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Realization of your right career

Published in: Career
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  1. 1. ealization @paragmutha caree
  2. 2. Even after graduating from finest universities WE DON’T FEEL READY
  3. 3. Because it is ‘Rote learning’ rather than problem solving
  4. 4. It is “Because my parents want me to be so”
  5. 5. We spend majority of the time in preparing for competitive exams rather than learning or playing
  6. 6. College is supposed to prepare us for SURVIVING and THRIVING in the world of work
  7. 7. But we are in a education system where mistakes are the worst things we make
  8. 8. Times are changing
  9. 9. Stable career paths are DISAPPEARING
  10. 10. COMPETITION can come from anywhere
  11. 11. That UNCERTAINTY you feel right now about your future—it won’t ever go away
  12. 12. So "How do I bring my DIFFERENT INTERESTS together into a career?"
  13. 13. think think rethink think think think
  14. 14. lies in Being you beauty
  15. 15. Everyone is different
  16. 16. If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will spend its entire life believing its stupid – Albert Einstin
  17. 17. Your behavior is an outcome of your passion
  18. 18. your passion to your career Relate
  19. 19. Relativity a reason to say more in response to a question
  20. 20. Pursue your own interests, notsomeone else’s
  21. 21. Hospital management, Transport management, Forestry management, Forensic science, Food & Nutrition, Air traffic control, Audiology, Travel writing, Package engineering & many more unexplored career paths 30+Categories of Civil and Administrative Services careers
  22. 22. We are all WORK-IN-PROGRESS
  23. 23. Whatever the situation, ACTIONS help you discover where you want to go and how to get there, not PLANS
  24. 24. Each day in our life presents an opportunity to take action, do more & learn more
  25. 25. Find your passion and follow it, Great things will happen to you
  26. 26. @paragmutha Thank You Parag Mutha