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Retail, hospitality, e-commerce and digital #marketing leaders come together in North Texas to support the first university-led research center focused on how the agile connected consumer is revolutionizing digital retailing, globally.

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  1. 1. Join retail, hospitality, e-commerce and digital marketing leaders as a Founding Member of the first university-led research center focused on how the agile connected consumer is revolutionizing digital retailing, globally. The Global Digital Retailing Research Center (GDRRC), housed in UNT’s College of Merchandising, Hospitality, & Tourism, is the first interdisciplinary center of its kind in the U.S. seeking collaboration between academics and industry leaders to define and prioritize our research, academic and real world approach toward addressing the future respective to digital retailing. Founding Members have the unique opportunity to share insights, serve as thought leaders and collaborate with fellow innovators to be the voice in the digital revolution transforming the economic and social fabric of the world around us. The annual fee for the Founding Membership Program is US $30,000. (payable over a three-year period) The funds generated from the program support academic researchers, undergraduate and graduate students. The strength of the program comes from the close collaboration between the GDRRC staff, researchers and students and from the Founding Members. This interaction ensures the GDRRC works on solving problems that have a direct application within the retail and hospitality industry. About the Center The Center is located on the University of North Texas campus in Denton, Texas and is supported by the College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism. For more information, contact: Richard Last Senior Director 940.565.2433 Founding Members will be recognized on our website, within marketing materials and during all related events. come TOGETHER The Consumer Experience Symposium and Executive + Scholar Lecture Series bring participants together to hear from industry leaders with direct application to consumer experiences. develop TOGETHER The Digital Executive Education Program (DEEP) teaches industry best practices and current trends. Spend a day at our campus interacting with faculty and students as an Employee-in-Residence. think TOGETHER Think strategically with fellow innovators at Think Tank. Consulting Services are given via phone and brainstorming sessions. tap into TALENT Interview and recruit top students at Company Campus Day and the Career Expo. Lisa Wallace Director of Development 940.369.7051