Lesson plan 2.2 syllabus of english class xi smt 1 & 2


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Lesson plan 2.2 syllabus of english class xi smt 1 & 2

  1. 1. SYLLABUSSchool : SMAN 1 Baros - SerangSubject : EnglishGrade : XISemester : 1 Time a Standard of instructional Based Competence Instructional activities Indicators Assessments allotmen Sources/ aids Competence Material tistening (14 x1. understanding the 1.1 responding the meaning in o Giving opinion " doing research to • " Identifying listening Written 45)meaning in transactional ( done things get to) Ex. A: I think identify various word (multiple Cassetetransactional and and interpersonal ( formal ) this is great. giving and asking • " Identifying word choises dan 1 x 45 CDinterpersnal conversation and continue B: I think opinion expression / meaning Essay)conversation formally ( sustained) in accurate figure so too. satisfied and • " Identifyingand sustained in fluent, and acceptable using oral o Asking dissatisfy along with [relation/link] between Quizdaily life context language manner in daily life oppinion its responses] speaker context and involving to words for Ex: A: What do you Assignment • " Identifying meaning giving opinion, asking for opinion, think about it? “Listening in giving opinion expressing to satisfy, and express B: I think it’s a interpersonal / 1 x 45 to dissatisfy transactional • " responding words to good idea. conversations say to giving opinion o Expressing [pass/through] tape • " Identifying words to satisfied ex. A: I can’t think by classical. satisfy expression of anything better. • " Responding satisfy B: Thank you for expressions words your compliment, • " Identifying words to Sir. express dissatisfy 3.1 Expressing meaning in o Expressing • " Responding words conversation [of] unsatisfied to express dissatisfySpeaking transactional ( done things ex. A: I’m not " Discussing the • " Using words to say3. Expressing the get to) and interpersonal and happy about it. used expression and satisfy opinionmeaning in continue ( sustained) by B: Please give me its response which is • " Responding words assignmenttransactional and using oral language manner a second chance, heard in 4 x 45 for giving opinioninterpersonal in accurate figure, fluent and Sir. conversation in Performans • " Using words to askconversation text accept in daily life context groupformally and and involving words for giving opinionsustained in daily life opinion, asking for opinion, " Role play by • " Responding wordscontaxt expressing satisfy, and teaming to ask opinion expressing dissatisfy • " Using words to say to express satisfy • Responding words to 6 x 45 express satisfy
  2. 2. Standard of instructional Time a Sources/ Based Competence Instructional activities Indicators Assessments Competence Material allotment aidsListening1. understanding the 1.1 Responding the o Giving advicei " doing research to • " Identifying words Written test (14 x 45)meaning in meaning[of] transactional Ex. A: You’d better identify various meaning to express (Multiple 2 x 45 Cassettetransactional and ( done things get to) and do it now. expression advise / advise Choises/ Essay) CDinterpersnal interpersonal conversation and B: I will. warning/ passing • " responding words toconversation formally continue ( sustained) in o Warning request and express adviseand sustained in accurate figure in fluent, and Ex. A: Don’t forget to expressing feeling • " Identifying meaningdaily life context accept using oral language bring the food along with its words say to warn Quiz manner in daily life context with you. response something or someone and entangle to expression B: I won’t. Assignments • " Responding expression words to advising, remaining, o Passing request " Listening to warn stg/ someone passing request, and also Exs. A: You may go. transactional / inter- expressing feeling [of] relief, personal • " Identifying meaning 2 x 45 B: You’re the pain, and pleasure conversation expression to pass best, Dad. [pass/through] tape request o Expressing feeling by classical • " Responding expression - ReliefSpeaking 3.2 Expressing the meaning in to pass request Ex. A: I feel so3. Expressing the transactional ( done things relieved. " Discussing words to • " Identifying meaning tomeaning in get to) and interpersonal B: I can see that. say which [is] used express feelingtransactional and conversation and continue - Pain and its responses • " Responding expressioninterpersonal ( sustained) by using oral Ex. A: Ouch! It hurts which is heard in of feelingconversation text language manner in accurate so much. conversation byformally and figure, fluent and accept in B: Oh, you poor teaming 4 x 45sustained in daily life daily life context and entangle thing. " Role play by Assignmentcontaxt to expression words to: - Pleasure teaming • " Using expression to advise advising, warning, passing Ex. A: I’m so pleased. stg/someone Performans request, and also express B: I’m glad you • "Responding expression to feeling [of] relief, pain, and like it. advise stg/ someone pleasure • " Using to act to say to warn 4 x 45 • " Responding expression to warn stg/ someone • " Using expression to pass request • " Responding expression to pass request • " Using to act to say to express feeling • " Responding expression to express feeling
