4 Ways to Make Affiliate Commission


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4 Ways to Make Affiliate Commission - Turnkey Video Websites Package with PLR

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These Turnkey Video Website Package can Generate Affiliate Commissions in 4 Ways.
1) Affiliate Commission from Clickbank Product sales.
2) Instant Paypal Commission from RapBank products.
3) Google Adsense paying for Clicks.
4) Opt-in form for further follow-up promotion.

This Package contains 7 Video Websites in the following niches:
1) Organic Gardening
2) Yoga
3) Wordpress Tutorials
4) Weight Loss
5) Forex Trading
6) Kindle Publishing
7) Chocolate Recipes

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4 Ways to Make Affiliate Commission

  1. 1. Turnkey Video Websites Package with PLRYou get 7 Ready to Use Turnkey Video Sites
  2. 2. This Package contains 7Ready to Use TurnkeyVideo Websites createdfor High DemandNiches.Just Insert yourAffiliate IDs and Startusing them instantly.Each Website containsover 30 Video Pages,Index page, Sitemapand a Legal Noticepage.
  3. 3. These Turnkey Video Website Package can Generate AffiliateCommissions in 4 Ways.1) Affiliate Commission from Clickbank Product sales.2) Instant Paypal Commission from RapBank products.3) Google Adsense paying for Clicks.4) Opt-in form for further follow-up promotion. Click Here to visit a Sample WebsiteThis Package contains 7 Video Websites in the followingniches:1) Organic Gardening2) Yoga3) Wordpress Tutorials4) Weight Loss5) Forex Trading6) Kindle Publishing7) Chocolate Recipes
  4. 4. Each Website contains over 30 Youtube Video Pages, Indexpage, Sitemap and a Legal Notice page.To comply with the TOS of Adsense, Clickbank etc, A Legalnotice link is included at the bottom of all pages.You can see a Facebook Comment or Share Window is givenin each page.
  5. 5. Visitors will be able to post their comments in theTextbox. Their comments will be displayed in theirTimeline with a link back to your Website. This way, theWebsite will be promoted automatically all over hisfriends.As you can see, total of 6 different Ads are placed in apage.This includes Clickbank Affiliate Banner and Adsense Adat the Sidebar and 4 other Ads that pays Instant AffiliateCommission.The Instant Commission products are form RapBank, aleading Instant Paypal Commission Marketplace.Users can insert their Opt-in form code (Optional item -not shown in the screen-shot)
  6. 6. You can use any Opt-in Autoreponder with thiswebsite. Just copy and paste the code into thespace provided in the configuration file.Since this Video Websites are template driven,you can easily change the appearance by editingthe configuration file or template.
  7. 7. How to use these Video WebsiteJust upload the files into your Website. The video site willstart working immediately. You dont need a Wordpressor complicated installation steps.You need to edit only one file to insert your Clickbank ID,Rapbank Affiliate ID and Adsense Publisher ID. Just useNotepad to edit this file. So simple and easy. Once youchanged the configuration file, all pages will be updatedautomatically. A PDF Guide will be provided.Advanced users (those familiar with HTML) can Edit thetemplate to do more advanced steps like insert more Ads,remove Adsense, insert a CPA offer or Amazon Ads etc.We have provided a PDF Tutorials showing how toCustomize and use these Turnkey Video Websites.
  8. 8. Here is what you will get in this WSO Offer1) 7 Ready to Use Video Websites.2) PSD of 7 Website Header Images (You can edit them asnecessary)3) A short PDF Guide showing how to Insert your Affiliate IDsand upload the website.Your RightsNO - You cannot Sell the entire package as a wholeNO - You cannot give away freeNO - You cannot give the entire package as a bonusYES - You can sell websites individuallyYES - You can host and Flip the websites individually.YES - You can repack selected websites with other productsYES - You can repack the Package after Editing the Headerimage etc.YES - You can give selected/individual Website as a bonus.
  9. 9. Special PriceThe Price will be increased to $14.75 shortly... (This is NOT a Sales pitch, we have done it in ALL Previous WSOs) PS: We offer 30 days Money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the offer, we willrefund your purchase and close the membership access.