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2009 Study Program


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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2009 Study Program

  1. 1. Full Year Free-Study Program of Iloilo Lodge Theosophical Society in the Philippines
  2. 2. 1 ST Sunday TOPICS 3 RD Sunday TOPICS JANUARY 4 Evolutions through Chains and Rounds 18 Ancient Wisdom Modern Science Right Education FEBRUARY 1 Man, God and the Cosmos 15 Human Evolution: The Divine Plan MARCH 1 Mystery of Death and Reincarnation 15 Rishi Consciousness APRIL 5 One Life, One Planet 19 Applications of Solar Energy MAY 3 Prana and the Chakras 17 Book Reading: The Science of Pranayama JUNE 7 The Super Physical Bodies 21 Zero, One Infinity JULY 5 The Secret of Thought Power 19 Consciousness, Motion, Space and Time AUGUST 2 The Vanguard of Humanity 16 Vision of a Peaceful and Sustainable Society SEPTEMBER 6 Gnosticism 20 Psychological Implications of the Shadow OCTOBER 4 Frequency is Everything 18 Meditation for Everyone NOVEMBER 1 The Tree of Knowledge by Alvin Boyd Kuhn 15 Chants, Mantras, Sutra and Prayers DECEMBER 6 Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw-food diets 20 Law of Manifestation