AAGAAZ together for new realtionship


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it was a very special edition of RI Convention 2012. were 5 different district participated it this Bulletin.

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AAGAAZ together for new realtionship

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  2. 2. From The Heart Of The Editor, Warm Rotaract Greetings,It is a great priviledge to be the chief editor for theinternational bulletin which is going to be released atRI CONVENTION and the theme for the bulletin is"AAGAAZ Together for a new beginning" anddefinitely this bulletin will prove to be a boon tocreate bonding between rotaractors from differentdistricts and to learn and know more about differentdistricts’ would like to thank few people who had helped me for this wonderfulbulletin Rtr.Iliyas Salmani for the creative working, Rtr Chandra sekar to give me aopportunity to work for this international bulletin, Rtr Gagan Sarin for givingvaluable feedback and suggestions to improve the bulletin, Rtr Dinesh Jaiswal, RtrAmit Singhal and Rtn Prasonjeet sahoo and to all those who have directly orindirectly helped me to make this bulletin........Lastly "“The thing about performanceis that it is a celebration of the fact that we do contain within ourselves the infinitepossibilities.” and so it is time for "AAGAAZ Together for a new begining"YOURS-IN-ROTARACTRTR.VARSHA BADALACHIEF EDITORROTARACT CLUB OF DOMBIVLIRI DIST 3140 RID 3080 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
  3. 3. From Th Desk Of Distr Governor’s he rict It gives me immense plea asure to know that Ro otaractors ofdifferent disstricts are planning to bring out th joint new p he wsletter“AAGAAZ”. My compliments on t their effort a I wish t and them all successfor this comming year Rotary Inte ernational President K P Kalyan Bane erjee has g given us wo onderfuland a grea theme “Reach wit in to Em at th mbrace Hu umanity” a and hasemphasize on fami change and involvement of youth in Rotary ed ily factivities. H has also emphasized on cha He ange and R Rotaract is part ofthe family of Rotary. Rotaract is an activit very dea to my he s ty ar eart andhas also be recogn een nized by Ro otary International as t new avenue of theservice as New Generation.You, my fri iend & Rota aractors ha the pow to make a differenc in the ave wer e ceworld and R Rotarians recognize th new thoughts and e r he energy you have to ch hange this wworld ofours. Rotaract provides young a adults an o opportunity to enhance their knowledge, an skills e ndthat will asssist them in personal developm ment, and s social respo onsibilities in their res spectivecommunitie es.I convey m greeting to entire team of R my gs Rotaractors and wish t them a ver success in their ryjourney of sj service learning fellow wship and e enjoyment.Thanks & R Regards DG Manpre Singh G eet Gandhoke Governor RID 3080 Dristrict G RID 313 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 My d dear Rotara actors, At fi let me c irst congratulate you all for ecoming tog gether. Your venture of joint publication of bu ulletin will b an beadditional t tool to incre ease your s strength. Sh haring the id deas, searc chingfor new wa to make the organi ays e ization lively and sprea ading themessage o brotherho should be your foc areas in this bullet A of ood cus n tin.well informed rotaract is an as tor, sset for Rot tarys future May God bless e.you in all your constru uctive Ende eavour’s.Yours sin ncerely, Ravindra Salunke OOsmanabad strict Governor Elect R.I.Dist.3132 Dis RID 314 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40Best wishe to Team “AAGAAZ” and makin a unique bulletin es ng eGOD BLES SS… ALL THE BEST T DG V VIJAY JALA - Distr Govern AN rict nor R.I.Di ist.3140 R.I.Di ist.3140
