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[46th KUG PP] Visual Resume


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2002년 한국에 처음 온 Carl Pullein은 한국에서 영어 선생님을 하면서 다양하고 풍부한 경험을 하였습니다.
TED의 광팬이라고 말하는 그는 특히 “전형적인 이력서”를 어떻게 하면 좀더 매력적이고 한 번쯤 더 보고 싶게 만들 수 있을까에 대해서 고민을 해왔습니다.
그리고, 자신이 생각하는 Visual Resume(Resume 2.0)에 대해서 이야기합니다.

Carl Pullein님 프로필

CEO, Fancorp English Solutions
BCM Language Institute’ Academic Director
Leeds Metropolitan University

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[46th KUG PP] Visual Resume

  1. 1. Visual Resumes Resume 2.0
  2. 2. Visual Resumes Resume 2.0
  3. 3. 땶똃 뗩뒓뮊됋 ?
  4. 4. Here
  5. 5. Leeds Rhinos Leeds City Leeds Metropolitan University
  6. 6. Leeds Rhinos Leeds City Leeds Metropolitan University
  7. 7. Teaching Business English for 7 years
  8. 8. I am Academic Director for a large language institute here in Seoul My own company specialising in international communication
  9. 9. Photography
  10. 10. Running
  12. 12. WHAT? is a “visual resume”
  13. 13. Your life STORY in
  14. 14. WHY? do you need one
  15. 15. The traditional resume has not changed for over 50 years
  16. 16. We now live in the digital age
  17. 17. It’s time to move into the 21st century
  18. 18. We are all unique and different
  19. 19. We are worth more than this
  20. 20. FACELESS Regular resumes
  21. 21. s m e! h is i H i ,t Visual resume
  22. 22. t’s m e! Tha
  23. 23. We live in a world of social media of
  24. 24. We can use this to our advantage
  25. 25. “Vision trumps all other senses” Dr John Medina
  26. 26. “Within seconds on exposure, pictures beat sentences and words for recall” Dr John Medina
  27. 27. What makes you memorable?
  28. 28. 한국의 취업시장은 경쟁이 매우 치열합니다...
  29. 29. ...And