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What lives where and why preassessment


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What lives where and why preassessment

  1. 1. Name _____________________________________________ Date _____________ Period _____________Meets expectations _____ Needs improvement _____ Falls seriously short of expectations Pre-assessment: What lives where and why?Earlier today we went out to the pond which we will be using over the next few weeks to helpus answer “what lives were and why?” One of the goals this year is to teach you to think like ascientist. These questions are designed to help me see what you already know.A few years ago the pond was completely drained and rebuilt. Lawrenceville students played arole in reshaping the pond. However before they could start to think about redesigning thepond, they needed to know what they were dealing with.Imagine you are one of these students and your job was to make observations and collect datato bring back to the class about the pond. Answer the questions below. Please write usingcomplete sentences. 1. How long did you observe the pond? ______________________________ 2. What types of observations did you make? What did you see, smell or hear? 3. Did you take any measurements? 4. If so, what type of tools did you need to take these measurements. 5. What types of living things did you see?