  4. 4. RI 3260 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ID It is interestin to note that five Rotaract Clubs, each from a different Rotary s ng e International District fr rom India a coming together an will be re are nd eleasing a j joint bulletin at the Bangkok R Rotary Conv vention duri May 2012. ing Rotaaract has become mo importan for all of us as we h b ore nt have incorpporated you in our u fifth avenue of service -New Ge enerations. You are m more than ju Partner in Servic - you ust rs ce have now become ou own! Dea Rotaract ur ar tors, you ar our futur hence w have a s re re, we stake in guiding & moulding you to be w y worthy citize of the w ens world. We also need to learn fro you, om know what you want from us and the comm t munity. We would also like you a to start o e o all opening your eyes to the needs of the s society and think of be eing benefiicial to the needy. We would e like you to take out soome time fr rom your bu schedu usy ules to touch the lives of elderly w are who shunned by their own We woul like you to go to ru areas just to see how they live and n. ld ural possibly be of some help to the e em. I am s sure by doi ing this you will find t u the answer to the r question m many of us ask to ours a selves - who are we an why are we here.Y are so g o nd e You good at establishing contacts and forging bonds. R g Rotary in essence is ba asically this and throu this s! ugh you can ca our orga arry anization to much high levels. o her I wis this joint activity will establish new bonds of friends sh t s ship & coop peration, wh hich will ultimately b of benef to all. God Bless be fit Ashok Sin ngh Distric Governo Elect 20 – 13 R.I. Dist. – 32 ct or 012 260 RID 32 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 202 Warm Rota Greeting ary gs It is very ha appy to kno that rele ow easing joint annual bulletin in the name of “AAGAAZ” with the ob bjective of b bonding of new relatio onship with other districts. “G Goals are to life what w o wheels are to trains e The keep us o track” ey on I wish and appreciate the Presi e ident and rrotaractors of Rotarac club of ct Cuttack Gr reater, Bala asore (RI Dist. 3260), J Jalna (RI D Dist. 3132), Dombivil (RI Dist. 3140), Ladw (RI Dist 3080) , T wa t Tirupur sout (RI Dist. th .3202) in taking efforts for releasing the A AKAZ. I me some of the Rotara et f actors of Balasore d during their IDYE visit to Tirupur, they are ve much in ery nterested in making friendship and doing joint projects according t motto p to “Fellowship through service”. I appre p eciate Rtr.Chandrase ekar for coordinatin Rotaract club to Tiru ng upur South for this pro oject. Rotary Inte ernational also has rea a alized the importance of the new generation and has made it w n as 5th aven of serv nue vice officially in the Co y ouncil on Leegislation, n only is this going t be in not to the avenue of New generation also will be a won e n, nderful wor in the c rk community service developing bright young ethical leaders of o society for serving others.Once again I w g our wish for the wonder work do for AAG rful one GAAZ and for doing m more good v valuable ouutstanding p projects through frieendship for the needy. . “In the cir rcus of succcess there are only tw rings: Th one that you are in and the on that wo he ne comprises everyone else. Life h a way o making y think it knows s has of you What is best. Powe erful people dictate life measure The Wea measure life’s dictat e e’s e ak tion.” Rtn.PHF.B B.Elangkum maran Dist. Chai irman, New Generation (Kinder w ract) Rotary Club o Tirupur South. of
  5. 5. RID 30 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  080 From The Desk Of District Rotarac Repres O t ct sentative es “We should so live and labour in ou times that what came t us as a see d ur to ed may go to N generati as blosso and what came to us as a blossom Next ion om t m may go to th as fruit this is progr hem ress” By: H. Beechers .W s It gives me immense pleasure to pen few w e p words for this multidistr rict bulletin “AA AGAAZ” I believe it w would be a new begin nning to creeate awareness in the youth. It would se n erve as a plaatform for br ringing hum mble and likemin nded Rotarac ctors of diffferent distric together to work for the ct betterment o society. It will give o of t opportunity t the youth from differ to h rent districts with the moth land to in hin her nteract And exchange id deas. It is ind defatigable sspirit of the R Rotaractors