  3. 3. Time a Sources/ Standard of Competence Based Competence instructional Material Instructional activities Indicators Assessments allotment aids (8 x 45)Listening2. Comprehending short 2.1 Responding the meaning in • " Listening [submitted/sent] • " Identifying shortfunctional text meaning and short functional oral text [in formal Short fungsional texts meeting invitation verbally functional topic Written 2 x 45 CDmonologue in form of reports, and non formal ways in accurate ( oral invitatin) [pass/through] tape in test(multiplenarrative, and exposition figure, fluent and accept in daily life classical ways chises and essay) Kasetanalytical in everyday life contextcontext • " Identifying Quiz • " Discussing used Language certain form and content by teaming information from Assignments 2 x 45 short functional text • “Submitting oral invitation • " Using oralSpeaking individually [in front/ahead] of language in class. submitting short4 Expressing the meaning in 4.1 Laying open meaning in short functional text short functional text and functional oral text [of] opening monologue in form of and do not open in accurate report, exposition Performans 2 x 45 figure, fluent and accept in so analytical and narrative in many everyday life context daily life context
  4. 4. instructional Time aStandard of Competence Based Competence Instructional activities Indicators Assessments Sources/ aids Material allotment Listening • " Identifying main idea from (14 x 45)2.Comprehending 2.2. Responding the • Listening a narrative, report textshort functional text mean in monologue • oral text in analytical exposition or • " Identifying figure from Written 1 x 45 CDand monologue in text using oral narratives report in classical listening story test(multipleform of reports, language manner in form • " Identifying occurrences in choises and Kasetnarrative, and accurate figure, fluent • oral teks in listening text essay)exposition analytical and accept in daily life form of report • "Discussing text content • " Identifying characteristicsin daily life context in form of: report, • oral text in in pairs assignment 1 x 45 from object / one who [is] narrative, and analytical form of reported exposition analytical • " Identifying cases exposition • "Discussing oral language form pursuant text 1 x 45 • " [Doing / Conducting] case building 1 x 45Speaking • " Using present simple 4.2. Expressing the • " debate by teaming with sentence in submitting report4. Expressing the meaning in monologue theme problems [of] local • " [Doing/Conducting] 4 x 45 meaning in short text by using oral area monologue in form of functional text and monologue in form language manner in narrative of report, accurate figure, fluent • "[Doing/Conducting] exposition and accept in daily life monologue in form of analytical and context in form of: exposition analytical 4 x 45 narrative report, narrative, and • " debate exposition analytical • " local Folklore fable
  5. 5. instructional Time aStandard of Competence Based Competence Instructional activities Indicators Assessments Sources/ aids Material allotment (14 x 45) Reading Banner ,poster, • " Reading aloud which is • " Identifying word meaning in 5. Comprehending 5.1 Responding short phamplet have a reading textshort functional text functional text (ex. narrative/report/analytica • " Identifying complications in a quiz 2 x 45and simple essay in Banner, poster, l meaning individually narration storyform of report, pamphlets, etc)in • " Discussing various • " Identifying occurrences in written testanalytical exposition formal and non formal aspect from text like reading textand narrative in daily ways language manner content, text structure, assignment • " Identifying marking fromlife context and to in accurate, fluent and by teaming object / one who [is] reportedaccess science accepted in daily life • " Exercise to use 2 x 45 context • " Identifying discussed in case present simple sentence [is] text 5.2 Responding the to express complex meaning and rhetorical • " Identifying given argument sentence and fact which step in essay using • " Identifying rhetorical; steps use capital to express Language manner write from text opinion in accurate figure, • " Identifying the target of text fluent and accept in communications read daily life context and to • " Using clause adjective access science sentence in until a news 1 x 45 6.1 expressing the Writing meaning in form of assignment • "Making Draft narrative 6. Expressing the short functional text • " Using phrase adjective 1 x 45 text, expositionmeaning in short (ex. banner, poster, sentence in making a report portofolio analytical or report bywritten functional text pamphlet etc)formal • " Yielding text in form of report [doing/conducting]and simple essay [of] and non formal by writing chain • " Yielding text in form ofreport, exposition using various written 1 x 45analytical and • " correct collages to narrative language in accurate,narrative in daily life complete draft of • " Yielding text in form of fluent and acceptable Icontext daily life context • " Completing draft of exposition analytical pursuant to result of 1 x 45 friend correction
