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Mo Fenghua, the founder of i Learn Chinese Online, provides ‘A Mini Introduction to Chinese’ at the West Cornwall Breakfast Business Club meeting, Tregenna Castle St Ives Cornwall UK, on the 20th June 2012.

Thanks very much to West Cornwall Business Club for inviting me to give a presentation ’A Mini Introduction to Chinese’. Here is the original event organised by West Cornwall Business Club.

Thanks for the kind words commending on my presentation.

Sue Whitney, the organiser of West Cornwall Business Club, posted a commend on Facebook:
What a fabulous meeting this morning, much laughter, as well as a good start to our Mandarin Chinese vocabulary! Sammi, Xie xie, you are amazing!
Jane Hooper, a member of West Cornwall Business Club, posted a commend on Facebook:
Thanks to Fenghua Mo (Sammi) for a very informative (and fun) introduction to Chinese this morning.
Sue Aston , a member of West Cornwall Business Club, posted a commend on Facebook:
This is for Fenghua Mo to thank her for such an inspiring talk this morning. The music was commissioned for a chinese play called ‘The Forbidden City’ – listen to it and then practise your chinese words! http://youtu.be/OpJdkQwCyxk Sue x

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A mini introduction to chinese

  1. 1. A Mini Introduction To Chinese 学中文 说汉语 Mò Fènghuá (Sammi) 莫凤华 www.iLearnChineseOnline.net
  2. 2. TheGreatWall www.iLearnChineseOnline.net
  3. 3. Terra- cotta Warriorswww.iLearnChineseOnline.net
  4. 4. TheForbidden City www.iLearnChineseOnline.net
  5. 5. Look , this is China! www.iLearnChineseOnline.net
  6. 6. China VS UK 39.4 times bigger9.6 million square kilometers 0.2436 million square kilometers
  7. 7. What is Chinese?Chinese is the language Chinese people speak. 1.3 billion + 0.2 billion native Chinese speakers 40 million people worldwide learning Chinese www.iLearnChineseOnline.net
  8. 8. What is Mandarin?Mandarin is the official language inChina.As the majority of Chinese peoplespeak Mandarin, when you hearpeople talk about Chinese, it usuallyrefers to Mandarin Chinese. www.iLearnChineseOnline.net
  9. 9. This is Chinese!一,二,三你好,凤华!天啊!我会说汉语了。谢谢! www.iLearnChineseOnline.net
  10. 10. Chinese Characters & Pinyin (Tones - Chinese is a tonal language)Hàn yǔ (Pīnyīn - pronunciation system)汉 语 ( Chinese Characters - writingsystem )Chinese (English translation) www.iLearnChineseOnline.net
  11. 11. Chinese CharactersChinese characters have a long history spanningover 3000 years and come from pictures. shān shuǐ 山 水 mountain water www.iLearnChineseOnline.net
  12. 12. Chinese Characters mù lín sēn 林 森 木 grove forest tree www.iLearnChineseOnline.net
  13. 13. TonesOne sound with different tones meanstotally different. Wǒ wèn nǐ. Wǒ wěn nǐ. 我 问 你。 我 吻 你。 I ask you. I kiss you.
  14. 14. GrammarChinese grammar is easy and straightforward. Wǒ ài tā. Tā ài wǒ. 我 爱 他。 他爱 我。 I love him. He loves me. (Chinese words dont change form.) www.iLearnChineseOnline.net
  15. 15. The more you learn, the easier it gets! www.iLearnChineseOnline.net
  16. 16. Lets start learning Chinese!The first Chinese character to learn is: yī 一 one (1 horizontal line) www.iLearnChineseOnline.net
  17. 17. Easy peasy, try the second one! èr 二 two (2 horizontal strokes) www.iLearnChineseOnline.net
  18. 18. You know how to write three now:-) sān 三 three (3 horizontal lines) www.iLearnChineseOnline.net
  19. 19. Let’s count the numbers!yī èr sān 一 二 三one two three www.iLearnChineseOnline.net
  20. 20. A few useful Chinese words Nǐ hǎo 你Nǐ hǎo 好! 你 Hello好!Hello www.iLearnChineseOnline.net
  21. 21. A few useful Chinese words Nǐ h ǎ o , Fènghuá你好,凤华!Hello , Fenghua Darren Stevens www.iLearnChineseOnline.net
  22. 22. Try it again!yī èr sān:Nǐ hǎo , Fènghuá 一 二 三: 你 好, 凤华 !One, two, three(go) : Hello , Fenghua! www.iLearnChineseOnline.net
  23. 23. I can speak Chinese! /tyen/ /waw/ /hway/ /shwaw/ /ü/ò, tiān a, Wǒ huì shuō Hàn yǔ le!哦,天啊 我 会 说 汉 语, 了!Oh, my God, I can speak Chinese! www.iLearnChineseOnline.net
  24. 24. Well done!Yī èr sān: Nǐ hǎo , Fènghuá 一、 二、 三 : 你 好, 凤华!One, two, three(go) : Hello , Fenghua!ò, tiān a, wǒ huì shuō Hàn yǔ le!哦,天啊 , 我 会 说 汉 语 了!Oh, my God, I can speak Chinese! www.iLearnChineseOnline.net
  25. 25. Thank you!Xiè xie, Fènghuá谢谢, 凤华!Thank you, Fenghua! www.iLearnChineseOnline.net
  26. 26. Great!Get your certificate now! www.iLearnChineseOnline.net