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Algorithmic Market Outlook: Volatility On The Rise


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The algorithm has projected increased volatility in the market and this has been reflected in the S&P 500 forecast. However even so, there are still excellent market opportunities to be taken advantage of with I Know First's self-learning algorithm.

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Algorithmic Market Outlook: Volatility On The Rise

  1. 1. Algorithmic Market Outlook: Volatility On The Rise © I Know First 2014. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. The Algorithm Has Projected Increased Volatility
  3. 3. There Are Still Market Opportunities Even while world powers settle their differences..  As predicted by the algorithm, the USD/RUB jumped 9.88%  In accordance with the algorithm, the Russia RTS Index (RTSI), fell 8.11% Recent Top 5 Forecast Forecast Date: March 1st Time Horizon Date: April 1st IKF Average Return: 10.57% S&P 500 Return: 1.4%
  4. 4. Negative Russia RTS Index Forecast
  5. 5. Volatility Is Reflected In The S&P 500 Forecast
  6. 6. We developed an advanced algorithm based on artificial intelligence and machine learning that also incorporates elements of artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms Dr. Lipa Roitman, a scientist with over 20 years of experience, led our R&D team to develop and consistently enhance the algorithm Our live portfolio from 2013 returned 60.66% in 12 months beating the S&P 500 by 31.27%
  7. 7. A unique financial market forecasting algorithm that analyses, models and predicts over 1,400 markets for short and long term: Stocks Commodities ETF’s Interest Rates Currencies World Indices Firms that can consistently recognize the most opportunities and overall trends has the key to the market
  8. 8. How To Read The Prediction Two indicators: Signal – Predicted movement of the asset Predictability Indicator – Historical correlation between the prediction and the actual market movement Become an Algorithmic Trader with these algorithmic trading strategies
  9. 9. Read Our Full Analysis Algorithmic Market Outlook: Volatility On The Rise
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