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  1. 1. In September… Every Road leads to…
  2. 2. Málaga
  3. 3. XanGo European Blast 1st European Event organized by Distributors We’re going to make History…………. And you can be a part of it!
  4. 4. XanGo European Blast European Top Distributors!
  5. 5. XanGo European Blast Founders and Corporates
  6. 6. XanGo European Blast Local of the Event: Hotel Monte Málaga **** Hotel Monte Málaga Address: Paseo Marítimo Antonio Machado nº10 - CP 29002, Malaga - Spain Phone +34 952046000 - Fax +34 952046005
  7. 7. XanGo European Blast Thursday, September 16th All day long we will do some trainings with speakers and the people involved in the organization of the Event. Friday, September 17th In the morning Testings and final preparations for the Event. General Registration: 11h00-16h00 Vip Registration: 11h00-16h00
  8. 8. XanGo European Blast Friday, September 17th Afternoon: Hosts: Mona Johannsen 20K(Italy/ Sweden) and Rui Ludovino 100K(Malaysia) 14h00-18h00 (3h50 hours) 14h00-14h15 – Opening with the hosts and introdution 14h20-14h50 – Founder – Kent Wood 14h55-15h10 – Training 1K – Chris Jordan 5K (UK) 15h10-15h20 – Recognition 1K 15h25-15h40 – Training 5K – Steiner Husby 20K (Norway) 15h45-15h55 – Recognition 5K 15h55-16h10 - BREAK 16h10-16h25 – MealPack – Frederic Specht 20K (Germany) 16h25-16h40 – Training 20K – Luís Ludovino 100K Select (Portugal) 16h40-16h50 – Recognition 20K 16h55-17h30 – Recognition Premiers and Above with Sherman Unkefer 500K Select 17h40-17h50 – Promotion of the next day and Hosts stories
  9. 9. XanGo European Blast Saturday, September 18th Morning: Hosts: Mónica Bastos 100K (Portugal) and Eric Gusevik Premier Legend (Norway) 10h00-12h45 (3h00 hours) 10h00-10h05 – Opening with the hosts 10h05-10h20 – Glimpse – Brigitte Hendriks-De-Rooster 20K (Holland) 10h20-10h35 – Juni, Mineral Treatament and Pericarp Oil Carol Adl Premier Legend (UK) 10h35-11h50 – The XanGo Juice – Paulo Rebelo Premier Legend (Portugal) 11h55-11h25 – Juice Testimonials on Stage Carlos Moran 5K Sales and Recruting 11h30-12h50 – Sales – Christel and Dirk De Wilde 20K (Belgium) 11h55-12h15 – Recruting– Jonathan Rodriguez 5K (Spain – European Top Recrutment) 12h20-12h50 – Beverly Hollister ( Woman and Network Marketing) 12h55-13h00 – Hosts – Indications for the afternoon
  10. 10. XanGo European Blast Saturday, September 18th Afternoon: 14h00-18h00 (4h00 hours) 14h05 – Opening with the hosts 14h10-14h55 – Founder – Joe Morton Story 15h00–15h20 - João Ludovino 100K Select 15h25-15h45 – Erlend Vatne 100K Select 16h05-16h25 – Danny Wanzeele 100K Select 16h30-16h45 - BREAK 16h50-17h10 – Sherman Unkefer 500K Select 17h15-17h30 – Hosts Story 17h35-17h45 – Recognition of the distributors who worked in the Event 17h50-18h00 – Last 5 Minutes – Rui Ludovino & Danny Wanzeele 100K Select and hosts 18h00 – End of the Event
  11. 11. XanGo European Blast Tickets On-Line Now: 35€ In August: 40€ September: 45€ Buy Now in:
  12. 12. XanGo European Blast Party
  13. 13. XanGo European Blast Starts at 22h00!!! But we don’t know when it ends....
  14. 14. XanGo European Blast Party Entry: 10€ (1 Drink
  15. 15. XanGo European Blast Málaga 17th and 18th of September