Kowalko, Premier Selects from Campbell River, British Columbia, fancy cars were never on their dream board. They wanted a different kind of mobility. When their XANGO commission checks started bringing in more money each month than the income from their restaurant business, they quit the proverbial rat race and turned to working XANGO full time. “XANGO gave us the financial and geographical freedom to fulfill our dreams,” Sam says. “The nature of the XANGO business, the benefits of residual income and advances in technology allow us to work from anywhere and keep in touch with our team regularly. We keep our business going while spending time with friends and family, doing the things we love.” Case in point: Sam was in Disneyland with his family at the time of this interview. “Seeing the smiles on our grandchildren’s faces as they met Mickey Mouse for the first time… that was on our vision board,” says Sam. “One of our dreams had always been to spend a month out of the winter in a warm climate, and because of XANGO, we were able to buy a small place in Arizona. We now spend the whole winter there, play tons of tennis and we’ve made more friends in Arizona than any other place we’ve ever lived.” Sounds dreamy. Congrats, Sam & Esther! How has XANGO helped you live your dream? Share your story at: http://blog.xango.com/drive-your-own-dream Ready, Set, GO! Nothing Beats Free IgniteLearn how to double your money at Learn how to get your product for free at Register to join us in the Windy City on January 12, www.xango.com/GO www.xango.com/FREE 2013, and learn how to IGNITE your business at www.xango.com/IGNITE