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Breaking bad


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Things Startups can learn from BreakingBad

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Breaking bad

  1. 1. 14 Things Startups can learn from Breaking Bad @paragmuth
  2. 2. follow Walter was extremely good at what he was doing. Your passion allows you to be more willing to put in the hours necessary to accomplish the end result. Your bliss
  3. 3. Embrace Change Walter accepted the reality and chose to be a drug kingpin over chem teacher struggling hard to make ends meet.
  4. 4. Product qualityis paramount Entire power of cartel proved useless against Walt simply because classic coke was way better than off brand generic cola.
  5. 5. Network is important The dynamic meth duo showed us nothing is impossible if you have the right people around you.
  6. 6. Have precise Walter and Jesse knew what they were working forgoals
  7. 7. Is King Walter knew a very important, key piece of information that Hector and Gus were mortal enemies. You will be surprised how little things you know can help you out in the most random of situations. Knowledge
  8. 8. Irreplaceable Cog In The Machine Tuco, Gus and even Mike wanted to kill him but couldn’t because they needed him. What’s your USP ?
  9. 9. Always Be Prepared A minute before the twins come to kill Hank, Hank gets a phone call warning him. Because he had that small minute to prepare mentally and be on the lookout, he survived.
  10. 10. Expect the unexpected If things are coming to you easily then either you are lucky or you’re not doing things the right way.
  11. 11. DIY:: Do it yourself If it doesn’t matter to someone else as much as it matters to you, you need to do it yourself, even if you feel that its below you.
  12. 12. Negotiate Walter and Jesse understood what was a reasonable profit in order for them to go along with the transaction.
  13. 13. Vince Gilligan and his writing team’s dialogue is pure gold. From “I am the one who knocks” to the episode names Fe-Li-Na = Iron-Lithium-Sodium = Blood-Meth-Tears Content!! sells
  14. 14. Keep Your Ego In Check Walter’s ambition overrun by arrogance caused him serious problems and almost ended up killing him a few times.
  15. 15. Finish what you start Walter is a classic example of a guy determined to tie up loose ends.
  16. 16. @paragmuth Parag Mutha