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Web trends monthly lecture by Miriam Schwab, February 27, 2012

  1. Web Trends for Marketing Professionals Feb. 27, 2012, Jerusalem By: Miriam Schwab Follow me: @miriamschwab Follow me! @miriamschwab
  2. Who am I? • Friendly CEO of illuminea, one of Israel’s leading WordPress development agencies. • Providing SEO and social media marketing services • Speaker at dozens of conferences, including Affilicon, Megaconn, Sphinncon, and now SMX! • Serves on Steering Board of Digital Eve Israel, one of Israel’s largest communities of professional women. Follow me! @miriamschwab
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  5. Facebook’s Ad Revenues Will Pass $5 Billion This Year Follow me! @miriamschwab
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  7. Changes to fb ads • Reduced ad copy from 135 characters to 90 characters – end of Feb. • Open Graph action spec targeting – Listen, Read, Watch actions on Objects (song, book, product) story ads – Removes limit of only promoting actions on your own Pages, apps, Places Follow me! @miriamschwab
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  10. FB Featured Stories • Sponsored stories to become Featured stories • Rolling out over next few months. • Difference: these appear in the news feed, can only show for users who liked a Page, or their friend’s activity • One-ish paid item per day. • Rumor: Will show on mobile. Follow me! @miriamschwab
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  12. Facebook verified accounts • Celebrities will be able to verify their account • Then they can use a nickname (i.e. Stefani Germanotta can choose to be called Lady Gaga) • Those with verified accounts will gain more prominent placement in Facebook’s “People To Subscribe To” suggestions. • No verification badge Follow me! @miriamschwab
  13. F-commerce not going so well • JC Penney, Nordstrom, Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy opened and closed stores on fb • Didn’t get needed ROI. Follow me! @miriamschwab
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  15. Jan. 2012: 181 m U.S. users watched nearly 40 billion videos, 22.6 hrs of online video Follow me! @miriamschwab
  16. YouTube adds features Promote your Google+ profile on your YouTube channel Follow me! @miriamschwab
  17. YouTube adds features • Post videos, playlists to channel feed • More annotation options – a new type, color palette, new timeline, annotation styles Follow me! @miriamschwab
  18. Google: video schema markup • • 3 main pieces of info: title, meta description, thumbnail • Google recommends using on-page markup (schema, Facebook Share, Yahoo RDFa), video sitemaps • “Google recommends using a dedicated video play page for each video.” Follow me! @miriamschwab
  19. Google: concert rich snippets When you search for a band, local concert listings will be displayed Follow me! @miriamschwab
  20. Rich snippets testing tool bookmarklet Follow me! @miriamschwab
  21. Clean up your serps with Bing Follow me! @miriamschwab
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  23. Submit content directly to Bing • Submit your domain on this page • Submit URL in Bing Webmaster Tools – 50 per month, 10 per day • Reinclusion request support via email support form • Submit RSS feed in BWT Follow me! @miriamschwab
  24. Yandex + Twitter • Russian search engine Yandex to gain access to twitter “firehose” • New tweets will now become available in Yandex’s Blog Search results in a matter of moments. • Will include tweets in Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian or Kazakh, and top feeds in other languages • Users can search by username or hashtag Follow me! @miriamschwab
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  26. Twitter hits 500 million users. But… • “out of 100,000 accounts [Twopcharts] has looked at, many have been suspended or closed…53% of the sample the company is analyzing is inactive.” Follow me! @miriamschwab
  27. Twitter, American Express Bring Self-Serve Ads Follow me! @miriamschwab
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  29. Twitter ads for SMBs (cont) • To launch next month • Open to US American Express cardholders and merchants • Twitter will include a $100 credit to help the first 10,000 eligible participants get started Follow me! @miriamschwab
  30. Pinterest updates • Site owners can opt-out of Pinterest with code added to header: <meta name=”pinterest” content=”nopin” /> Follow me! @miriamschwab
  31. Pinterest updates • Pin captions now limited to 500 characters Follow me! @miriamschwab
  32. LinkedIn 277% better for lead gen • HubSpot: traffic from LinkedIn generated highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, almost 3 times higher (277%) than both Twitter (.69%) and Facebook (.77%). • LinkedIn's conversion rate outranked social media (0.98%) as a channel overall Follow me! @miriamschwab
  33. Smartphone Penetration Reaches 48% • Two-thirds of 24-34 yr olds have a smartphone. Over last three months, 8 out of 10 got smartphones. • 62% of 18-24 yr olds • 58% of 35-44 yr olds • those in the 55-64 age bracket making over $100,000 a year are almost as likely to have a smartphone as those 35-44, making $35,000 to $75,000 per year. Follow me! @miriamschwab
  34. Google Analytics on Mobile • Track clicks on phone numbers and maps • Add tracking parameters to phone number links, then track Events in GA Follow me! @miriamschwab
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  37. NEWS & TIPS Follow me! @miriamschwab
  38. Interesting Reads • Target uses its masses of data to determine if you’re pregnant • Google circumvents Safari default settings to force cookies on to browser • Google under law enforcement investigation the world over for many different violations of law • Kenya village chief using twitter to fight crime – track down missing sheep, stop home invasions Follow me! @miriamschwab
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  40. Export all your Google Docs Files with One Click Follow me! @miriamschwab
  41. QRHacker: Pimp Your QR Code Follow me! @miriamschwab
  42. illuminea ▪ @miriamschwab ▪ Slides available at THANKS! Follow me! @miriamschwab