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Introduction                                                     “The Saudi Arabia government’s policy is focused on infra...
Why IEFE 2013?                        As with the previous editions, IEFE 2013 will attract senior level decision makers, ...
Who Will You Meet At             IEFE 2013?               Attendees at IEFE 2013 will primarily be senior decision makers ...
11                                                       NOOR (IEFE 2013 PARTNERZONE)                                     ...
The EXPO              A 5 day expo includes:              1- The Ministry of Education stand which contains:              ...
15Supplier Categories at IEFE 2013and some background   Education Broadcast Media:                                        ...
17Supplier Categories at IEFE 2013and some background   Education Hardware and Furniture Providers:                       ...
19Supplier Categories at IEFE 2013and some background   Pre-School Equipment Suppliers:                                   ...
The Theme, Forum &                          Workshops                            The main theme of IEFE 2013 as establishe...
IEFE 2012 Facts & Figures   Under the patronage of his Highness the Prince Faisal bin Abdullah AL Saud, the              T...
The International Forum                                              at IEFE                                              ...
The Visitors                  • VIP/ President                  • Board Member/ Chairman/ Director                  • CEO/...
2013                                                                                           2013                   2013...
31     31          Organized by:      Executed by:                                 Partners:...
The 3rd International Exhibition and Forum for Education
The 3rd International Exhibition and Forum for Education
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The 3rd International Exhibition and Forum for Education


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IEFE 2013

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The 3rd International Exhibition and Forum for Education

  1. 1. Organized by: Executed by: 3
  2. 2. Introduction “The Saudi Arabia government’s policy is focused on infrastructure and social pro- grams. The 2012 budget allocates $45 billion to the education sector, including 742 new schools and 40 new colleges”. The International Exhibition and Forum for Education 2013 (IEFE 2013) is the 3rd in our series of events focused on providing substantial opportunities for international businesses in the education sector. The event’s aim is to create partnerships and con-His Highness Prince Faisal bin Abdullah Al-Saud nect decision makers from the international community, education suppliers, Saudithe Minister of Education Cutting the Rope Arabian and GCC government and education bodies. IEFE will also forge links with senior representatives from Universities, Colleges, Training Institutions, secondary education institutions, public and private schools in the region but particularly from Saudi Arabia. It is the official annual event of the Saudi Ministry of Education. It is also the biggest and most well attended educational exhibition and conference in the Gulf Region with over 40,000 visitors turning up at the 2012 event. 1
  3. 3. Why IEFE 2013? As with the previous editions, IEFE 2013 will attract senior level decision makers, key industry education providers and stakeholders from around the world for a great, inspiring networking and learning experience. Globally recognised education, gov- ernment and business leaders will deliver inspiring keynote presentations while there will be one to one meeting opportunities to foster cooperation, potential collabo- ration and possible commercial agreements in a formal setting. This is an excellent platform for generating alliances.Business Networking IEFE 2013 is characterized by the provision of a unique opportunity for education in- dustry participants, both in the private and public sector to portray key achievements in this burgeoning industry to discuss strategic plans which enable the provision of an ideal learning environment for producing quality students well equipped for the modern day work force. Education evaluation techniques, latest tools and methods for ensuring teachers perform to their maximum potential will also be a key theme at IEFE 2013. 3
  4. 4. Who Will You Meet At IEFE 2013? Attendees at IEFE 2013 will primarily be senior decision makers from • Saudi Arabian and GCC Governments Ministries • Universities, Colleges and Public and Private Schools • Senior Representatives from International Educational Institutions • Investors • Educational AgentsIEFE Forum • Technology Providers • Research & Developments Agencies • Corporations Affiliated to Education Sector • Training Organisations • Key Service Providers 5