t that finds reflecttion in the pages of Aag p gaaz.I extend my heartfe congratul d elt lations to the editorial b e board for giving shape to this venture. May th journey to e his owards exce ellence contin ever. nue DRR 2011 1-12 Rtr.Gaagan Sarin R.I.D 3080  RID 3260 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   Dear Rotara actors,  It giv me imm ves mense pleasur to greet yo all throug this News Letter, ‘Aa re ou gh s aghaz- the be eginning of a new era It is a mat of pride for me and m district t five distr a’. tter my that ricts togethe have come up er e with this new letter wh will be r ws hich released at th Rotary Co he onvention at Bangkok. T t Through the platform of Rotaract, we the young w gsters get an opportunity to serve the society and our fellowm d men. Mor reover the neewsletter giv us the cha ves ance to conv our mess vey sage and works to other parts of the districts. .Behind this news letter there is unti iring effort o many peop who have worked in day and of ple e night to com up with th innovativ newsletter and make i a success. me his ve r it I heaartily thank each and eve one of yo who have supported u throughou in every sector e ery ou e us ut and made it possible tha the organisation called ‘Rotaract’ too creates i own ident in the at d its tity community and our fello owmen. Thank you o once again Rt Samar K tr. Kumar Taldi i “Serve Humanity........tog gether we ca an” District Rotarract Represe entative(201 – 12) 11 I.Distict-326 R.I 60
  6. 6. RID 3140 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .I am glad that rotaractors from your club are representing R. I.District 3140. It is indeed a great feeling to have you’ll represent ourdistrict at a multidistrict level. Well Rotaract District 3140 hasalways believed in catering to the needs of the society andaddressing them in the best possible manner. Our major thrust areain last 3 years has been “Imparting and Promoting Education”. Forthis purpose we have taken up initiatives like Shiksha – A platformwhere Rotaractors teach various subjects to the children, WRYWeek – An all over district rally promoting “Sending India toSchool”, Granthalay – A library setup to avail access to quality studymaterial. With the support of your club and also clubs in 3140 we aresure to fulfill our goals. Wishing you all the best and let us all Celebrate the Responsible ME.!!!Regards Yours in Rotaract Rtr. Vinit Parikh, DRR 2011-12 Rotaract District 3140 District Theme: Crafting Futures   RID 3132 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .My Dear Rotaractor:In October 2011, the world has became home to seven billionpeople. Now we have a huge chance to grow Rotaract. As DRR ofDist 3132I request all rotaractor over the world to start making friends outsideyour boundaries to make it more international. You should be proudto say " I am Member of an International Rotaract Club ". At lastBest wishes from R.I. District 3132Thanking YouRtr.Sachin KothariDRR 2011-12 R.I.Dist 3132
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  9. 9. RID 3080 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DFrom The Desk Of District Rotarac Repres O t ct sentative Elect   esDear Rotara actorsRotaract Greetings!I am feeling very glad to write few words for jo newslett of 5 distr g t oint ter ricts to bereleased at R R.I.Conventi ion, Bangko This joint newsletter “AAGAAZ” is really ok. t ”a very good starting to build relat d o tionships between the c clubs and to improve ointeraction b between mem mbers of dif fferent clubs It’s a very good and in s. y nnovativestep to publish this type of joint bul e lletin. Hats o to think tank of this w off wonderfulidea. The ai of startin Rotaract was to dev im ng velop profess sional and l leadershipqualities in youth. So whatever we do through Rotaract, w do for our w we rselves. Ifwe are doing some socia works, we should nev think that we are doin it for soci g al e ver t ng iety. Because we arejust the mej eans to do something “ s “For the Pe eople..By th People” and through this we g those he h getrequired ski ills.I wish all the membe of Rotara a great ye ahead. l ers act