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PSP Audit _Presentation for MGI_


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MGI European Area Meeting 2013.Accounting for the future.
(27-29 june)

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PSP Audit _Presentation for MGI_

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Location and Size of the Firm: Name: PSP Audit LLC Location: Ukraine, Kyiv Specialization: Audit, Tax practice, Accounting outsourcing Our team: 20 highly qualified specialists Annual turnover: USD 600 000
  3. 3. Brief History: 2009 PSP Audit was founded 2009 PSP Audit was accredited in all state authorities 2010-2012 PSP Audit became the member of Alliott Group in Ukraine 2011 PSP Audit developed outsourcing activity 2011-2012 PSP Audit became an Industry Leader according to the National Business Rating 2013 PSP Audit becomes the MGI member 2013 PSP Audit is accredited for providing audit of banks
  4. 4. Our Values: P S P A U D I T rofessional approach trict confidentiality erspective for long-term fair relations with our clients wareness of global trends nique approach to solving our clients problems ata validity and reliability ntegrity in doing business oughness in decision making
  5. 5. PSP Audit Nowadays: fffPSPf • Industry Leader 2011-2012 according to the National Business Rating • Accredited in all state registers for obligatory audit PSP • System of quality control was successfully checked • Audit risks are insured PSP • Provides services to more than 80 regular clients • Socially responsible
  6. 6. Our Practice: •Audit of financial reporting prepared in accordance with IFRS, GAAP USA and NAS of Ukraine •Audit of nonfinancial reporting AUDIT SERVICES •Providing services related to IFRS reporting preparation •Consulting and training staff on IFRS reporting preparation IFRS INTRODUCTION SERVICES
  7. 7. Our Practice: •Consulting on taxation and accounting issues •Consultative/subscriber services for clients and providing services on tax accompaniment of companies •Planning and optimization of taxation •Validation of tax accounting, including VAT and other taxes TAX PRACTICE •Drafting tax reporting •Preparation and filing of statistical and financial accounts to the Ukrainian statistical bodies, pension fund and tax authorities •Payroll calculation •Personnel records •General accounting services ACCOUNTING OUTSOURCING
  8. 8. Our People
  9. 9. Our Team: Managing Partner- 1 Auditors- 7 Forensic expert- 1Consultants- 2 Accountants- 9 20 highly qualified specialists
  10. 10. Partner: Our Team: PARTNER Dmitry Sushko SPECIALIZATION Tax audit and consulting EDUCATION Ph.D. in Economics M.A., Financial Management, 2001 M.A. in law regulation of economy, 2002. EXPERIENCE 15 years ACHIEVEMENTS Certified Auditor The ACCA Diploma in IFRS (DipIFR) Forensic expert
  11. 11. Our Clients:
  12. 12. Our Clients:
  13. 13. Our Clients:
  14. 14. Our Region
  15. 15. Ukraine. Common Facts: •Ukraine Country • Eastern Europe Geographical position • Russia, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovac Republic, Moldova Neighbor countries • 45,5 mln Population • Hryvnia Currency • Ukrainian , Russian Language • Presidential -Parliamentary Republic Political system
  16. 16. The Major Economic Indicators in Ukraine: Inflation rate has been reducing for recent years, this year inflation is not to exceed 6% Budget deficit averaging near 5% of GDP Average monthly salary is USD 400-500 Ukraine’s public debt to GDP ratio is targeted at 38.5%
  17. 17. Economic System of Ukraine Economy Market economy Advantages of doing business in Ukraine: - geographical position - climate conditions - rich soil - cheap human resources Disadvantages of doing business in Ukraine: - politically instability - corruption Areas of interests for investments: Agriculture, consumer industry, machinery and transport equipment, metal mining and production
  18. 18. Our Areas of Interest Countries for cooperation All countries Limitations and special conditions No Markets Production, agriculture, finance and investments, wholesale and retail trade The main service areas Due diligence, Audit, Tax consulting, Accounting outsourcing
  19. 19. Thank you Any questions?