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Growthpac webinar

  1. 1. it takes 30 X more to get a sale from a new client than anexisting client. Our initial sales will be to our 10X partners andalliance partners SME Clients10X Growthpac will create leads for hub members, so you canX sell and upsell the services of your firms10X Growthpac - Classy, Credible and its name implies thebenefit to the client – GROWTH
  2. 2. Draft 10X GrowthPac Press Release V2 – Nov 1 (To be adapted and circulated to local newspapers by 10X member accounting firms)On November 10, 2012 the 10X Group of companies will release 10X GrowthPac – a comprehensive collection of tools, resources andconnections designed to help small and medium sized businesses accomplish more and drive business growth.According to Ivan Kaye, 10X CEO, 10X were motivated to develop this product offering by the continued lack of government support for smallbusiness:" Around the country, Federal and State governments are bending over backwards to support and appease the big end of town whilst ignoring the plight of themillions of small business owners who comprise the engine room of the Australian economy. We have developed 10X GrowthPac to fill the gap"Supported and subsidized by a national network of small-business specialist Accounting firms, Lawyers, Planners and Business Coaches, 10xGrowthPac has been designed to help jump small business into the fast-lane of our multi-speed economy.10x GrowthPac includes:10x Business School – Australia’s premiere collection of online business training tools and resources10x Connect – Swap leads and ideas with other growth-minded small business owners10x Advice – Answers and introductions from your peers and members of our professional network10x Coaching – A free consultation with one of our highly experienced business coaches10x Professional Development – 2 tickets to 2 x business training seminars10x AdvantageCard – A loyalty card that will enable members to save thousands on business products and services10x Lobbying – Automatic membership of an effective small business lobby group, so your voice can be heard10x Technology – Access to a weekly webcast and a library of videos on new business technologies10x News – Keeping members abreast of new ideas and developments10x Experts – Priority access (on a fee for service basis) to the 10x Network of professional service providersFor just $1.00 a day 10X GrowthPac offers over $10,000 of value. No small print. No strings attached. So, what’s the catch?According to Co-founder Ryll Burgin Doyle:“ There isn’t one. 10X GrowthPac is how we identify businesses who are hungry for growth and let them sample thepower of the 10X Network on a low-cost, obligation free basis. If a customer finds 10X GrowthPac is all they need ... then they are welcome to enjoy it with ourcompliments for just $1.00 per day. If they find they need more were hoping that theyll turn to our network of accountants, coaches, lawyers, planners and advisors first.Its our version of customer sampling ... which is traditionally very difficult to achieve in a service industry.”In addition to the 24/7 access provided by the online delivery of many of the services offered to 10X GrowthPac members, 10X believe theirsmall business offering is unique in the market because they are able to supplement their online resources by providing face-to-face supportthrough their network of hundreds of accounting firms, business coaches and other professional service providers throughout Australia and NewZealand.In <region>, this on-the-ground support is led by <practice name>.According to <Practice CEO name>, <insert title>,“We are thrilled to be able to offer the small and medium businesses in <region> access to this phenomenalpackage. As a special offer to <newspaper readers>, the first 20 businesses who call <Practice Name> and mention this article will receive a 50% discount on the price oftheir first years subscription. Making your first years membership $182.50 (50 cents per day)”
  3. 3. me at any time on <insert preferred number and email address>, failingWhich my Assistant will call you to make a time for us to meet.Yours sincerelyIvan KayeChief Executive Officer 10X IP Pty Ltd
  4. 4. Summary from Geoff HirshFirst Stage of Launch – Direct Campaign to get fast tractionStrong Brand awareness quickly through personalised , directcommunicationNew Growthpac members from alliance partners and affiliates tobe upsold by DCs for hub and our professional networkGreat lead generating tool – a strong introductory offer to the10X networkIts also about attracting market presence and traction in themarket on a much wider basisThe Golden Nugget from a motor vehicle client – the number ofcars sold was directly proportional to the number of test drives. The10X GrowthPac has the opportunity to achieve this for our 10XNetwork!
  5. 5. Feedback from the 10X network Steve Salvia Cam Young of “YoungsCA” CEO of SFS and WA 10X Master Franchisee. Warnambool’s leading accountant and 10X Previous ‘WINNER’ of the prestigious AFA practitioner, says that GrowthPac is brilliant, Financial Adviser of the Year Award and AXA and every client who is serious about growth WA State Adviser of the Year. Steve has been should subscribe! Great Value invited to join the exclusive ‘Leaders Group’ placing SFS at the top echelon of financial planning firms in Australia. Steve says that GrowthPac is a fantastic product that adds to the already comprehensive and superb 10X Darryl Jess product range. “We need to know how to get After many years involvement with the this to our clients and networks!’ says Steve Institute as a member and Chair of the Victorian Public Practice Panel, Darryl Jess has taken on the role of Chair of the Victorian Regional Council for 2012. Darryl is currently a Director of JSP Partners and sees a great opportunity with 10X GrowthPac. It has traction and opportunities Bec Doyle Our own 10X Sales and Marketing Coach, who only just got married last week (congratulations, BEC) had this to say about Rashid Cotwal 10X – “I have always thought that the 10X An expert and leader in the areas of business GrowthPac was an amazing opportunity, and planning, coaching, development and sales looks excellent! development and business strategy, says that his team are excited about the 10X opportunity, and 10XGrowthPac is a superb lead generator for the 10X network. Would be great to know how we can promote this to affiliates, and what the splits are