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The black box of UX


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Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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The black box of UX

  1. 1. Design PrinciplesThe black box of UX Design Anshuman Kumar Interaction designer Google
  2. 2. But what’s User Experience Design? Look and Feel Usability UI design … … Or Just a Jargon
  3. 3. User Experience Design is not…
  4. 4. 1User experience design is not User interface design.
  5. 5. “User experience isnt a layer or component of a product or service. Itsreally about the design of whole systems and their interconnections.” Andrew Hinton Information architect The Understanding Group
  6. 6. Jesse James Garrett user experience designer
  7. 7. The elements of User Experience
  8. 8. The elements of User Experience
  9. 9. Web as Software Interface Web as Hypertext System The elements of User Experience
  10. 10. 2User experience design is Not Just about usability.
  11. 11. “While usability is important, its focus on efficiency and effectiveness seems to blur the other important factors in UX,which include learnability and visceral and behavioral emotional responses to the products and services we use.” David Malouf Professor of interaction design Savannah College of Art & Design
  12. 12. Facets of the User Experience
  13. 13. Facets of the User Experience
  14. 14. 3User experience design is Not Just about technology
  15. 15. “User experience design is not limited tothe confines of the computer. It doesnteven need a screen... User experience is any interaction with any product, any artifact, any system.” Bill DeRouchey Creative Director Simple
  16. 16. 4User experience design is Not Just about the User
  17. 17. “We just can’t always do what is best for the users. there are a set of businessobjectives that are needing to be met— and we’re designing to that, as well.” Russ Unger Senior UX lead GE Capital
  18. 18. The elements of User Experience
  19. 19. 5User experience design is Not A step in the process
  20. 20. “User experience design isnt acheckbox. You dont do it and then move on. It needs to be integrated into everything you do.” Liz Danzico Chair, MFA in Interaction Design School of Visual Arts in NYC
  21. 21. The elements of User Experience
  22. 22. THE USER-CENTERED DESIGN OF DIGITAL PRODUCTS SOLUTIONS Current state Future state Write user-centered It stands almost complete and finished in my mind so requirements specifications ABSTRACTION that I can survey it like a fine picture or a beautiful statue. Research user interface topics Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, from Information Design, edited by Robert Jacobson Create user interface style guides An ounce of action is worth CONCEPTUAL Conceptual and detailed design a ton of theory. MODEL of user interfaces Friedrich Engels (1820 - 1895) Review and test usability USE Information architecture CASES “An architect is defined as for large bodies of content someone who forgets to put in the staircase.” Write and edit documentation Gustave Flaubert, French novelist (1821-80), Dictionnaire des idées reçues (1881). CONCEPTUAL Dilbert: “Your user require- DESIGN ments include four hundred features. Do you realize that no human would be able to use a product with that level of complexity?” “Rules are sparse; we forget Feature Creep: “Good point. them. Stories, being rich in I’d better add ‘easy to use’ “If you want to know what details, are multiply index- to the list.” happens when you throw able...Moreover, if a rule fails, Dilbert as quoted in Paper a stone into a pond, it is infi- it can be reassessed only Prototyping, Carolyn Snyder nitely better to make a trial with great difficulty because and film it than to attempt rules hang in the air, unat- to theorize about it.” tached to experience. But if “Igloo: an indigenous home the lesson attached to a spe- René Thom, Physicist constructed of local building cific story fails, the events of materials. Bavarian castle: MOCK-UP the story can be reassessed a home constructed to impress to figure out why the lesson the neighbours. Space station: failed and what other lesson a mobile home with a view.” might have been drawn.” SCENARIOS Donald C. Gause & Gerald M. Weinberg, Tell Me a Story, Roger C. Schank USER OF USE Exploring Requirements: Quality Before Design REQUIREMENTS FUTURE STATE I’m going to kill myself. I should go to Paris and jump USABILITY off the Eiffel Tower. I’ll be CONTENT “I write scripts to serve as TEST “Just wait, Gretel, until the moon rises, and then we shall PROTOCOL dead. You know, in fact, if skeletons awaiting the flesh see the crumbs of bread I get the Concorde, I could INVENTORY and sinew of images.” which I have strewn about; TAXONOMY be dead three hours earlier, which would be perfect. Or Ingmar Bergman, NY Times 22 Jan 78 they will show us our way wait a minute. It – with the SCENARIOS “Our burgeoning digital cul- ture is heading for oblivion, AND METADATA home again.” OF USE time change, I could be alive Hansel and Gretel for six hours in New York but and fast…future anthropolo- dead three hours in Paris. CURRENT STATE gists will find our pottery but I could get things done, and not our e-mail.” INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE I could also be dead. James Gleick, Faster: the Woody Allen (one of the greatest Acceleration of Just about personas of the 20th century… good Everything thing he didn’t take the plane to Paris) “Technical work needs reviewing for the same USABILITY “Break it, stretch it, bend it, crush it, crack it, fold it.” “Regulations [are] written for the