  6. 6. . instructional Time a Standard of Competence Based Competence Instructional activities Indicators Assessments Sources/ aids Material allotment
  7. 7. Reading • " Identifying the meaning of (14 x 45)5. understanding 5.2 Responding the • Reading aloud in words from reading textfunctional short text meaning and rhetorical narratives, report, and • " Identifying complication in Written test 1 x 45 CDand simple essay in step in essay using • Noun analytical exposition narration textform of report, Language manner write phrase text individually • " Identifying event in assignment cassettenarrative, and in accurate figure, • Ajectve narration textanalytical exposition fluent and accept in clause • "Discussing various • " Identifying person’sin context of daily life daily life context and to • Listening t aspect from text content, 1 x 45 characteristicscontext to access access science eks in form of text structure individuallyscience • " Identifying issue from the narrative text • Listening text • " identifying argument from in form of the text 1 x 45 report • "[identifying rhetorical steps • Listening text • " Identifying communication in form of objectives from the text analytical exposition 1 x 45 writing 6.2. expressing the practice 4 x 45 • " practicing using simple6. expressing the meaning in simple short present tense • Using adjective clause assignment meaning in simple written functional text • Using adjectives phrase • Making draft of narrative, short written by using various written • Producing report text report or analytical functional text and text accurately, fluently, exposition text by doing • Producing narratives text essay in form of and accepted in form 4 x 45 chain writing • Producing analytical report narrative of report, narrative and analytical exposition • Correcting peer work exposition text and analytical exposition in daily • Correcting the draft life context based on peer work SYLLABUSSchool : SMAN 1 Baros - SerangSubject : EnglishGrade : XISemester :2
  8. 8. Time a Standard of Based instructional Instructional Sources/ Indicators Assessments allotmen Competence Competence Material activities aids t 7.1 Responding • Expressing • Carrying out the • Identifying the relation Written (multiple CassetteLISTENING the meaning in feeling on literature study to between the speakers choice and7. Understanding transactinal something determine various • Identifying the essay) Tape the meaning in and Ex: expressions meaning of the feeling transactional interpersonal A: I’m againts expressing the on something Student’s and conversation the idea feeling and the • Responding the Quiz book interpersonal using the oral B: I can’t respon in groups feeling on something conversation in speech agree more • Listening to • Identifying the feeling daily life accurately, • Expressing interpersonal or Assignments of sadness context fluently in daily love. transactional life context and • Responding the Ex: conversation from feeling of sadness involving the A: I love you. the tape in unison expressions: • Identifying the feeling B: I love you. • Discussing the feeling on of love too feeling the respon something, • Responding the • Expressing in conversatin love and feeling of love sadness heard in groups sadness Ex: Playing the role A: This is the in groups lowest time in my life. B: Take it easy. Time a Standard of Based instructional Instructional Sources/ Indicators Assessments allotmen Competence Competence Material activities aids t
  9. 9. 9.1 Expressing the Using the expression of Written (multiple CassetteSPEAKING meaning in the feeling on something choice and9. Expressing the text of • Responding the essay) Tape meaning in the transactinal feeling on something text of and • Using the expression Student’s transactinal interpersonal of love Quiz book and conversation • Responding the interpersonal using the oral expression of love conversation in speech Assignments • Using the expression daily life accurately, of sadness context fluently in daily life context • Responding the involving the expression of feeling on sadness something, love and sadness
