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  1. User Experience Makes & Breaks Brands – How to Make Sure User Experience is Optimal AMEX WIT, March 3, 2015 @ilonaposner TorCHI 2018 World Usability Day Design for Good or Evil @ilonaposner © ILONA POSNER 2018 Keyhole Impact Title Slide 1
  2. What is Usability? Definition: Usability The effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction with which users can achieve tasks in a particular environment of a product. High usability means a system is: • easy to learn and remember • efficient • visually pleasing and fun to use • quick to recover from errors (1999-04-01) The Free Online Dictionary of Computing.
  3. Usability Goals • Functional • Effective • Efficient • Safe • Discoverable • Learnable • Memorable 4
  4. Good & Bad Design Examples 5
  5. Usability CLICK HERE To clear the form 6
  6. Usability AGGREGATION
  7. Usability – Remote Controls 8
  8. Usability – Remote Controls 9
  9. Bad Design In 2016, Chrysler recalled 1.1 million Jeeps and Fiats due to a poor gear shifter design. Many people reported they had thought they’d put their car into park…when they hadn’t. This led to over 100 collisions related to rollaway cars, and sadly, the death of actor Anton Yelchin. What made this design so faulty? First of all, it’s difficult to tell at first glance which gear the car is in (see image below). In addition, there was barely any visual or tactile feedback, other than a few clicks, letting the user know whether or not they’d put the car in park. The car did issue auditory warnings if the user exited without putting it in park, but Chrysler suggests these warnings weren’t effective. At its worst, bad design prevents users from doing the things they want to do. It can even have fatal consequences.
  10. User Experience USER EXPERIENCE Usable Useful Desirable Valuable Findable Accessible Credible
  12. Customer Experience
  13. Customer Experience Bruno Mars’ Concert, Toronto, Sept 23, 2018 Original ticket $209.50 with $25.75 fee = $350,000 Resale ticket $400.00 extra $76.00 fee = $308,000 Double-dipped total = $658,000 Dynamic ticket pricing Incremental ticket release
  14. Florida Ballot, 2000 Presidential Election
  15. Cost of Usability Errors • Bush won by 537 of 5.8 million votes • 19,120 ballots registered 2 votes, 20,000 disqualified ballots • Buchanan 5x > votes in Palm Beach • Law suit claimed: “Ballots were deceptive, misleading, and confusing.” • Results delayed 37 days! Nov 7 - Dec 13
  16. Elevate Technology Festival, Sept 2018
  18. Cost of War Retrieved Nov 5, 2018
  19. War on Terror Pricetag “Almost seventeen years ago, there was one [War on Terror]; now, the count is 76 and rising. Meanwhile, great cities have been turned into rubble; tens of millions of human beings have been displaced from their homes; refugees by the millions continue to cross borders, unsettling ever more lands … American Special Operations forces were deployed to 149 countries in 2017 alone and the U.S. has so many troops on so many bases in so many places on Earth that the Pentagon can’t even account for the whereabouts of 44,000 of them… In a separate study, released in November, the Costs of War Project estimated that the price tag on the war on terror (with some future expenses included) had already reached an astronomical $5.6 trillion. Only recently, however, President Trump, now escalating those conflicts, tweeted an even more staggering figure: “After having foolishly spent $7 trillion in the Middle East, it is time to start rebuilding our country!” … (“Future interest payments on borrowing for the wars will likely add more than $7.9 trillion to the national debt” by mid-century.)”
  20. Design Improvements
  21. Design Improvements why-typography-matters.html Universal Principles of Design, 2003, Lidwell, Holden, & Butler.
  22. Dark Patterns - Definition
  23. Dark Patterns - Video
  24. Dark Pattern – Invisible Signup Interaction Design Book – Sharp, Rogers, Preece – Chapter 1.
  25. Dark Pattern – Useless Notifications
  26. Dark Pattern – FB Fake Notifications
  27. Dark Pattern – Amazon Prime
  28. Dark Pattern Types
  29. Dark Pattern Beneficiaries
  30. UXPA Code of Ethical Conduct