  5. 5. 11 NOOR (IEFE 2013 PARTNERZONE) NOOR in Arabic means light, which for our purpose symbolizes the benefits of good education for the development of a nation. To further our aim to help exhibitors to get full information about MoE projects, investments opportunities in the Saudi Arabia education market and them to understand the environment in the country, there will be a pre event opportunity to meet senior executives from the MoE and delegates from SAGIA (Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority) in a formal set- ting. Full details of this activity will be announced in due course. Contact us to regis-His Highness Prince Faisal bin Abdullah Al-Saud ter your interest in this activity.the Minister of Education and Dr. Naif Al-RomiDeputy Minister of Education at IEFE Forum Key Benefits: • Exclusive access to key plans and development strategy of the MoE in Saudi Arabia • Obtain the keys to unlocking what potential partnerships in the region means for your organization • Become a member of the exclusive IEFE members club with access to first hand information on investment opportunities to the Saudi education market • Optimize your strategy to take full advantage of this burgeoning industry to posi- tivly input your bottom line 7
  6. 6. The EXPO A 5 day expo includes: 1- The Ministry of Education stand which contains: • The Strategic Projects section • The Outstanding Teachers Case Studies sectionMOE Stand 2- Exhibitions by local and international companies, institutions, govern mental and private organizations, that fall within the following categories: • IT solutions aimed at educational market • Hardware Providers • Building Equipment for Education Solutions • Providers of Training Solutions • Education Quality Assurance Systems • Curriculum Providers • Pre- School Equipment Suppliers • Special Needs Education Equipment Suppliers • Solutions for the Specially Talented • Educational Broadcast Media • Sports Equipment & Infrastructure to Aid Educational Performance 9
  7. 7. 15Supplier Categories at IEFE 2013and some background Education Broadcast Media: I.T. Solutions for Education: The focus of this category is how to make the most of broadcast media for teaching IT brings sophistication to primary and higher education teaching and learning. This and staff development. IEFE 2013 will explore the educational potential of broadcast category will showcase cost-effective solutions for instructional support, student in- media for especially children. If children watch the right programming, which enter- formation management, and physical security to protect the faculty and student tains them and offers educational benefits – be that dance, song or any other inter- populations. active element – television, radio and14 other broadcast media can play an important With innovative IT solutions, educators can protect valuable student records, pro- role in education. In the case of children, the fact is they enjoy watching television vide collaboration tools for the sharing of research and operational data, and bring and are rarely more engaged than when watching their favourite shows. Broadcast innovative technologies to the classroom. IEFE 2013 aims to bring education in the media can be used to teach formally and informally. Modern education just doesn’t region into the 21st century to reduce complexities, increase collaboration, and de- happen in the classroom - it needs to happen constantly throughout a child’s day. liver optimal student support. There are plenty of TV shows that can educate children informally. As long as pro- duction houses develop the right programming and broadcasters air it, there is no Building Equipment for Training Solutions: reason why TV can’t be a valuable instrument in the education of children across the world. For example the BBC is the UK has great children educational programmes The Saudi Arabian government has allocated allocates $45 Billion for education while Discovery Education offers schools with free basic cable services and hundreds sector, including building 742 new schools and 40 new colleges. The focus of this of hours of educational content each month. This content is very much appreciated category is to attract leading global construction companies in the education field by students, teachers and parents. These are examples of education broadcaster we to IEFE 2013. Emphasis will be on the finance, procurement, design, construction will invite to take part in IEFE 2013. and furnishing of schools and educational buildings according to the most modern standards. Sports Equipment & Infrastructure to Aid Educational Performance: school day are often better able to concentrate on their school work and may do better on standardised tests. There are a lot of studies that show that more time for This category will highlight the direct and indirect relationships between sports par- PE and other physical activity help improve academic performance. In this category ticipation and school-based educational performance and also the role of sports in we will have exhibitors who are manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of sports lifelong learning. Physical activity improves children’s fitness and lowers their risk of equipment for schools and universities. Sports categories to be covered at IEFE 2013 obesity. Research also shows that children who take breaks from their class work to include but are not restricted to football, swimming, netball, volleyball, tennis, bad- be physically active during the minton, gym equipment, seating, running, design and consultancy services, chang- ing equipment, outdoor play equipment and surfaces, indoor play equipment and surfaces and maintenance services. 11
