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Medical Transcription - Ikya Global


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Healthcare industry is recording excellent growth year by year and good no of IT giants are also expanding their operations in this domain. This results in increased job opportunities and earning potentiality for the job aspirants and employees.

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Medical Transcription - Ikya Global

  1. 1. Medical Transcription Training – Gateway to one of the Best Careers in Healthcare Sector In medical transcriptiontraining,studentslearnhow tokeeprecordsby listening to audio recordings of doctors and transcribing these in the form of a report. Medical transcriptionists need to employ their knowledge of human anatomy, medical terminology, pharmacology and English language for the creation of these reports. Their job requires them to write down content as they hear it from doctor dictations in audio recordings. This content is saved in the records of the patient’s files. Importance of Medical Transcription Training It is important to be trained through a good medical transcription course because doctors tend to use obscure medical terminology,abbreviationsandwordsintheirdictation. Medical transcriptionists need to be able to understandthese terms sotheycan accurately interpret and transcribe them. In addition, theyalsoneedtohave good typingskillstobe more productive intheirjob.Theyalso need to know the properformattingof medical reportssuchasconsultations,historyandphysical examinations,operative reports,discharge summariesandchartnotes.Therefore,excellent medical transcription trainingisvital in order to be a good medical transcriptionist. Job of a Medical Transcriptionist Medical transcriptionisa backend desk job and so, transcriptionists do not have to work in emergency roomsor consultationareas.Theyalsodonothave to communicate withpatientsordoctors.They work ina separate departmentinhospitalsandhealthcare facilitiesusingcomputers. They can work as tutors for institutes that teach medical transcription courses. They can also work as independent contractors for hospitals,workfromhome forahospital thatis outsourcingitsmedical transcriptionrequirement,or work for other companies that take outsourced contracts. Prerequisites and Educational Requirements There are no prerequisites for medical transcription training. The job of medical transcriptionist does not require higher education, although graduates and postgraduates may find themselves in a better position as far as jobs are concerned. Originally, students can use the certificates they receive in their medical transcription course for acquiring jobs. There is no specific formal requirement for a job in
  2. 2. medical transcription.Jobseekershoweverfinditadvantageous to be from a biology background, with goodEnglish.Priorexperience inanotherorganizationor throughlive projects in institutes can serve as a very strong recommender for a job. Components of Medical Transcription Training Courses Medical transcriptionists need to know medical terminology in order to be able to understand and transcribe medical recordings. Therefore, medical transcription training involves a study of anatomy, medical terminology, physiology, pharmacology, medical legalities, and also the English language. In addition, students are also trained in computer proficiency, listening and writing skills, and advanced typing. Students are trained to reach a minimum typing speed of about 60 to 75 words a minute. Medical transcriptioncourses teachthe varioustenetsof properspelling,punctuationandcapitalization of medical terms. For instance, in some cases, it is essential to capitalize allergies on charting reports. They are taught medical abbreviations such as p.r.n., q.i.d., etc. apart from initials such as EKG, CABG, BUN, etc. Medical transcription training also involves a study of the diagnostic tests, procedures and medical specialties. Ikya Global is one of the few best medical transcription training institutes in Hyderabad that offer training at affordable prices along with placement assistance and certification.