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Mailing groups


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email groups or mailing groups or yahoo groups

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Mailing groups

  1. 1. • Mail groups help to reduce the stress on your clicking finger by allowing you to group multiple contacts together under one catch-all name, such as "Friends" or "Sales Team." After you create a mail group and populate it with a list of contacts, sending an email with the mail group as the recipient will send the message to everyone in the group. Mail groups go by many names, depending on your software and email provider; Yahoo! calls them "Categories."
  2. 2. How to Join a Yahoo Group • If you have an interest in something you want to share, are passionate about a particular cause or just want to connect with others, then joining a Yahoo Group might be right up your alley. There are diverse groups that range from "Computers & Internet" , Education, You'll have a chance to get to know other group members while discussing your shared interest.
  3. 3. Instructions Join a Yahoo Group • Begin at the Yahoo homepage (see Resources below). • Click on the "Groups" link. It's the fifth link down on the far left-hand side of the Yahoo homepage. • Browse the list of existing groups. There are dozens to choose from. • Pick your category Computer & Internet. Another listing of more specific groups will appear. Choose a subgroup (Education) and click on its link. • OR search Dawhasch then click join