obedience of fools and reason that pencils need erasers: to err is human.” TEST Bruce Mau, Lifestyle the guidance of wise men.” Anonymous. Featured in the film Freedman and Weinberg, Handbook EXPERT Reach for the Sky (UK, 1956). of Walkthroughs, Inspections and PERSONAS Technical Reviews REVIEW GRAPHIC DESIGN STYLE “Those things that hurt, GUIDE TEST instruct.” REPORT Ben Franklin “Sight, even though used by all of us so naturally, has not COMMUNICATION PLAN yet produced its civilization. Sight is swift, comprehensive, simultaneously analytic and RESEARCH synthetic. It requires so little DETAILED REPORT energy to function, as it does, SPECIFICATION DOCUMENTATION FIELD at the speed of light, that it permits our minds to receive STUDIES and hold an infinite number of items of information in a fraction of a second. With Observation The men of experiment are “First, the taking in of scat- “He who every morning plans “To determine whether or not sight infinities are given at “A little manure on the boots like the ant, they only collect tered particulars under one the transaction of the day a spark is being delivered to once; wealth is its description.” may disturb city folks, but in and use; the reasoners Idea, so that everyone and follows out that plan, the spark plug, hold a spark requirements work, you learn resemble spiders, who make Caleb Gattegno, Toward a Visual understands what is being carries a thread that will plug wire approximately 1/4 cobwebs out of their own Culture talked about…Second, the guide him through the maze inch away from the cylinder not to mistake appearance for value.” substance. But the bee takes separation of the Idea into of the most busy life. But head as the engine is cranked Donald C. Gause & Gerald M. the middle course: it gathers parts, by dividing it at the where no plan is laid, where with the starting motor…If a Weinberg, Exploring Requirements: its material from the flowers joints, as nature directs, the disposal of time is surren- spark is noted from each of Quality Before Design of the garden and field, but not breaking any limb in dered merely to the chance the wires, the trouble is not transforms and digests it by half as a bad carver might.” of incidence, chaos will soon likely to be with the ignition a power of its own. Not unlike Plato, Phaedrus, 265D reign.” system.” this is the true business of Victor Hugo (1802 - 1885) from Ford’s 1941 Deluxe and Super philosophy (science). Deluxe Reference Book (Ford did not caution the reader against getting Francis Bacon shocked or performing this quick-fix Current state while standing in a puddle.). Future state n and Karolien Taverniers - Thanks to Alain Schiffeleers and Andreea Chelaru TIME PLAN CONCEPTUAL MODEL DETAILED SPECIFICATION FIELD STUDIES INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE PERSONAS STYLE GUIDE USABILITY TEST USE CASESA document describing the scope and the The concepts that the design must communicate A detailed specification describes the compo- Observing users in the environment in which Document describing the information architec- Personas are lively descriptions of typical users. A document describing the formal conventions A method by which users of a product are asked A use case defines a set of use-case instancesplanning of the communication project: what in order for the user to understand and operate nents and behaviour of the user experience they will work with the digital product that is ture of a digital product. In some cases, the They are based on patterns and findings to be followed within a family of digital prod- to perform tasks in an effort to measure the in which each instance is a sequence of actionsis to be communicated, for whom and how; the product. The conceptual model in sufficient detail for the developer, and may being designed. information architecture specification offers gathered during field studies. Using personas ucts. Conventions can be lexical (what are the product’s ease-of-use, task time, and the user’s a system performs that yields an observablewhere the challenges and opportunities lie. differs from the technical model, which is the include the design rationale. two perspectives: prevents designers from drifting towards an codes, both visual and linguistic) and syntacti- perception of the product. result of value to a particular actor, often a user. way the developer understands the product. GRAPHIC DESIGN • User’s side: what the user sees —the taxonomy idealized view of users that lacks nuance. cal (how the codes can be assembled to form
  23. 23. 6User experience design is Not Easy
  24. 24. The elements of User Experience
  25. 25. 7User experience design is Not the role of one person or department.
  26. 26. “User experience isn’t just theresponsibility of a department or a person. This compartmentalize view of UX is evidence that UX is not a part of the organizational culture and hints to teams not having a common goal or vision for the experience they should deliver collectively.” Livia Labate Senior Director, User Experience Design at Marriott International
  27. 27. The elements of User Experience
  28. 28. 8User experience design is Not A choice
  29. 29. “The biggest misconception is thatcompanies have a choice to invest in theiruser’s experience. To survive, they don’t.” Joshua Porter Principal Bokardo Design
  30. 30. Experiences happen, whether or not you plan them. When not intentionally designed, there’s a much higher likelihood of the experience being poor. Some Guru
  31. 31. Further Reading ...
  32. 32. Free online certification
  33. 33. QUESTIONS?Asim
  34. 34. Acknowledgements10 Most Common Misconceptions About User Experience Design – Whitney Hess