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Spreading awareness on ebola's symptoms and causes.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. Bio Play Scene 1 Scene: (Dad knocks on door) Son: Ah! That must be dad. (Opens door) DAD you’re finally back from Guinea. Dad: Urgh, I don’t feel so good. (Faints) Son: (shocked) I better take him to the hospital. (Drags him out) Scene 2 Scene: (Son rushes through door with unconscious dad) Son: Doctor! Doctor! My dad has fainted. Doctor1: How did he faint? Son: He just got back from Africa. He fainted as soon as he arrived. Doctor: I’m Afraid of the answer but exactly where in Africa. Son: Guinea Doctor: Oh no! Please wait for two minutes while in run some tests. (They exit) Scene 3 Scene: (The doctor enters with some sheets, Son enters from other side) Son: Is my dad OK Doctor1: No. He has a very dangerous disease. Son: Is it Cancer doctor?
  2. 2. Doctor1: No Son: Is it Aids? Doctor1: No Son: Is it Influenza, Tuberculosis, typhoid, Dengue, Cholera, Malaria, Smallpox??(Holds doctor by shoulders) What is it doctor tell me. Doctor: Your father’s blood has traces of Tai forest virus, an Ebola causing virus. Your father has Ebola. Son: Ebo—what? Doctor1: Ebola. It is a disease that damages the immune system and organs. It is presently an incurable disease that has only a 1 in 100 chance of survival. Son: (goes sits down with head low) Doctor: Now I know this must be a painful situation for you. But I'm going to ask you a few questions. Where did you say your dad got back from? Son: Guinea….in West Africa. He'd been there on business. Doctor: Bingo! That's where it began. No doubt about it. Son: But how? He was such a hygienic man. Doctor1: Did he tell you exactly what he did when he got there. Son: Yes we frequently talked through video calls Son: As soon as he got off the plane….He tried getting a taxi. (Doctors and son stand on side of the stage and watch the flashback)
  3. 3. Scene 4: The Flashback (Dad arrives in Africa) Dad: Where's the taxi! Taxi! Huh.....finally Taxi: (hugs) welcome to Africa! [Ebolalala] Doctor1 : Direct contact with the skin of a person...could be the cause of the disease. Dad: I'm starving! Can u take me to a good restaurant? Taxi: There's a wonderful restaurant that I recommend you to eat at. Dad: well let's go. (Arrives at restaurant) Taxi: well here we are Dad: thank you! Bye (Restaurant manager greets) M: welcome (shakes hand and kisses the hand ((some African custom)) [ebolalala] Doctor: Contact with body fluids… another possibility. (Waiter walks up and sneezes on him) Waiter: What will (sniffles) you have sir. (sneezes) [Ebolalalala] Dad: Never mind. (Runs out) (Bumps into stranger) Stranger1: sorry sir Son: could he get it here? Doctor : Yes there is a slight chance.
  4. 4. Stranger2: excuse me sir! Sir! Sir! Dad: yes Stranger2: can I interest you in some fried fruit bat? Dad: What is that? Stranger2: it's an African delicacy Doctor : Actually it's an African killer. Fruit bats are believed to be the normal carrier of the Ebola virus in nature, able to spread the virus without being affected by it Son: So is it this? Doctor1: Yes this is almost a sure cause in Guinea. Now we know how he got it! Scene 5 Son: I have held my father and dragged him till here. Are there chances of me getting Ebola? Doctor: There are we will have to place you in a quarantine station. Son: If I do have it … you can cure me right? Doctor1: No, as I said if you've got Ebola, then your chances of survival are 1 in a 100. You will have to stay here as it is highly contagious, and I don't want half the nation dead because of you. Doctor: As for your father, I'm afraid, his time has come. He's started bleeding from his eyes, ears and nose. Usually occurs to people in their last eg. I would consider this a "game over" for him. There is nothing we can do. Son: [Starts SOBBING] *********************