Email marketing what is it and does it work


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Email marketing is a process of sending email messages to a specific or targeted group of consumers. These messages are designed to improve customer relationship and to increase business profits. Learning about it can help you harness its advantages.

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Email marketing what is it and does it work

  1. 1. Email Marketing - What Is It and Does It Work?
  2. 2. Email marketing is an inexpensive way of ensuringthat you are communicating with your client andkeeping them interested and updated with yourproducts.The benefits of email marketing make it a powerfultool for business owners.
  3. 3. Email marketing is a process of sending email messages to aspecific or targeted group of consumers. Designed to: •Improve customer relationship •Increase business profitsIn the simplest terms, email marketing is marketing strategywhich involves: •Use of email messages •Target specific groups of consumers
  4. 4. Your strategy should depend on the outcome you want toachieve, and you can use email marketing in a lot of wayslike: •It can be used to send promotional emails •Send email messages that are designed to improve your companys relationship with its customers •Increase customer loyalty •Placing advertisements and marketing content in various emails sent by people
  5. 5. Email marketing has been proven to be verysuccessful, especially if you do it right.There are three types of email marketing: •direct email •Retention email •Advertising through the email messages
  6. 6. Email marketing is extremely promising; however, youshould be careful that the email you send will not betreated as spam or as unsolicited commercial emailmessages. Your email account or even your website canbe shut down if you are accused of sending people spammessages.To prevent this: •Elicit permission from your recipients •Signing up for newsletters on your website
  7. 7. Email marketing is an effective and inexpensive way of building better customer relationships and increasingyour profits. There are many ways to do it, and if you do it the right way, you will be able make use of the advantages it brings.
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