earKeep the Ro otaract Spirit High. t Yo in Rotar ours ract Rtr. Amit Sing ghal Rotaract Club L Ladwa DR RRE R.I.Dis st.3080 RID 3132 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .My Rotaract Friends we elcome to RI Year 2012- I -13, I am Rtr Sandesh K r. KotechaDRR of dist 3132 for RI year 2012- t I -13. Dear Rotaractors upcoming year has ma magical m r s any moments, fu of ullentertainment and enjoy yment with p personal development, hi idden in its p pocket forus.Before w proceed fo the year, I think this is the right tim to evalua your we or s me ateDistrict and Club’s activvities and progress. In pa our leade have real worked ast, ers llyhard to stren ngthen this wonderful or w rganization, and every ye everyone has set a ear emilestone. S my fellow Rotaractors make sure we have our to create h So w rs history.Ialready visuualize the beaauty of ours as an organiized and bet organiza tter ation, betterRotaractors and wonder human b rful being, and ye it’s possib Coming year would be very exci es ble. itingand action ppacked for yo and me. L ou Let’s all com together t plan for a better tomor me to rrow for you and ume. And I se your coo eek operation an support fo my tenure as your DRR in future. nd or Rt Sandesh K tr. Kotecha DRR 20012-13 , RI DIST 3132 I
  10. 10. RID 314 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40  Dear Rotara actors,Warm Rotar Greeting from R.I.D 3140! ract gs D. It I is my pleasure to pen ddown a coup of words for this bull ple letinwhich in its own small way will con w ntribute towa internat ards tionalunderstandin It has ind ng. deed been an honour to b a part of t illustrious n be thismovement w which gives rotaractors a experienc of a lifetim Rotaract has an ce me. tdefinitely he elped us imb a lot of lessons that deem fit in t real worl bibe the ld.Also, the mo ovement has given us, fr s riends to cheerish for a lif fetime. We a atR.I.D. 3140 place a lot of importanc on Interna o ce ational Servi ices. We live in a eglobal villag that calls for tolerance and unders ge e standing betw ween cultureesand societies. This is immperative for a peaceful a harmoni r and ious world. WWiththis regard, we have yea exchang programs, IDYEs etc. We are hum arly ge , mbledand honoure when we are presente with the o ed ed opportunity o hosting gu of uests, from oother parts of the fworld. We a strive ha to familiarize our rot also ard taractors wit different g th global cultur in a bid t give res, tothem a diver experien rse nce. W have an initiative call the Wor Responsi We led rld ible Youth D which i celebrated on the Day is dfirst Sunday of the year. As a part of this initiati we move in rallies a y . ive, across our district to spre the eadword of edu ucation throu street pla We hope for this to become an i ugh ays. international phenomeno by l onmobilizing t youth of various cou the f untries. ‘Educ cation for all’ is a global concern an hence, we request l nd eall internatio districts to be a part of this initi onal s t iative, in their respective cities. It’s t e time we take the efirst step, together, on th path to a b he better worldd!Yours-in-Ro otaract, Rtr. R Naseem Kachwala m a DRRE R. I. D. 3140 Celeebrating the Responsib ME! e ble RIDR 3260 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0 It’s i indeed a pleaasure to writ a few wor about the initiative ta te rds e akenby the differ clubs fro a differe Rotary In rent om ent nternational D District forreleasing a jjoint newslet named “ tter “AAGHAAZ at the Rot Z” tary Convent tionat Bangkok in May 2012 Youth is o future. It is our mora duty to gu 2. our t al uidethe youth. OOnce Nepolia Bonarpart said “ A LEADER I A DEALE an te IS ERIN HOPE”. It is a matte of pride th we have been incorp er hat porated as theefifth avenue of service – New Gener e rations in Ro otary Internaational. This isdeveloping P Partners in Service betw S ween Rotary and Rotarac ct. I rem member one fine evening me, Rtr. Ch g handrasekha and some of arthe other rot taractors discussing abou the joint n ut newsletter to release at th o heRI Conventi I am so happy that t idea has b ion. the been implemmented.
