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I Know First: Daily Market Forecast provides accurate and paramount investment foresight based on advanced self-learning algorithms to build superlative investment strategies. Our market forecasting system predicts more than 300 markets: stocks, world indices, currencies, commodities.
Co-Founder Dr. Lipa Roitman, a scientist, with over 20 years in the artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning (ML) fields developed an innovative self learning algorithm that tracks and predicts the flow of money from one market to another and produces daily predictions for the following periods:
Short term: 3 days, 7 days, 14 days
Long term: 30 days, 90 days & 365 days
Click here to also view our Gold Forecast or our Currency Forecast websites.
"Just wanted to thank you.. I subscribed and have destroyed with Nokia, LDK and shorted with BBRY. If anybody is skeptical, the information provided is excellent."
- Fund Manager and I Know First Customer
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I Know First

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  • And predict trends in the market
  • Interest rate, ETFs
  • It is recommended that investors consider both the signal strength and predictability, as a highly predictable stock that barely moves and an unpredictable stock that is projected to move drastically, both make unattractive investments.
  • A simple way to invest would be to buy all of I Know First’s 3-month, Top 10 stock predictions in equal weights on the first day of each quarter, as we did in our sample portfolio. However, we advise checking the forecasts daily to identify trends in the algorithm.
  • The algorithm also produces charts for each market that clearly identify “buy” and “sell” signals.
  • Tracks and predicts the flow of money from one investment channel to another
    - Explain each bullet in a way the average person can understand
  • Stock Market Forecast Based On Algorithms

    1. 1. Market Forecasts Based On A Self-Learning Algorithm Visit for your forecast
    2. 2. Introduction is a financial startup that provides daily investment foresight based on an advanced self-learning algorithm
    3. 3. Main Product A unique financial market forecasting algorithm that analyses, models and predicts more than 300 markets for short and long term: Stocks World indices Currencies Commodities Interest rates ETF’s
    4. 4. The Algorithm The results are constantly improving as the algorithm learns from its successes and failures.
    5. 5. How Does It Work Stocks Data Daily data is added to our 15 years historical file Run a learning & prediction cycle with new combined data. Learn More Here Daily predictions for each stock, currency, commodity, etc..
    6. 6. Daily Forecast The daily forecast includes indicators for each forecast: Signal : The movement direction (increase/decrease) Predictability: “Strength" of the prediction; the historical correlation between the algorithmic prediction and the actual market movement for each particular asset. two
    7. 7. Forecast vs. Actual
    8. 8. Live Portfolio: NOT a Backtest! I Know First Sample Portfolio Returns 46.83% In Past 9 Months (1-Month Predictions) MORE I Know First Sample Portfolio Returns 44.02% In the Past Year (3-Month Predictions) MORE Founded in 2010, I Know First already has a loyal and growing subscription base, strong profits, and academic recognition.
    9. 9. Recent Forecasts NOKIA Stock Forecast: Chart Of Last 4 Months Predictions APPLE Stock Forecast: Chart Of Last 16 Months Predictions
    10. 10. Recent Forecasts ALU Stock Forecast: Chart Of Last 11 Months Predictions
    11. 11. Team Management Dr. Lipa Roitman – Co-Founder & Co-CEO Ph.D. Organic and Physical Organic Chemistry, Photochemistry. Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel (1983) R&D Chemist with record in computer modeling of process, new product and process development 20 years in the AI (artificial intelligence) and Machine Learning Fields Developed the I Know First Predictive Algorithm Yaron Golgher – Co-Founder & Co-CEO Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Industrial Engineering, Tel-Aviv University & MBA, Ben Gurion University Partner & division manager at OIC, one of the leading Israeli consulting companies in managerial accounting and control Extensive experience in project management, information systems analysis as well as in industrial and management engineering
    12. 12. Recent Publications How Can We Predict The Financial Markets By Using Algorithms? Tel-Aviv University Lecture – Dr. Roitman Seeking Alpha articles – Dr. Roitman Seeking Alpha articles – I Know First Research
    13. 13. Competitive Advantages I Know First significant and consistent returns  Live Portfolio – not a backtest!  I Know First Sample Portfolio Returned 46.83% In The Past 9 Months Unique features      Self learning Adaptable Learns new patterns daily Scalable Predictability indicator Academic Cooperation  Project with Harvard Business School  Lectures in Tel-Aviv University  Internship programs with major universities across the world
    14. 14. Loyal and growing subscription base  Hedge funds  Investment managers  Financial advisors  Professional investors - Fund manager & I Know First subscriber 70% of investors who purchase 1 month trial forecasts, extend their subscription
    15. 15. Thank you Subscribe Now