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Design for building trust: 4 lessons learned working on an IoT product


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Queste sono le slide del talk che io e Anna Mormile abbiamo presentato sabato 18 febbraio 2017 all'Università di Verona in occasione del WIAD17.

In ambito IoT, l'architettura delle informazioni aiuta a generare senso all'interno di esperienze complesse che vanno dal digitale al fisico e viceversa. Questa complessità si può gestire osservando le persone mentre usano oggetti smart e chiedendo feedback. Così possiamo capire su quali abitudini il design andrà a impattare e come sfidare l’ecosistema a comportarsi in modo davvero intelligente.

Piccola nota a margine:
- slide 12: i vincoli descritti erano relativi al prodotto su cui stavamo lavorando. Molti prodotti di questo tipo vanno progettati su questi vincoli, ma non vanno letti come vincoli assoluti dell'IoT.
- slide 15: la definizione di connected objects, smart objects e smart ecosystem è un nostro vocabolario che abbiamo creato per il progetto. Nel mondo IoT, connected e smart objects possono avere significati diversi da quelli che abbiamo dato noi.

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Design for building trust: 4 lessons learned working on an IoT product

  1. 1. VERONA – FEB 18, 2017 Anna Mormile @annamoremile Design for building trust: 4 lessons learned working on an IoT product Ilaria Mauric @ilariamauric
  2. 2. WORLD IA DAY 2017 @gnvpartners Anna Mormile
 Experience Designer, GNV & Partners
 Ilaria Mauric
 Head of Design, GNV & Partners

  3. 3. WORLD IA DAY 2017 @gnvpartners It’s a warm and sunny Tuesday morning. You are in your office. There is nobody at home.
  4. 4. WORLD IA DAY 2017 @gnvpartners During the day the temperature reaches 35°C. Coming back home, you’ll find that the place is very hot. What if somebody you trust was at home? What would have he or she done? 1st scenario
  5. 5. WORLD IA DAY 2017 @gnvpartners Coming back home, you’ll find the kitchen flooded. What if somebody you trust was at home? What would have he or she done? 2nd scenario
  6. 6. WORLD IA DAY 2017 @gnvpartners Coming back home, you’ll find that it’s all messed up. What if somebody you trust was at home? How would you feel? 3rd scenario
  7. 7. WORLD IA DAY 2017 @gnvpartners
  8. 8. WORLD IA DAY 2017 @gnvpartners 1st scenario
  9. 9. WORLD IA DAY 2017 @gnvpartners 2nd scenario
  10. 10. WORLD IA DAY 2017 @gnvpartners 3rd scenario
  11. 11. WORLD IA DAY 2017 @gnvpartners 3 main tech constraints Non native IoT apps: • must be left open or running
 in the background • cannot overwrite system preferences 
 (like silent or don’t disturb mode) • cannot launch and manage other apps
  12. 12. Smart ?
  13. 13. Smart objects Smartecosystem Connected Smart objects detect manages detect + do
  14. 14. WORLD IA DAY 2017 @gnvpartners Labeling, microcopy and tone of voice must have a degree of specificity consistent with the domain of application.
  15. 15. WORLD IA DAY 2017 @gnvpartners anti-intruder sensor door / window sensor open / close sensor
  16. 16. One simple label or word can bias the overall experience.
  17. 17. WORLD IA DAY 2017 @gnvpartners Where do you expect to find informations? How do you want to see them? Would you check them often or unless something happens? But how can they be realistically designed
  18. 18. WORLD IA DAY 2017 @gnvpartners Physical Info Digital Info
  19. 19. People will use a smart ecosystem in a way that you can’t completely figure out. Be prepared to learn a lot.
  20. 20. Kick-off Setup Design & coding Test Q&A 1 2 3 4 5 WORLD IA DAY 2017 @gnvpartners milestone #1
  21. 21. MultiSensor LED Bulb Smoke Sensor Door / Window Sensor Smart Dimmer WORLD IA DAY 2017 @gnvpartners MVP
  22. 22. WORLD IA DAY 2017 @gnvpartners Test
  23. 23. WORLD IA DAY 2017 @gnvpartners • Kit delivery, installation and interview • 5 smart objects testing and remote support service • Uninstall and follow-up Steps
  24. 24. WORLD IA DAY 2017 @gnvpartners • learn how users accept these objects at their home and how they use them in their daily lives and understand if they run into difficulties and of what kind • understand their anxieties, their fears and mistrust • understand if these smart objects are really useful and what kind of problems they solve Goals
  25. 25. WORLD IA DAY 2017 @gnvpartners Unboxing
  26. 26. I can use it against mosquitoes… 👽 I can use it as a burglar alarm for my car… Smoke sensor MultiSensor Door/Window Sensor With this I can do a light alarm... LED bulb
  27. 27. Designing for user's context
  29. 29. 😱
  30. 30. WORLD IA DAY 2017 @gnvpartners Design Process • Start with research, immediately. • Make objects work one by one and test them with users, immediately. Design thinking • Design to build trust means to understand context and language and to set expectations • Make clear what makes an ecosystem smart. Lessons learned
  31. 31. WORLD IA DAY 2017 @gnvpartners We thank the whole Iooota team for allowing us to share what we have learned working with them from the very beginning. They are working extremely hard to make their product meaningful and awesome. No rest for the wicked! Any questions? Thank you!