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Fall Slideshow Of Field Project Work


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Fall Slideshow Of Field Project Work

  1. 1. Fall Limnology at SPS <ul><li>The following slides are a snap shot of the lab, field, and project work that is being done this fall in Ecology at SPS: </li></ul><ul><li>Nutrient flow through the Turkey River Watershed </li></ul><ul><li>Rock Basket collection of macro-invertebrates for diversity study </li></ul><ul><li>Biodiversity Study and Biomass Analysis through leaf proteins </li></ul><ul><li>Thermocline analysis of Penacook Lake </li></ul>
  2. 2. Upper dam site
  3. 3. Above the dam ecotone- open field and mixed forest
  4. 4. The watershed has several ecotones- one is a temperate deciduous forest with white pine
  5. 5. Trees that remain in the watershed (below the dam) from the May 2006 flood
  6. 6. Upstream view of watershed from Saw Mill Road
  7. 7. Uprooted trees along the watershed
  8. 8. Even with water flow, debris collects in pockets along the downstream
  9. 9. Evidence of nutrient load from fallen leaves into the watershed
  10. 10. Below the dam- slower water flow and shallow depth
  11. 11. Path along lower watershed- temperate deciduous forest with white pine
  12. 12. Forest nutrient load below the dam
  13. 13. Leaf bags were placed above and below the dam to sample types of leaves that enter the watershed
  14. 14. Same leaves will have their proteins analyzed for molecular biology biodiversity and biomass analysis
  15. 15. Stream flow was measured to determine potential mixing of dissolved gases (DO and DCO2)
  16. 16. Deployment of leaf bags for nutrient load study and rock baskets for macro invertebrate diversity lab
  17. 17. Ripple area just above Saw Mill Road bridge lowest site for rock basket deployment
  18. 18. Below Saw Mill Road bridge- a pool after the ripple area
  19. 19. New boardwalk around the LS pond – beaver activity (our keystone species!) causes spring flooding
  20. 20. Higher than normal rainfall has caused higher water levels within the watershed
  21. 21. Marsh area from beaver activity forms the northern side of Lower School Pond
  22. 22. Lower School Pond looking upstream back to Saw Mill Road bridge
  23. 23. The Lower School pond abuts the Chapel and Ohrstrom lawns
  24. 24. Water testing on the Lower School Pond
  25. 25. Our “maiden voyage” on Lower School Pond
  26. 26. Penacook Lake thermocline study
  27. 27. Penacook Lake is the city of Concord’s water supply
  28. 28. Winter term the water treatment facility will be toured
  29. 29. Team effort to ready all the canoes and equipment
  30. 30. Advanced Biology – Limnology group shot
  31. 31. The thermocline data collected for the fall turnover will be compared with spring data, and the ASP’s summer data
  32. 32. Penacook Lake also provides habitat for nesting loons
  33. 33. Shallow, low turbidity, little algae and no invasive milfoil
  34. 34. Paddling to the sample site on Penacook Lake