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Epihack Vietnam 2017


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An EpiHack™ is a multi-day collaboration event that brings together technologists, epidemiologists, and public health experts for intensive co-creation, networking, and prototyping of solutions for improved disease surveillance. EpiHacks were developed by the Skoll Global Threats Fund, with the support of InSTEDD, iLab Southeast Asia, Open Dream, and others. An EpiHack fuses elements of hacking (in legal software development terms), marathon-like intensive coding, and development in a short period of time, with elements of a symposium on innovations in disease surveillance and epidemiology. InSTEDD has aided in the facilitation of events and contributed to the prototypes created at several EpiHack events worldwide.

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Epihack Vietnam 2017

  1. 1. EpiHackTM Vietnam 2017 InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia October 2017 - Serena Resort and Hotel, Hoa Binh Province, Vietnam
  2. 2. The week long EpiHack Vietnam kicked off on October 9th 2017 by Dr. Tran Dac Phu, the Director of the Vietnam General Department of Preventive Medicine (GDPM). The event was held outside of Hanoi, organized by InSTEDD with facilitation assistance from OpenDream and sponsorship by Skoll Global Threats Fund.
  3. 3. Theme of EpiHack Vietnam: “General Population Participation in Disease Surveillance”
  4. 4. The keynote speaker was Mr. William Greene, a locally based tech journalist who has written on health and digital innovation in Vietnam for over seven years. He inspired the participants and provided insights into how ICT solutions can be critical tools in stopping pandemics and slowing the spread of infectious diseases.
  5. 5. Sokmesa Khiev from the iLab Southeast Asia team provided introductory information about human centered design and the use of open source digital technologies in a public health setting. Sokmesa was followed by Keng from Open Dream who provided the “What is an EpiHack” session.
  6. 6. A total of 70 participants made up of local and regional Health Experts and Vietnam based Technologists were split into four different groups to brainstorm and develop ideas under pre-selected topics under the main theme.
  7. 7. Four Prototyping Areas Emerged in the EpiHack: 1. Making Data Actionable Data Visualization and an Analysis System 2. Encouraging Early Detection Public Hotline for Reporting Outbreaks 3. Population Engagement Developing a Smartphone Application for Reporting 4. Curating and Cross-checking Information Using Social Media to Screen for Outbreaks
  8. 8. Group Facilitators came from GDPM, iLab SEA, iLab Latam, Open Dream and ADB
  9. 9. The EpiHack Vietnam benefitted from strong local technology engagement.
  10. 10. Ministry of Health Vietnam Participants came from the local to central level of the reporting systems, including Provincial Preventive Medicine Center, Commune and District level. During the event they offered rapid feedback of prototype ideas to improve and prepare them for real world usage.
  11. 11. Regional and international participants came from Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal and Uganda. These non- Vietnamese EpiHack Participants were all invited to present and share their experience and expertise with the local participants. Simultaneous translation services helped overcome language barriers.
  12. 12. Master of ceremony for the upcoming EpiHack Uganda event, Dr. Eddie Mookyo, was an active observer, participant, and presenter during the event. He walked away with a deep understanding of the EpiHack approach.
  13. 13. On the final day of the EpiHack the four groups present their prototypes to Guests of Honor and to members of the General Department of Preventive Medicine.
  14. 14. Prototype 1: Data Visualization and an Analysis System
  15. 15. Prototype 2: 115 Hotline for Reporting Outbreaks
  16. 16. Prototype 3: Smartphone Application
  17. 17. Prototype 4: Social Media Screening for Disease Outbreaks
  18. 18. EpiHack Vietnam 2017 delivered a unique opportunity for local government health officials and technologists to work intensively together, share knowledge and hack for health on solutions to stop pandemics.
  19. 19. Special thanks to
  20. 20. For more information about InSTEDD and the digital disease surveillance work in Southeast Asia and worldwide please visit: /instedd /iLabSEA /instedd