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Art calendar


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Art Calendar as a Communication Tool
presented by Robin Russell and Cara Steetz

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Art calendar

  1. 1. StudentArt CalendarEngaging and educatingyour community through an advocacy and communication tool.
  2. 2. Historical Perspective! Participating other calendars • Bundy-Morgan • Fine Arts Council! Significance to student winners
  3. 3. Putting it into Context! About our art program over time! Possible cuts
  4. 4. Involvement in the Total School Program! SIC School Improvement Committee! SAC School Advisory Committee! DWAC District-wide Advisory Committee! PTO Parent Teacher Organization! Parent Picture Program! Clubs! Team Integrated Learning! Mentor program
  5. 5. Goals ! Motivate students to create quality work ! Another opportunity to exhibit ! Communication tool to share about the art program ! District communication tool
  6. 6. Process for Approval! Proposal! Present to DWAC, SIC, SAC, PTO
  7. 7. Sponsors! 1st and 2nd years, split 1/3! 3rd year, cost of project increased a bit, still split 1/3! 4th year, district showed commitment by paying more
  8. 8. Work Selected! Photo - no student names! Seek Judges - male/female, each school, sponsors! Amount chosen
  9. 9. Guidelines! Criteria Sheet - not by topic or month! Designed to showcase the art program
  10. 10. The Paperwork! Notify Student! Permission to publish collected
  11. 11. Piecing it together! Choose months for each picture! Info for connection component
  12. 12. Production! Dates - personalized for district’s needs! Production deadlines! Design Changes! Covers! Proofs! Printing! Distribution - First day of school
  13. 13. Feedback / Results! Students honored at Board of Education meetings
  14. 14. In their own words
  15. 15. “Art is important to me because it taught me important values, such as pride and working hard. Art is also important because it challenges you. It is also fun.” Ador Rahman
  16. 16. What the professionals have to say! Printer and Art Calendar Co-Sponsor !For the past 4 years, I"ve had the pleasure of being a art calendar judge for Medinah School District 11. #Each year, I"m amazed at the quality of work that all students accomplish, knowing they have a very limited amount of classroom time with Robin. #As a sponsor of the calendar, I believe and have heard from the local community that seeing the students abilities displayed in a school art calendar is a reminder of the importance of a structured school setting for teaching and experiencing art. The calendar has certainly become a welcome part of $Back to School%.& Mark Boroughf, Printing Plus! INSPRA Award of Excellence
  17. 17. Connection to the Community ! The calendar is an integral part of the District’s communication-it is the one everyone uses ! Available thru sponsors to the community as a whole ! The art program is visible and viable showing art as integral part of education ! I continue to stay involved in as many aspects of the school community as I can ! Most important- I truly do believe that students are motivated to create the best quality of art work they can.
  18. 18. What’s next?! The template is in place! The process starts again: submit proposal, seek sponsors, collect work, gather judges and generate ideas for improvement
  19. 19. Board of Education!! !I want to congratulate and thank you and your team for another great job on our schools annual art calendar.# It was a pleasant surprise the first time you unveiled the calendar as the quality of work throughout all grade levels is impressive.# I enjoyed the opportunity to meet and congratulate the students whose art is being showcased during our last board meeting. Please pass on my congratulations and thanks to everyone involved for another very fine effort.& Jim Mallory, BOE Medinah School District 11 School 11
  20. 20. Administrative Feedback! !The Art Calendar program that Ms. Russell has developed, has been an excellent opportunity to reach out to our local community while putting our $best foot% the children( forward. I%d highly encourage other school districts to explore the possibility of creating a Student Art Calendar program of their own!&# Dr. Joe Bailey Superintendent
  21. 21. ! The vision for the art calendar began at the District%s Advisory Committee from our talented art leader, Mrs. Robin Russell in an effort to increase the District%s communication with the student, staff and parent stakeholder groups.# In addition, the masterpiece communication tool serves as a daily reminder of the importance of the Art curriculum and the positive impact of Art and student achievement.# It is certainly one of the District%s most prized and valued artifacts. Susan Redell, Director of Learning
  22. 22. ! The Art Calendar is a wonderful way to recognize students% talents. It helped to synchronize school and district events. The yearly calendar highlights the art teacher%s efforts and builds pride in the Fine Arts Program. Rita Markgraf Principal
  23. 23. Video Feedback
  24. 24. Staff Feedback! !The calendar is something we as a district can take pride in! It not ! !I think the only showcases beautiful artwork, calendar itself is a made by students in a creative and nurturing environment, but piece of artwork!& also highlights all the events that Linda Rompala we host and are a part of School Secretary throughout the school year. It is a living document brought to fruition by hard work and high standards set by our art teacher and district as a whole.& Bridget Lahart Special Education teacher