  11. 11. The leadership in Rotaract a all levels h a vital role to play in gaining the confidence and n at haswinning the hearts of th people as w as the s he well society by m motivating the Rotaractor and Rotari e rs ians toprovide a tru selfless service. I am sure this jo activity w establish good bond uly s m oint will h ding among t theRotaractors. Rotaractors must “RISE ABOVE T . s E THE LIMITS and prove them. I con S” e ngratulate th joint heeffort made by the different clubs of different di f istricts and e extend my be wishes to the publica est o ation ofthis joint newsletter. Yours in Rot Y taract Rtr. Tapas Kum Das . mar DRRRE R.I.D 3260 RID 313 AID DRR. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 D It is indeed a ma atter of great pleasure we five Rotary Internation t e y nalDistrict goi to publish a nice edit ing tion of joint bulletin "AA AGAAZ".The bulletin is a mirror of Every dis activity & Progress In some next n stsnaps shows you some impotent mo s i oment of Clu n District ubThe Rotary and Rotarac movement are always behind us , in ct ts ssupporting a your nobl efforts all le for th unliftmen of the soci and you selves as in he nt iety ur ndividualsAs the elem of Rotar we also p ment ract promoting m in Proje the power most ectsof youth & s development with le self earning activvityWelcome to Geograph RID 3132 o hic 2The District & historicu places under RID 313 ts ul 32Ahmednaga ,Aurangba , Satara , S ar ad Sholapur , HHingoli , Jaln , Latur , naBeed , Nand , Osmanabad & Parb ded bhaniThe historical n tourist places areeAurangbad , Nanded , Satara ,Ellora Cave , Lon Cratar , P S a nar Paithan , Shr Sai Nagar SHRDEE , riSindkhed , D Daultabaad FORT , Khu F ultabad , JOTTIRLINGS G Ghrisheshwa , Aundha N ar Naag naath , Parli ,Ratnapur Bh hadramaruti , Mahabales shwar, Karad , Waai, Tu d uljapur , we a always waiti in 3132 n All ingRotaractivityWishing you all the best of luck for the future u t Rtr D Dinesh Jais swal Aid DRR RaC Jalna dines shjaiswak.2007@gmail.com +91 9420224225 / 99236 695225  
  12. 12. From The Desk Of Preside From Respect O ent m tive Club bs  RID 314 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Hello Every ybody,Rotaract Greeting to All lReally feelin happy an proud to n down fo this joint ng nd note orbulletin. Wh I installe as preside of our clu I had nev hen ed ent ub, verthought that in future I’l get opport t ll tunity to be a part of RIConvention. But now th hrough this surely I am fe feeling a part of RI tconvention.We had star year wit lots of pro rted th oject and still doing many l ymore; but peersonally speeaking I got lots of expe erience, know wledgeand learning through ou the year. g utWe are mainntaining our good relatio onship with o beloved ourRotary, Inne erwheel and I’ll master i Interact C i.e. Club. We ha adshare knowlledge from Rotary and same we have pass down to R nInteract.As we know Paul Harri readily adm that he invented no w, is mits othingnew, but it i said of him that he wa a man for h time. In is m as hisreading "Fou under" youl learn what shaped this leader who ll tchanged the world. In re e eading "Rotaarian Age" y youll learn w whatHarris dream for Rota how it w med ary, works and its future. The are s eseall found in the Bibliogr raphy.In same way we as Rota y aractors have to work an make prog e nd gress.Bye bye we’ll probably meet in nex year bullet xt tin.Thank youYours in Ro otaractRtr.Ankush Rasane hPresident 2 2011-12Rotaract Club of Dom mbivli   
  13. 13. RID 3202 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Dear leadersA warm greeting to u all ….Happy to meet you all through our news letter hope it brings a new relation as per our theme“AAGAAZ” bonding of new relationship.Rtr. ThangavelPresident 2011-12    RID 3260 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  I am extremely delighted to learn that a joint newsletter “AAGHAAZ” is being released at theRotary Convention at Bangkok in May 2012.The initiative taken by the different clubs from a differentRotary International District is highly appreciated.The five clubs participating are just like five fingerswhich make a strong fist.The plan of doing a