Chicago Energy Modeling Conference Welcome Address


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Benjamin Skelton, P.E. President of the Illinois Chapter of ASHRAE delivers the Welcome Address for the 2012 Chicago Energy Modeling Conference.

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  • A very special thank you to all our collaborative sponsor organizations.AIAAIA-BECBOMA ChicagoMcAUSGBC
  • Poll for attendance: Who is here? All sessions today are eligible for credits.We’ll follow-up post conference with a survey.
  • We created this conference to bring together industries and individuals, to not talk nuts and bolts, but to demonstrate application, and inspire. The presenters today are recognized leaders in our industry, there are people actively engaged in shaping the future and use modeling and simulation to help accomplish that. While “modeling” sounds like an engineering specific topic, it doesn’t have to be. With the interested showed by partners like the AIA, BEC, BOMA, MCA and USGBC, we see that this topic crosses disciplines and peaks intriguing. This conference is an important first step.
  • We are only limited by our ability to imagine.However with buildings, we struggle from a language barrier. Architects, Contractors, Developers, Engineers, Owners… All see buildings in a different light.
  • And engineers often speak a different language all together. Clarityon our common goals, and mutual understanding of our abilities is necessary to have an effective discussion. To transform the future of the built environment we need to work toward integrated teams and clear communication.
  • Many organizationstaken steps to translate information in different formats. They have created a variety of benchmarks, certifications, awards and labels. Today David E will talk about a new labeling program from ASHRAE that is another exciting push forward.
  • How do we find a common light in a concept and then work to make it a reality?
  • When do we move beyond making something just meet code? “The worst building you’re legally allowed to build” and make all new buildings something better.When do we take this vision beyond new buildings we want to create? We live in a fully developed Nation where new construction is going to get more efficient as code bodies raise the bar, but it’s really hard to swing a stick at an existing building. . Ex-ASHRAE President Gordon Holnesss asked that we consider the fact that up to 85% of the buildings in existence today will exist in the year 2030 (Holness 2009) Friends in India example of built environment.
  • The cost of energy isn’t high enough to be a motivating factor for most owners. So can we use our tools, technology and talented people to instead spin the dials in reverse. If a building supported a functional occupancy and generated revenue through energy non-use, is that a big enough carrot for others to follow?
  • What if the people in the buildings could perform better? Indoor environmental quality for air quality, comfort, lighting and acoustics all often have synergies. It’s also possible for the best case for one scenario be detrimental to the other. Modeling and simulation can help us define an optimization point.
  • Building operations are critical to predictive performance. Can we move to monitoring-based commissioning systems and ditch the manual overrides?
  • Can we make truly sustainable buildings?
  • Today we’re going to talk about tools and technology that didn’t existing tens of years ago let alone thousands of years ago. Yet ancient civilizations built technical wonders that are still standing today. They did that with only the power of the mind. Go to these sessions today and leave imagining what we can do, tomorrow do it.
  • Chicago Energy Modeling Conference Welcome Address

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    3. 3. ItineraryTime: Session:8:00 Registration / Breakfast Welcome Address9:00 Benjamin Skelton, Building Momentum Group & President of the Illinois Chapter of ASHRAE Building Energy Quotient (bEQ): Building Labeling Program9:30 David Eldridge, Grumman/Butkus Associates Measurement & Verification10:30 Jeremy Poling, Transwestern11:30 Lunch Keynote Address:12:30 How The Design For Energy Efficiency Serves The Interests Of Today’s Business Market Henry Green, President National Institute of Building SciencesTime: Business Track: Technical Track: Assessing Your Building Energy Costs: Benefits of Energy Modeling: It’s not just for Swimsuit Calendars and Energy1:30 Modeling to Owners Nathan Kegel, Integrated Environmental Solutions Keith Swartz, Energy Center of Wisconsin Preliminary modeling and life cycle costing as an Building Simulation for Facilities Management2:30 underpinning to integrated design David Callan, Environmental Systems Design Paul Erickson, Affiliated Engineers, Inc.3:30 Panel Discussion4:00 Reception
    4. 4. Learning CreditsIllinois Professional Development Hours (PDH)AIA HSWGBCI Technical Credits (self reporting)
    5. 5. Please be Courteous
    6. 6. How Do WeModel OurFuture?Image from Living Building Challenge
    7. 7. Aqua - Chicago
    8. 8. “Engineers are not good at dealing with the customers” Office Space Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation 1999
    9. 9. ASHRAE Building Energy Quotient
    10. 10. Roosevelt University Vertical Campus
    11. 11. ASHRAE 2020 Vision
    12. 12. Comfortable
    13. 13. Operable
    14. 14. Sustainable
    15. 15. The Pantheon – 126 AD