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RoQ Roll Hardness Presentation


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RoQ Roll Hardness Profiler is the latest innovation in hardness profiling measurements on the market. For the first time hardness measurement system does not use spring load to perform a test making RoQ Roll Hardness Profiler much more service free unit compared to conventional hardness devices. This is just one of the new innovations of the RoQ Roll Hardness Profiler.

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RoQ Roll Hardness Presentation

  1. 1. RoQ by Winding process  Input parameters can be controlled to optimize the output results.  TNT (Torque, Nip, Tension) parameters are easiest to control.  Paper properties are the most difficult. 2
  2. 2. RoQ by Roll structure  Some paper properties have a strong influence on roll structure  Caliper, density, MD yield and tensile strength, coefficient of friction, coefficient of hygroscopic expansion, porosity, elastic moduli in the MD and ZD.  Other properties affect web quality have no effect on roll structure.  Like optical properties (brightness, opacity), freeness, water retention.  Typically Caliper has absolutely the strongest influence!
  3. 3. RoQ by Caliper control  Most online scanners are nowhere near good enough for the purpose of detecting profile problems.  For thin grades much smaller than 1 µm variation can be a problem.  Often, roll hardness is a more sensitive measure of caliper variation than is direct measurement from the web itself because you are measuring hundreds of layers with a roll hardness meter.
  4. 4. RoQ by 0,5 µm Hardness variation almost 15% Caliper and Hardness
  5. 5. RoQ by Typical roll defects  Out-of-round rolls  Gauge bands or hard spots  Baggy areas  Corrugations or rope marks  Dished or telescopic rolls  Starred rolls  Soft edges 6 “Good roll has the right shape, the right size, the right consistency and it must look good!”
  6. 6. RoQ by Bagginess 7
  7. 7. RoQ by Parent reel Customer roll Rope marks on the customer roll Parent reels vs. customer rolls
  8. 8. RoQ by Runnability problems 9
  9. 9. RoQ by Ideal hardness profile?  In the ideal hardness profile edges are a little bit softer than the centre. But not too much, a couple of percent is enough.  If edges are harder than centre, often big problems are faced in calendering or winding.  If edges are too soft then edge customer rolls must be rejected or they cause problem in further processes in converting or printing. 10
  10. 10. RoQ by Hardness vs. roll diameter 11
  11. 11. RoQ by Caliper control 12 Decreased pressure Increased pressure Red profile, before Green profile, after Caliper can be controlled by calcoil induction heating system in calendering. In this test the pressure was decreased in the narrow area on a front side and increased in the middle. The response was seen immediately in the hardness profile. Changes in caliper are so small that online caliper measurement can’t detect them well. However, the effect is remarkable in runnability!
  12. 12. RoQ by Steel sheet roll measurement
  13. 13. RoQ by  Solenoid with two coils, no spring.  Excellent control of the hitting.  Simple calibration.  4,3” touch screen.  Result available immediately after measurement directly from the integrated display.  The device works independently without PC and special software.  Settings can be easily changed from the user interface integrated in the device. RoQ Roll Hardness Profiler
  14. 14. RoQ by  Data handling.  Data is saved to the internal flash memory.  Results are calculated right after measurement and microcontroller creates file directories to the memory.  Measurement data can be displayed over the WLAN connection.  Results can be interpreted by any device which has WLAN connection and web browser. (smart phone, tablet etc.)  Batteries and charging.  Li-ion batteries.  Charged from normal USB port, charging downstream port or dedicated charging port.  Own system to control charging and following the status of the batteries. RoQ Roll Hardness Profiler
  15. 15. RoQ by RoQ Roll Hardness Profiler  Maintenance  Professionally designed mechanical and electrical components.  In the case of failure most spare parts can be changed on a customer site and device is not needed to be sent back to the manufacturer.  Strong structure. Cover parts made of aluminium.  Advanced problems diagnostics.