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Bill O'Reilly 410


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Bill O'Reilly 410

  1. 1. Bill O’ Reilly ?
  2. 2. Negative Quotes Positive Quotes Neutral Quotes Google News Bill O'Reilly doesn't get what's really going on in this country and that's why he's so afraid of John Edwards. “ My answer is, no, ignorance about race does not always make you a racist, but it can make you sound like one. That's O'Reilly's problem. O'Reilly recently has been vilified by the liberal-leaning Web site Media Matters for America for insinuating how surprised he was to discover how (gasp!) civilized black folks behaved while dining in Sylvia's, one of the (double gasp!) historically black Harlem neighborhood's best-known restaurants.” “ Opinions on politically charged issues are lucky to be read on their merits, so O'Reilly's arguments, often apolitical, are seldom taken at face value.” Google Blog Search “ Bill O is a crazy psycho freak. The only ‘sheeple’ who pay him heed are people afraid to think for themselves.” “ It is just beyond belief. The fact that no alarm bell went off in O'Reilly's head as these words were coming out of his mouth I think points to a disconnect from common decency and an utter lack of human empathy. There is just something wrong in the mind of a man who would sneer at an abused child. This is a sociopathic personality.” “ Kurtz appeared on the October 10 edition of "The O’Reilly Factor" to promote his new book "Reality Show: Inside the Last Great Televsion News War." When Bill O’Reilly inquired on the lack of conservative representation on the network news, this exchange followed.”
  3. 3. Negative Quotes Positive Quotes Neutral Quotes Google Video “Olbermann Mocks O’Reilly’s “Serious” Reporting ” “Bill O'Reilly Discovers Black Culture ” “Senator Dodd versus Bill O'Reilly ” “ Dave Letterman and Bill O'Reilly” Blog Search “ O'Reilly calls Sullum an "irresponsible libertine" and tells him "don't come near my family." It's about what you'd expect from Bill O'Reilly, but much credit is due to Sullum for putting up with that prick for five minutes.” “ I broke this story about O’Reilly when it happened because it was so repulsive. Bill O likes to say he’s protecting the children , but when he had his chance he immediately attacked Shawn Hornbeck in as cruel and vicious a way as a person can.” “ Today on his syndicated radio talk show Neal Boortz asks why he has not been attacked in the way conservative hosts Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly have. The answer is that Boortz tows the line when it comes to the left's most precious idol, abortion on demand.” Technorati “ Don't hold your breath waiting for Bill O's apology. Just Sickening.” “ O’Reilly,…Pope of Assholes” “ Here, the prize is Rush Limbaugh's head, and Bill O'Reilly's, and Brit Hume's, and pretty much any other prominent conservative or non-leftist who doesn't kowtow to the Democratic Party and its “netroots" army of Lilliputian cannibals. This, in a nutshell, is the vision behind a group most people have never heard of, Media Matters for America.” “ The controversies surrounding Bill O'Reilly, Don Imus and Clarence Thomas and the concept of being black in America are examined.
  4. 4. Negative Quotes Positive Quotes Neutral Quotes BlogPulse “ The issue at hand is that Fox News Corporation greatly misleads viewers by advertising themselves as a "Fair and Balanced" news source. This is hardly correct, when personalities such as Bill O'Reilly use airtime.” “ Chris Mathew's on Hardball has a BODY POLITICS section. Copies directly from the Bill O'Reilly's Show. When is this guy going to think of something original!” “ Liz Smith I am not a media critic!" said TV commentator Chris Matthews when I asked if he had any thoughts on the Bill O'Reilly-Keith Olbermann "feud," which rages almost nightly on the Fox and MSNBC networks. Chris added: "You can never win criticizing someone in your own business." Icerocket “ […] dignity shown by Shawn Hornbeck’s parents after their son was victimized by Bill O’Reilly.” “ […] but it was Bill O’Reilly of ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ who laid out FBN’s business model during a cameo appearance. ‘You want to basically have fun,’ Mr. O’Reilly told the anchor Cheryl Casone . ‘It’s so intense, the whole business world. The more fun you can have with it, I think the more people will watch.” “ Even reading second-hand reports about his antics is entertaining-- he stole the microwave from Bill O-Reilly's green room and replaced it with one emblazoned with the Colbert Report insignia.” “ Bill O’Reilly of Fox News called it an “unbelievable outrage” and hundreds of angry e-mails poured into the Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco.” Digg “ […] he seeks to take a serious look into the possibility of real psychological problems plaguing the host of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor .” “ […] O'Reilly is showing signs of paranoia stemming from a disconnect between the outside world "and his own head." “ William James "Bill" O'Reilly, Jr. (born September 10, 1949) is an American political commentator, and the host of the cable news program The O'Reilly Factor.”