Montero Clan History


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Montero Clan History

  1. 1. By: Dr. Luis M. Montero – 4/11/1982<br />MONTERO CLANFamily HistoryAgapito Villavicencio MonteroAndMaximiana Mesa Abeto<br />
  2. 2. Agapito Villavicencio Montero, a native of Mandurriao, Iloilo, was born on August 18, 1855 and at the tender age of 18 years, wooed and won the heart of Maximiana Mesa Abeto, a charming lass from the same town, age 14.<br />At that time, the island across the strait, Negros was the land of promise and opportunities, and many Ilonggos migrated to the island. Among those Ilonggo adventurers were the couple Agapito and Maximiana.<br /> As the older brother of Maximiana, SeveroAbeto, father of Ex-Secretary of Justice of the Quezon Cabinet, Quirico, and former Congressman Augurio, and two (2) other lawyers, Joaquin and Severo, Jr., are one of the first Lady Dentists in the Philippines, Rosario, was already settled in the town of Binalbagan, so it was in this town that the couple Agapito and Maximiana planted their roots.<br />
  3. 3. With dint of hard work and industry, the couple acquired properties in Binalbagan which is now known as Hacienda Loreto and Hacienda Alimango.<br /> Along the years of their happy married life, the couples were blessed with 14 children, many of whom died in their infancy and young adulthood. But nine children survived 8 of who married and sired large families which are now constitute the direct descendants of Agapito V. Montero.<br /> The eldest, Crisanta, married GavinoMillan, a progressive sugar planter. They settled in Isabela, Negros Occidental where they acquired extensive land holdings and where the large Millan Clan of today calls their hometown. They have 7 children.<br />
  4. 4. The second, Quintin, married AgapitaEngueraof Igbaras, Iloilo. He operated a Muscovado sugar mill in Binalbagan, Negros Occidental in his younger years but eventually acquired properties in Barrio Tuguis, Pontevedra, where his family is now comfortably settled. He has 5 children.<br /> Next is daughter, Irene, married toSeverinoFlorete, Sr., a fishing magnate in his time. She has 9 children, among them a Physician, Dentist, Pharmacist and an Educator. They settled in Binalbagan.<br />Another daughter, Clotilde, married to Roman Mirasol, Sr., a businessman known in the Pre-war (WW II) years as the “transportation king of Negros Occidental” being the owner and operator of the MirasolTranportation Company and the Mirasol Electric Company. They too made Binalbagan their home. She is the mother of 10 Children, all professionals and all prominent in their respective lines of endeavor.<br />
  5. 5. A son, Severo, was the first professional in the family being a Bachelor of Laws degree holder from the defunct Liceo de Manila. He married Angeles GuingonaMenez, who he met while he was studying in Manila. She was then the official Hostess of her late uncle, Ex-senator TeopistoGuingona, Sr. Severo was appointed Justice of the Peace of Isabela in 1927 where 3 of his children were born, then was transferred to Kabankalan where he was Justice of the Peace until shortly before the start of the 2nd World War when he retired, settled permanently in Binalbagan, became a vice-mayor and councilor of that town. He has 11 children, 10 boys and a girl. 2 died in their infancy.<br />Mariano, another son, a hard working farmer and lover of the soil, married Juana Sido of Libacao, Himamaylan Negros Occidental. Through hard work, industry and perseverance, he acquired properties in Nabali-an, Himamaylan where his children are now reaping the fruits of his labor. He has 9 children.<br />Dolores, another daughter was a spinster. She died during the war of lingering illness.<br />Cirila, another daughter, at a late age, married Manuel Mirasol, a relative. She is childless.<br />
  6. 6. The youngest, Jose is another professional. He is one among the earliest male Pharmacist in the Philippines. Among his classmates in Pharmacy school were former First Lady, Leonila Garcia, Ex-Congressman Pedro Trono and our very own townmate, ex-vice mayor Benjamin Tantia, Sr. He was also elected Municipal councilor of Binalbagan before the outbreak of the 2nd WW. He married Josefina Limsiaco, the only daughter of Don RemigioLimsiaco and sister of ex-congressman EliseoLimsiaco who also served as Concon delegate in the 1935 Constitutional Convention. He has 7 children, all professionals.<br />Agapito and Maxiamiana Montero have hundred of grandchildren, great-great-great grandchildren. The majority are settled here in the different towns of Negros Occidental but a substantial number can be found all over the Philippines, from as far as Vigan, Ilocos Sur and as far south as Davao City. Some are living abroad.<br />
  7. 7. Thank you<br />