Entrepreneurship as a Career alternative at Laurea


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Entrepreneurship as a Career alternative at Laurea #Kerava #Finland International Week 2012-11-08
#Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship, Career, Serial Entrepreneurship, Portfolio Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship as a Career alternative at Laurea

  1. 1. Entrepreneurship as a Career alternative Ilkka O. Lavas Serial EntrepreneurAnything is possiblewhen you believe in yourself.Photo: Iceland, By aromano / Flickr
  2. 2. Different Career Choices ExamplesPhoto: Lavas @ Tahko
  3. 3. Career in one company Company X Position1 Position2 Position3• Title1 • Title2 • Title3• Challenge1 • Challenge2 • Challenge3• Developement1 • Developement2 • Developement3
  4. 4. Career by changing a company •Challenge1 •Challenge2 •Challenge3Company1 Company2 Company3 •Develpment1 •Develpment2 •Develpment3 1-5 years 2-7 years 2-7 years
  5. 5. Career as Serial Entrepreneur /Portfolio Entrepreneur / Consultant Company1 Challenge1 Development1 Company2 Challenge2 Development2 Company3 Challenge3 Development3
  6. 6. As entrepreneur you can • Run lifestyle company / hobby • Run single growing company • Many businesses one after one (establish/buy, develop, sell) • Many paraller businesses (Establish/buy, develop) (Establish/buy, develop) (Establish/buy, develop) What is maximum amount?Anella Olimpica, Barcelona, Catalonia,Spain, By dbaron / Flickr
  7. 7. Where I work? When I buy? When I sell? Where I establish New? Digital media Success (opportunity) Ownership Change – Rethink businessPrint media is suffering
  8. 8. City.fi challenge26 years old City Culture magazine. Making Loss.What are my risks? What are my possibilities?
  9. 9. City.fi challengeGreat brand! Great service Deitti.netWhat are my risks? What are my possibilities?
  10. 10. Entrepreneurship Ilkka O. Lavas is your • own Started my first company at high school. Since that I have been entrepreneur. Now I am related to more than 10 businesses. choice • Have bought/sold 6 companies/businesses • Founder member in 5 businesses • Survived 2 recessions • Young Entrepreneur of the year 2009 in Uusimaa • Entrepreneur of the year, 2010 KeravaIce climbing Glaciar Viedma Statistics: by alextorrenegra / Flickr • 33years, 2 boys, 1 wife, 1000+ fb connections, 500+ linkedin conns, twitter @lavas
  11. 11. Why people are scared of starting• What is so scary in starting up a new company? – If it does not work, you can always stop being an entrepreneur and go back to work 8-16. (Sometimes you can even agree this in advance.)• Risk management: – What can you really lose? Do you need to take debt? – How big is your risk? Can you handle it? – If your biggest costs are your salary + rental, then your loosing risk is NO salary for 1-6 months + rental costs = max 10k€”The big unknown heaven is more scary than known hell” –Kaija Koo.
  12. 12. My Careerdefinition Sometimes I enjoy success Sometimes I fail Sometimes I survive Entrepreneurial life is all aboutNew Experiences Locomotive 2005 Rovaniemi By Juska Wendland / Flickr
  13. 13. This is where I started. I had 0€.Took 50.000 FIM Loan for start
  14. 14. Business portfolio 1. Lavasdesign Oy – investment, it –consulting, startups and entrepreneurship eCommerce, Internet Customs 3D-Cad / Publishing Web W3 marketing declaration Drupal BIM business portalGroup and logistics software specialists Software and businessFinland Ilmainensana company company Druid Oy import services Oy LaKo Trade Oy Samex Solutions Oy kirja.fi company Kaannos.com Suomikauppa.FI Sad-e.fi Software Web projects WanhatWarikset.co EMCS stock Micro Aided projects m Design Oy reporting software Karkkigalleria.fiTeam Entrepreneur Partners in my businesses constist of:Business Angels, Professional Directors, Customs Software professional, Software Hostingprofessional, talented Software developers, Internet Marketing specialists, BIM specialists andprofessionals, Financial Geniouses, Watch EnthusiasticI have 10-100% ownership of my companies. Total 70+ people working in these companies andtotal revenue 6 Meur.
  15. 15. Different types of StartUP1. Self employmentStartUPLD HairMaarit LavasHairdresserNo big money/exitopportunities, butyou do what youlike to do and getliving.
  16. 16. Different types of StartUP2. Lifestyle StartUPMADbike.orgMotorbike tripsfor people.Entrepreneur Severi Virolainen loves to driveabroad, in Jungle and exotic places. This is goodway to do what you love and get funding foryour hobby. At the moment in Laos/Cambodia
  17. 17. My First StartUP + reincarnation of the business after 15 years / Growth business- Started 1995 for myself employmentin high school- reborn W3 GroupFinland Oy 2010reborn to becomegrowth company:Bought 3 companies/ businesses.New board andnew management and entrepreneurship team. Newname and company structure. New Growth strategy.• 2011: More than 200 customers, 2 Meur revenue, 30 people working. Growing!
  18. 18. StartUP Cash Flow businesses• Cash Flow business is best business if you are willing to stay owner for 10+ years.• Build this business to survive recessions and to grow all time.
  19. 19. Build to be sold StartUP• Another type for startup is build business to be sold. Ownership time 3-7 years.• Our Artic.net startup 1997 fastest growing site in 90’s.• I was one of the team together with Lauri, Henri and Robert.• Later Artic.net was sold to Lycos by Interactivum + entrepreneurship team.• I sold too early and earned 1 markka (20cent) of my share.
  20. 20. My dictionary businesses
  21. 21. Specialize in niche market• Sometimes small niche market may be more profitable than existing market. You need to be the best in your area.• For example Samex has 3 customs specialist and they are selling electronic customs declaration software as a software (SaaS).• Business opportunity Driver: Law Change Eu directive which says all companies must do declarations electronically
  22. 22. Ownership changes• Sometimes you need to change company culture to make sure company will survive. – Management Changes, Employee changes, Owner changes – Reinventing business models – Stopping to publish print – Concentrating on Web and Services
  23. 23. Entrepreneurship: The best career choice!• I can help people and companies with IT solutions• You can be your own boss• You can choose when to work and what to do• You can choose where your workplace is located• You will learn new things• You will get as much challenges as you want or need• Work day is flexible, not only 8-16.• You can change the world , woohoo!!Remember: Making money is only result of making good workEntrepreneurship is Hard work and it makes you stronger 
  24. 24. Why Entrepreneuship?• Passion of Competition• Passion of Success and Adventure• Passion of personal career development• Passion for growth• Passion for Challenges• Way to build career Lake Shasta, California, June 2008, Mike Vondran, Wakeboarding. By over_kind_man
  25. 25. When you spend 8 hours doingsomething, you should be able enjoy it• Most important in worklife is to enjoy work and your achievements at work itself good feeling to• you need to have go to work every day• if you don’t like your job or don’t feel good at job: QUIT
  26. 26. My Books• In finnish 2005• About positive Things in entre-preneurial lifeISBN: 952-91-8686-XNew book coming 2013 aboutUnstoppable Entrepreneurship (in Finnish).
  27. 27. How do you define success?Can Entrepreneurial career be part of it? 2012 Ilkka O. Lavas, Serial Entrepreneur, www.ilkkaolavas.com
  28. 28. Questions• Questions: – www.ilkkaolavas.com – http://menestyvayrittaja.yrittaja.info – ilkka@ilkkaolavas.com – Twitter: @lavas – Linkedin ilkkalavas 7.10.2012 Ilkka Lavas, Serial Entrepreneur