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  1. 1. Mood Mints Corporation Introducing Revolutionary Candies
  2. 2. Wake up, shower, get dressed, choose a MOOD MINT.
  3. 3. Eliminate coffee breath and calories…start your day with MOOD MINTS.
  4. 4. Angry? Upset? RED will cure it. MOOD MINTS
  5. 5. Have that feeling the morning after too… reach for a PEACH. MOOD MINTS
  6. 6. Focus with GREEN . MOOD MINTS
  7. 7. Shine like the sun even in the morning… Be happy. Choose YELLOW . MOOD MINTS
  8. 8. Keep up with the kids. Grab a PURPLE . MOOD MINTS
  9. 9. Stop worrying . Pop out a BLUE . MOOD MINTS
  10. 10. Wake up with MOOD MINTS.
  11. 11. Choose a color. Change your mood. MOOD MINTS.