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LPD Public Relations Plan


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LPD Public Relations Plan

  1. 1. R C l Publi 21 t i OHS C P l 3
  2. 2. The leicestershire Police Department's reputation has been tarnished. An experienced policewoman spent four months undercover exposing a lack of respect and care for members of the public as well as incidences of dereliction of duty.
  3. 3. '3' Reverse the leicestershire Police Department's negative image.
  4. 4. Those working with or governed by the leicestershire Police Department.
  5. 5. El Show officers will take victims and their work seriously. I3 Make officers understand they are not above the law and cannot abuse their authority. El Motivate officers to be proactive. El Minimize the variance between home office rules and practices on ground. El Get rid of an "us vs. them" mentality between officers and CPS.
  6. 6. El Have all officers featured in video watch themselves and record their reactions. '3 Make each officer apologize publicly. El Fire or demote officers according to their offences. El Promote or reward hard working officers. El Install video surveillance inside cars as well as station. Require officers to attend mandatory information sessions on rape.
  7. 7. El Make the requirements to become an officer stricter/ more difficult. El Allow CPS and officers to work closer together. El Allow BPS to take care of more of the paperwork.
  8. 8. El I2 Months for the entire PR plan. El I month for public apologies. El 2 months for promotions and filling fired officers’ positions. El 8 months for rape classes. I month for surveillance installation. (l2 months or year round surveillance) El 2 months to make requirements to become an officer stricter/ more difficult.
  9. 9. El $25[l. l]| ][l for l2 months.
  10. 10. El The number of positive stories and minutes of TV and radio time. El The amount of time spent on paperwork vs. time spent out patrolling. El The number of rape and general cases reported/ resolved. El Video from surveillance.
  11. 11. The public needs to believe that the leicestershire Police Department is truly ashamed of and sorry for their actions. The public needs to be shown they are taking steps to change. This can be done most effectively by: Having Nina Hobson. a member outside of the police force. as a spokesperson. Viewers of her undercover footage know she does not tolerate. stand for or participate in such horrible behavior. She is obviously an expert on this subject and is also sincere and charismatic. The public will have an easier time relating to her.
  12. 12. For the public to accept the message of this PR plan the leicestershire Police Department must introduce information that causes them to question their beliefs. like: El Announcing that the leicestershire Police Department will be bringing in representatives from a successful neighboring police department to help lead them in the right direction, monitor them and give suggestions. El Unexpected spokesperson, Nina Hobson. will also help overcome this issue.
  13. 13. Reaching every part of the community is key. With a large, close knit immigrant community in town that does not read the English newspaper or watch TV. ground practices will have to be relied on. Hopefully such a group will notice changes such as: El Police officers spending more time patrolling and therefore being more attentive to victims of crime.
  14. 14. The public can help change the leicestershire Police Department for the better by: El Dalling in crime they witness no matter how big or small they perceive it as and then evaluating response time and quality of care. Attending the same rape information sessions as the police force to be sure they are on the same page.