  8. 8. 17Supplier Categories at IEFE 2013and some background Education Hardware and Furniture Providers: Providers of Education Training Solutions: IEFE 2013 will create a platform that will bring buyers and sellers of educational fur- IEFE 2013 will showcase innovation in education providing pioneering, a challenging niture and hardware together. We invite suppliers of a wide variety of products for and effective training solutions in teaching. This category will attract international auditoriums and lecture halls, classrooms, cafeterias, libraries, and residence halls to education training providers to help teachers improve their ways of thinking and enhance any educational settings. approaches to teaching. IEFE 2013 will attract thousands of visitors including senior 16 17 representatives and teachers from schools, colleges and universities who will benefit We will present planning guides for ideas on classroom configurations, lecture hall from the innovative solutions to be displayed in this category. arrangements and library/media centre plans. Our visitors will benefit from learning how to make any learning environment effective. Curriculum Providers: Education Quality Assurance Systems: The concept of “Curriculum” in our minds is usually linked to the textbook or the academic subjects, whereas, the truth is that the curriculum is everything executed at IEFE 2013 will highlight quality and related issues in education. We aim to attract school including the teaching expertise which students should learn to achieve goals. organizations which promote best practice on the management of change and Hence, the idea of a comprehensive project to develop curriculums in the kingdom improvement in the primary and higher education. Our challenge is to contribute has evolved. It is a national project aiming to develop all curriculum elements ac- positively to developing effective strategies to deal with the complex and uncertain cording to the modern theories of temporary educational and scientific methods. environment in which education now operates through effective quality assurance IEFE 2013 aims to attract curriculum providers from around the world with the objec- systems and solutions from leading global suppliers in the industry. The Saudi Minis- tive of providing flexible, stable, and integrated educational curriculums that meet try of Education has established a quality department to adopt a strategy that raises the students’ needs and the requirements of the national development plans and the the efficiency of the educational system and focuses on preparing an educational en- needs of the future labour market that accommodate local and global changes, and vironment which stimulates quality and distinction among both learners and teach- achieve conscious interaction with the technical developments and modern educa- ers. It also works on enabling schools to lead the change and development process tional directions. ensuring quality educational services for all groups of learners according to their needs and capabilities. 13
  9. 9. 19Supplier Categories at IEFE 2013and some background Pre-School Equipment Suppliers: Solutions for the Especially Talented: The Ministry of Education in the kingdom looks after kindergarten being a stage that IEFE 2013 will welcome providers of educational services to especially talented stu- comes before the primary stage and taking care of the child in an educational and dents. The educational system is the primarily responsible for discovering talents, recreational environment that enables stable physical and mental growth for children refine, provide a suitable environment and promote them. Teachers are the most between 3 and 6 years old. likely category to discover talents right from its beginning. 19 The Ministry of Education is currently taking a development approach in this impor- The Ministry of Education plays a prominent role in taking care of talented students tant sector, as it seeks to set development standards for kindergartens to ensure the through giving the opportunities for their talents to grow inside the frame of the quality of what is provided to this level, and to expand kindergartens by at least 50%. general programs, and through developing special programs for them, such as King It also aims to educate investors about its importance, and to add kindergarten de- Abdulaziz and his Companions Foundation for Gifted People, which is headed by His velopment to King Abdullah Project for Educational Development, and to participate Royal Highness the Crown Prince and his representative the Minister of Education. in attending internal and external conferences and workshops by the employees of the department and the ministry. Suppliers in this category are most welcome to join us at IEFE2013. Special Needs Education Equipment Suppliers: The Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia has established a department that takes care of this particular group under the name of the General Administration of Special Education, which aims to provide educational services for students with special needs according to the public education system. The Ministry of Education is keen to ben- efit from the educational methods applied in normal schools in a desire to enhance the level of services provided to special groups in the kingdom. Suppliers in this cat- egory are encouraged to participate at IEFE 2013. 15
