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Marketing in the digital age


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A brief overview of what happened to marketing in the digital age.

Published in: Marketing
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Marketing in the digital age

  1. 1. marketing in the digital age
  2. 2. marketing in the digital age the approach the tools the story today
  3. 3. so this is where the story ends…
  4. 4. and it ends badly for marketers…
  5. 5. the sweet 60s & 70s
  6. 6. cult of the 80s & 90s
  7. 7. DAFUQ today?
  8. 8. technology changed the game
  9. 9. the old model spark see use
  10. 10. the new reality spark check use share
  11. 11. spoiled & powerful
  12. 12. i don’t care about you
  13. 13. we don't give a fuck as well
  14. 14. we build eco-systems now
  15. 15. still don’t care…
  16. 16. Democracy doesn’t come from governments nowadays... the new democracy
  17. 17. big agencies help big brands not to fail big