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Tuberculin n scalp vein needle


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Tuberculin n scalp vein needle

  1. 1. TUBERCULIN SYRINGEIt is 1cc syringe with a plastic piston (plastic syringe), or a metal piston ( glass syringe)
  2. 2. USES :• To administer PPD for Mantoux test.• To administer BCG vaccine.• To adminiter test doses of drugs such as penicillin.• Provocative Testing – to test for allergens in Bronchial asthma , atopy.• Insulin injections in Diabetes Mellitus.• Giving small doses of drugs. Eg. Gentamicin, Phenobarbitone , Digoxin.
  3. 3. MANTOUX TESTTuberculin PPD 2 T.U./0.1 ml, solution forinjection:1 dose = 0.1 ml contains 0.04 microgram Tuberculin PPD.– Store at 2°C - 8°C, protected from light
  5. 5. Diameter of induration Interpretation ActionLess than 6mm Negative Previously unvaccinated individuals may be given BCG provided there are no contraindications.6mm or greater but less Hypersensitive to tuberculin Should not be given BCGthan 15mm protein. May be due to previous TB infection, BCG or exposure to atypical mycobacteria>= 15mm Strongly hypersensitive to Should not be given BCG. tuberculin protein Refer for further Suggestive of TB infection investigation or and supervision which may disease include chemotherapy.
  6. 6. BCG Vaccination• It induces primarily cell mediated immunity.• Administered at or soon after birth• Supplied in the form of lypophilised or freeze dried powder, in a vaccum sealed dark colored multidose vial. Reconstituted with normal saline.• Extremely sensitive to light and heat. Thus, cold chain should be maintained.• In lypophilised form, it remains potent for upto a year at 2-8 ˚C.
  7. 7. • Dose – 0.1ml• Site- convex aspect of left shoulder at the insertion of deltoid to allow for easy identification of scar.• Route of administration – intradermal• Multiplication of BCG bacilli papule at 2-3 weeks 4-8 mm in size at 5-6 weeks ulceration heals by scarring around 6-12 weeks• Adverse effects – persistent ulcer with delayed healing ipsilateral axillary or cervical lymphadenopathy, and rarely abscess and sinus formation.• Positive reaction to tuberculin test 4-12 weeks after immunisation.
  8. 8. SCALP VEIN NEEDLE• It consists of a metallic needle attached to a plastic tubing.• At the junction of the needle and the tubing, there is butterfly shaped plastic holder which facilitates easy insertion of the scalp needle into the vein.• The plastic holder is flexible and colour coded .eg . Black is no 22.• The commonly used needles are from no 22 to no 24.• There is an inverse relation between the guage number and the internal diameter.• Higher the guage number , small is the diameter of needle. Thus 24G needle is smaller in diameter than 22G needle.
  9. 9. USES• Collection of blood• Infusion of iv fluids, drugs, blood etc.• ABG analysis
  10. 10. THANK YOU