  10. 10. The Theme, Forum & Workshops The main theme of IEFE 2013 as established by the Saudi Ministry of Education will be Educational Evaluation Approach & Techniques. This is in line with the key ob- jective of improving and implementing cutting edge evaluation techniques for the performance of schools and higher learning institutions in the country and the GCC region. The focus will be on achieving promoting Excellence, Quality, Performance Improvement, Deploying Innovative Solutions, New Investment and International Partnerships to achieve the desired objective.Keynote Speaker Session There will be an emphasis on: • Evaluating Educational Infrastructure • Evaluating and Improving Learning Materials • Teaching by Social Media • Education via Smart Devices • Adopting Tried and Tested International Techniques • International Partnership and Investment • Learning from Countries that have Achieved Educational Excellence – Finland will be a Focal Point and Case Study for IEFE 2013 Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and 21st Century Learning — Benefit from case studies of the applications of quality and innovation in classrooms that significantly improve learner outcomes from primary schools up to university. Combined with im- proved learner outcomes, what are the best practices for training teachers? What are successful differentiating approaches educators use to individualize lessons for all learners, from those who are struggling to those who need greater challenges? How can technology help improve student achievement? How can the education system guarantee the development of 21st century career market skills in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States? 17
  11. 11. IEFE 2012 Facts & Figures Under the patronage of his Highness the Prince Faisal bin Abdullah AL Saud, the The Ministry of Education Minister of Education, inaugurated the 2012 exhibition in the international Riyadh Gulf Council Member countries Exhibition Centre (February 13th – 17th, 2012) Organizations Sponsors The 2012 version of this event brought together senior representatives from edu- cation organisations from 20 different countries across many different educational 23 State Schools disciplines. The Exhibition included 150 exhibitors representing different education Public Schools companies from 20 countries, including South Korea, China, Japan, India, Jordan, Syr- Educational Supplies and Teaching Techniques ia, Lebanon, Egypt, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, UK, Sweden, Finland, France, Schooling and Educational Buildings Germany, USA, Canada, beside companies and institutions from Saudi Arabia. IEFE Curriculums 2012 also had 34 carefully selected speakers address delegates on key global educa- The Talented tion issues. Comprehensive Quality and Academic Accredi- International exhibitors at the 2012 event included Google, Microsoft, Texas Instru- tation ments, Apple, Intel, Sony and LG as well as numerous educational suppliers from Kindergarten Korea and other regions. Special Needs Training The 2012 Expo was a very professional incubator of global exhibitor companies rep- resenting the fields of curriculum development, educational building design and con- struction, training and leadership development, quality and academic certification, kindergarten services, education for specially talented and special needs education. The exhibition covered a total area of more than 14,000 square metres. 19
  12. 12. The International Forum at IEFE The Forum has in the past attracted senior specialized speakers in the field of educa- tion development. Several workshops have been conducted and this massive event has been covered local and international newspapers, satellite TV channels, websites and social media tools. • Carefully selected attendees from the more than 40,000 visitors to IEFE 2012 (Edu- cational leaders, supervisors, and school principals from different regions and educa-Mr. Essam Al-Quwaihes, The CEO of IEFE with tional provinces) joined the main sessions and workshops.korean Delegation • 42 Scheduled hours of various topics, were presented by prominent international and local speakers • 34 Speakers conducted over three days, 13 main sessions, 3 discussion sessions and 30 workshops that addressed important topics of the Institutional Models of Devel- oping Public Education (international and local) experiences; Designing Educational Environments in the 21st Century; Improving Educational Practices, and Build the School Knowledge Society. 21
  13. 13. The Visitors • VIP/ President • Board Member/ Chairman/ Director • CEO/ GM/ MD • Business development/ Marketing/ Sales • Senior Manager/ Head 27 • Principals/ Teacher • Consultant/ AdvisorVIPs at IEFE • More than 100.000 Vistors attended % 45 45% % 40 40% % 35 35% % 30 30% % 25 25% % 20 20% % 15 15% % 10 10% %5 5% %0 0% Other Consultants Students CEOs Teachers Business Departments Education Development Managers Supervisors Marketing General Principals Sales Managers Presidents 23
  14. 14. 2013 2013 2013 Floor Plan Activity Area Network Area Activi 1620 1520 4620 4520 1620 1520 1619 1519 4619 4519 1619 1519ea 1517 Activity Area 4517 Network Area 1517 Network Area Network Area Activity Area Activity Area 4620 4520 1620 1520 4620 4520 4619 4519 1619 1519 4619 4519999 4517 4620 4520 4620 4520 1517 29 3999 4517 1620 1520 1620 1520 4619 4519 4619 4519 1619 1519 1619 1519 4517 4517 1517 1517 3999 3999 3999 3999 Sport Educational Sport Educational Supplier Supplier Educational Educational Broadcast Broadcast Sport Educational Supplier Educational Broadcast Sport Educational Sport Educational Supplier Supplier 25 Educational Educational Broadcast Broadcast
  15. 15. 31 31 Organized by: Executed by: Partners: Meadia Partners: 31