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Updates for this week T2W3


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Homework and more inormation

Published in: Education, Self Improvement
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Updates for this week T2W3

  1. 1. Updates for this week…
  2. 2. Homework Tuesday 3rd April1. Green Moral Character Badge Reflection (5/4)3. Bring eco-tile reply slip and money (5/4)5. Science Spelling Chapter 2 (9/4)
  3. 3. Sony Science Toy Competition9 April, Monday All toys to be submitted10 April, Tuesday Gallery walk in class13 April, Friday Results announced18 April, Wednesday Toys should be in the hall19 April, Thursday Sony Toy Presentation Hall, 11 – 1130am 2 best toys per class
  4. 4. Upcoming Events9 April, iCook Room, 11 – 12pmOral assessed by rubrics, Week 5 – 6
  5. 5. Master Chef competition• only 2 students per class.• based on the Icook results, attitude, talent• The competition will be held after school• It will be held only on 17th and 24th, Tues (Week 5/6).
  6. 6. Homework Wednesday 4th April1. Bring protractor (9/4)3. English LS5.5 (5/4)5. Sign and return NAPFA and P1 reg reply slip (5/4)7. Complete reflection form (5/4)
  7. 7. Deviled Egg and Veggie Salad• All ingredients will be provided.Deviled Egg : Hard-boiled egg, mayonnaise, mustard, pepper.Veggie Salad: Lettuce and Cucumber.Optional: Pupils can bring in tomatoes, raisins, nuts for the veggie salad.Work in groups of 4