Stara Zagora


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представяне на туристическия потенциал на регион Стара Загора

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Stara Zagora

  1. 2. STARA ZAGORA REGION sustainable and a preferred tourist destination presentation with the support of the World Association of Travel Agencies - WATA
  2. 3. THE OBJECTIVE To unite the efforts of all key stakeholders: regional and local authorities, businesses and Miel Travel Agency as the representative of WATA to Bulgaria, in order to present the integrated tourism opportunities of Stara Zagora Region and create durable interest in the tourism business at national and international level
  3. 4. The project is implementing under the patronage of the Regional Governor of Stara Zagora and hosted by the municipalities of Stara Zagora and Kazanlak, in partnership with Stara Zagora Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Regional Economic Development Agency, municipalities in the region, organizations and institutions associated with tourism, and business representatives, with the active support of the World Association of Travel Agencies WATA www . wata . net
  4. 5. JOURNEY DOWN THE AGES The Stara Zagora Region is one of the very few places in the world where the development of human civilization can be traced back to antiquity. Here, civilizations sprung, evolved and thrived, and examples of their struggles are strewn throughout the region
  5. 6. … to start from the birth of Europe… …the Neolithic Age… Immerse yourself in the New Stone Age – early 6th century BC. The unique Neolithic dwellings in Stara Zagora are one of the best preserved in Europe
  6. 7. … the Neolithic Age… authentic tools can be seen - household and art items, including hand mills, ancient hearths, pottery fragments, deer horn sickles - all crafted and used by ancestors of today’s Europeans
  7. 8. Виночерпецът и двете музикантки … the splendour of Thracian culture and the Valley of the Thracian Kings… experience the touch of the mysterious rituals of Orphism in the mounds and tombs
  8. 9. the ancient city of Sevtopolis (4th century BC) This spirit is especially tangible during the Festival of the Thracian culture in Kazanlak
  9. 10. … the ancient Roman heritage … the best preserved and and exposed in Stara Zagora the exquisite Roman mosaics, the fortified walls, the Roman baths and the ancient open air theatre, which continues to be the site of ongoing public performances to this day
  10. 11. … living today Proto-Bulgarian traditions and habits…
  11. 12. … the unbreakable Bulgarian spirit… The feats of bravery of those who died for Bulgaria’s liberation – Bulgarians, Russians, Romanians and Finnish soldiers – are immortalized by the dozens of monuments attesting to their sacrifice
  12. 13. … the Valley of the Roses and the beautiful symbol of Bulgaria… … and the unique Rose Festival in May…
  13. 14. … and more unique holidays …
  14. 15. STARA ZAGORA REGION journey d о wn the ages