  10. 10. Time a Standard of Based instructional Instructional Sources/ Indicators Assessments allotmen Competence Competence Material Activities aids t 7.2 Responding • Carrying out the • Identifying the CassetteLISTENING the meaning in • Expressing literature study to expression of7. Understanding transactional embarrassme identify various embarrassment Written test Tape the meaning in and nt expressions • Responding the transactional interpersonal Ex: expressing the expression of Assignment and conversation A: I was so feeling and the embarrassment interpersonal using the oral embarrassed respon in groups • Identifying the conversation in speech B: I don’t think • Listening to expression of anger daily life accurately, it,s a big deal interpersonal or • Responding the context fluently in daily • Expressing transactional expression of anger life context and anger conversation from involving the • Identifying the Ex: the tape in unison expression of expressions: A: There’s • Discussing the feeling of annoyance nothing 2 talk expression and embarrassmen • Responding the about. Get out the respon in t, anger and expression of of here conversatin heard annoyance annoyance B: If you say in groups so • Listening the • Playing the role in • Expressing interpersonal and groups transactional annoyance conversation from the Ex: tape in unison A: I can’t take this anymore Practice B: Sorry about Assignment that
  11. 11. Time a Standard of Based instructional Instructional Sources/ Indicators Assessments allotmen Competence Competence Material Activities aids t 9.2 Expressing the • Using the expressionSPEAKING meaning of of embarrassment9. Expressing the transactional • Responding the meaning in the and expression of text of interpersonal embarrassment transactional conversation • Using the expression and using the oral of anger interpersonal speech • Responding the conversation in accurately, expression of anger daily life fluently in daily life context • Using the expression context involving the of annoyance expressions of • Responding the embarrassmen expression of t, anger and annoyance annoyance •
  12. 12. Time a Standard of Based instructional Instructional Sources/ Indicators Assessments allotmen Competence Competence Material Activities aids t 8.1 Respon the • Listening an oral • Identifying the topic Written (Multiple CassetteLISTENING meaning in announcement of a short functional choice and8. Understood the formal- • Discussly the text heard essay) Tape meaning of informal text contect of the text • Identifying the certain short functional that used the heard in pair info heard Quiz text and oral speech in • Discussing the • Identifying the aim of monolog text in an accurate form of oral communication of assignment a form of manner, speech based on short functional text narrative, spoof smooth and the text heard in heard and hortatory received in groups exposition in daily life daily life context context 10.1 Expressing • Narrative text • Giving an oral • Using the oral speech AssignmentSPEAKING the meaning • Spoof text announcement in in giving short10. Expressing in short • Hortatory turns functional text Performance the meaning functional exposition text in short oral text functional (banner, text and poster, monolog in a phamplet.etc form of ) formal- narrative, informal in spoof and an accurate hortatory manner, exposition in smooth and daily life received in context various daily life context
  13. 13. Time aStandard of Based instructional Instructional Sources/ Indicators Assessments allotmenCompetence Competence Material Activities aids t 8.2 Responding • Narrative • Listening a • Identifying the main Written (multipleLISTENING the meaning in text narrative/ spoof/ idea of hortatory choice and8. Understanding monolog text • Spoof text hortatory exposition essay) the meaning of using the oral • Hortatory exposition • Identifying the short speech in an exposition classically participants of the functional text accurate text. • Discussing the story Assignment and monolog manner, content of the text • Identifying the event in a form of smooth and heard in pair in the text Quiz narrative, received in • Doing case • Identifying the funny spoof and daily life building based on part of the story hortatory context in a proscons group. form of : • Identifying the exposition in daily life narrative, spoof solution of the story context and hortatory • Identifying the exposition argument. • Story telling • Using past continous AssignmetSPEAKING • Carriying out the sentence in spoof text10. Expressing 10.2 Expressing debate in groups • Doing narrative Performance the meaning the meaning monolog in short in monolog • Doing hortatory functional text by using exposition text and oral speech in • Using “modal should” monolog in a an accurate to give suggestions form of manner, narrative, smooth, and spoof and received in hortatory daily life exposition in contextin a daily life form of context. narrative, spoof and hortatory exposition.