joint newsletter and the idea given by Rtr. Chandrasekhar in our district conferencehas come true. Being a leader of the participating club, I congratulate the effort that has been made tomake the joint newsletter reach to this level. This initiative gives us a clear picture about Partners inService – the youth movement in Rotaract.Being a leader is not an easy task as he/she has to play a vital role to play in gaining the confidence andwinning the hearts of the people in the community by providing a truly selfless service. I am sure thisjoint activity of ours will establish good bonding among the Rotaractors of the other RIDistricts and will encourage them to move a step ahead.I extend my best wishes to the publication of this joint newsletter. Looking forward for more jointprojects.Jai Bharat! Jai Rotaract!Yours in RotaractRtr. Jayanta Kumar PandaRID 3260
  14. 14. From The Desk Of Preside Elect From Re O ent t espective Clubs eRID 3080 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . It is my pl leasure to write these w w words for jooint bulletin which is going to be n ereleased at IInternational convention This is my first write up as Presid l n. y dent Elect offRotaract Clu Ladwa and I am feeling very pr ub a roud that my first messa is for an y age ninternationa bulletin.Th is a goo medium to know ab al his od bout each o other and alllactivities of other clubs I would lik to congra f s. ke atulate the editor of this bulletin for s rthis marvelo thinking.I convey m best wishe to all the Rotaractors through this ous my es sbulletin and wish them a great succe in their li d ess ife. Rt tr.Charanjeet Singh President Elect t Rotaract CClub Ladwa R.I.Distt.3 3080 RID 3202 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dear leaders sI am very happy to give my wr g rite-up hop “AAGA pe AAZ” is a b beginningthis relatio should be continue in future period. on b ed Pre esident Elect t Rtr.Karthick R k RID 3140 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hello Rotaractors, Wor Rotaractin to you Al rm ng ll,It’s my plea to intera with u on occasion of RI conventi as a pres aser act f ion sident electfor year 201 12-13 of not just the Rota aract club of Dombivli, The most vib f brant clubof RI Dist.3140. In hear thanks to P rt President Rtr Ankush fo recognizin my r. or ng thability & en ncouraging me for being 40 president of RCD.I m looking f m forimproved IS performa SD ance in year 2012-13 & m making stron bonding w ng withabroad clubs. Not only ISD but also CSD surely going to be flourished & hoping I o y eto take my c club to level high. I‘ll prove to my le best & c evel carry forward thegolden tradiition RCD.Thank you. Always for Rotaract , r Rtr.AMOL P R PATIL Elec President 2012-13 ct t Rotar ract Club of Dombivli f R.I.D 3 3140
  15. 15. ROTARACT C R CLUB OF DOMBIVLI  RID Dist 3140  Club theme e: Inspire the e next  District Them me: Crafting F Future  We eb site: www. .Rcdombivli.w webs.com  www.ro otaract3140.o org  Contact no:808 80470045/983 33972975 ROTA ARACT CLUB OF LADW WA 3080  RIDist 3 Club themme: for the pe eople by the p people  M: 094662 2‐96450  Id: mt.singhal1@ @gmail.com RO OTARACT C CLUB OF T TIRUPUR SO OUTH  RIDist 32 202  Email Id d: nift3202@ @gmail.com  Cont tact no: 9944931115 ROTARACT C CLUB OF CUTTACK GREA ATER/  ROTARAACT CLUB O OF BALASORE  RIDist 3260  Club theme: Serve e humanity  Email Id d: prasonjeet@yahoo.com m  Conntact no: 99337067522 ROTAR RACT CLUB OOF JALNA  RIDist 313 32  dineshjais swal.2007@ @gmail.co om Contact N +91 94 No: 420224224 ; 4 99236952   225
  16. 16. RIDist 308 Rotara Club OF Ladwa 80- act FRIDist 314 40-Rotarac Club OF Dombivl ct F liRIDist 313 32-Rotarac Club OF Jalna ct FRIDist 320 Rotara Club OF TRIUPU SOUTH 02- act F UR HRIDist 326 Rotara Club OF Cuttack G 60- act F Greater/ BALASORE E Rtr. .Amit Singha al Rtr. .Dinesh Jaisw wal Rtn. Pr rasonjeet Sah hoo RID 3080 RID 3132 RID R 3260         mt.singhal1@gmail.com  dineshjais swal.2007@gm mail.com  prasonje eet@yahoo.ccom Rtr.IIliyas Salman ni Rtr.V Varsha Jain Rtr.Chhandra Sekar r RI 3140 ID RID R 3202 RID 3140      iliyas.salmani@yahoo o.com  vbadala@yahoo.com m   nift3202@gmail.com m