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English introduction


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Published in: Education
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English introduction

  1. 1. Personaldescription<br />This presentation is a short introduction about myself <br />
  2. 2. My name is Gabriela Cruz, I'm a freshman in college. I`m studying Industrial Engineering.I consider myself a very outgoing person most of the time, a little funny person, and somewhat sentimental. I love making friends always learn things from them as, experiences, lifestyles, advices, many things that may sometime will be useful, without neglecting the good weather which always happens to them.I love helping people feel good, so my dream is to study medicine in the future, because I think this race an art, it is showing the human side of people, help them live their suffering, pain, etc. ... and move them forward with a smile.<br />Introduction<br />
  3. 3. I like to have God in everything I do as a complement, a strength that makes me feel sure of myself, my abilities, and all I can do it where I put my mind and hard work.I love to be happy, the smile is the cure for the ills of the soul, out fun, but sometimes you have to be angry, mourn, and stay home stressed :-(...My strength would say, definitely my character, thanks to it and accomplished many things and I hope soon to graduate as an engineer.Much like all those who do not know me! = D <br />