  14. 14. Time aStandard of Based instructional Instructional Sources/ Indicators Assessments allotmenCompetence Competence Material Activities aids t Banner, Poster, • Reading load a • Reading a load theREADING Phamplet banner, poster, written text with the Performance11.Understanding 11.1 Responding phamplet correct the meaning of the meaning individually pronounciation and Written (multiple short in short • Discussing the intonation choice and functional text functional text context of the text • Identifying the topic essay) and simple (banner, read in pair from the reading text essay in a poster, • Discussing the • Identifying some Quiz form narrative. phamplet, etc) grammatical informations from Spoof and formal- characteristic that banner, poster and Assignment hortatory informal by using in the text phamplet exposition in using the oral read in groups daily life speech in an context and to accurate access the manner, knowledge smooth and received in daily life context.
  15. 15. Time aStandard of Based instructional Instructional Sources/ Indicators Assessments allotmenCompetence Competence Material Activities aids t 12.1 Expressing • Writing a banner, • Using the grammer,WRITING the meaning poster pamphlet in the vocabulary, the12. Expressing in a form of groups and punctution mark, the the meaning in short publicing in school spelling and the short written functional written order fuctional text text ( banner, accurately. and simple poster, • Writing mean idea narrative, phamplet, • Elaborating the main spoof, etc) formal- idea hortatory, informal by • Making draft, revising exposition using written and editing essay in daily text accurately, • Producing banner, life context smoothly and poster, or phamplet received in context.
  16. 16. Time aStandard of Based instructional Instructional Sources/ Indicators Assessments allotmenCompetence Competence Material Activities aids t • Narrative • Reading a load the • Identifying the AssignmetREADING text exposition text meaning of the text11. Expressing 11.2 Responding • Spoof text individually read Performance the meaning in the meaning • Hortatory • Discussing varions • Identifying the short and the exposition aspect of the text meaning of the functional text rethorical text like content, sentence of the text and monolog step in essay structure text, in read • Complex in a form of by using groups. • Identifying the setting sentences narrative, written words of a story. accurately, • Modals spoof and hortatory smoothing exposition in and received daily life in daily life context. context and to access the knowledge in a form of, narrative, spoof and hortatory exposition
  17. 17. Time aStandard of Based instructional Instructional Sources/ Indicators Assessments allotmenCompetence Competence Material Activities aids t • Practicing • Identifying the using complication of a arguments narrative essay and • Identifying the even in suggestions the text • Identifying the case in the text • Identifying the argument that given • Identifying the suggestions that given • Identifying the rethorical steps of the text • Identifying the aim of the text
  18. 18. Time aStandard of Based instructional Instructional Sources/ Indicators Assessments allotmenCompetence Competence Material Activities aids t • Making draft of • Using pastWRITING exposition text continous12. Expressing 12.2 expressing by doing chain sentence in the meaning in the meaning writing writing spoof short and the • Doing the • Using complex functional text rethorical correction of sentence in and simple steps in the colleagne making a story narrative, essay by to complete the • Using modal spoof and using written draft “should” to hortatory words • Completing the write exposition accurately, draft based on suggestion in essay in daily smoothly and friend’s hortatory life context received in correction. exposition text. daily life • Producing context in a spoof text form of narrative, • Producing spoof and narrative text hortatory • Producing exposition hortatory exposition text.