Social Intelligence: Realizing Business Value in Big Data


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Social Intelligence: Realizing Business Value in Big Data

  1. 1. Enabling Agile Intelligence throughthrough Open AnalyticsOpen Analytics 1TitleSocial Intelligence Webinar: RealizingBusiness Value in Big DataSubtitleLocation, DateMay 2012 | Scott Raspa & Nathan Putzier .com © 2011 IKANOW
  2. 2. Agenda• • Social Intelligence Enablingis BigIntelligence through What Agile Data • Infinit.e Demonstration• Open Analytics Market Trends • Infinit.e - Taking Social• How we got to Big Data Intelligence to the Next Level• Big Data Market Size • Business Value• Overview of IKANOW & Infinit.e 1 • Why IKANOW• Title Harnessing Big Data • Take-Aways • Do you have a Big Data need?• Subtitle Open Analytics Location, Date .com © 2011 IKANOW
  3. 3. What is Big Data? videos & photos email mobile GPS socialEnabling Agile Intelligence throughOpen AnalyticsTitle Big Data 1Subtitletoo big, moves too fast, or doesn’t fit the structures of your database architecture Data that isLocation, Date Dimensions: Variety, Velocity, and Volume 3 .com © 2011 IKANOW
  4. 4. Market TrendsEnabling Agile Intelligence throughOpen Analytics 1TitleSubtitleLocation, Date .com © 2011 IKANOW
  5. 5. How we got to Big DataEnabling Agile Intelligence throughOpen Analytics 1TitleSubtitleLocation, Date Source: Mike Driscoll, CTO Metamarkets: The Three Sexy Skills of Data Scientists (& Data Driven Startups) .com © 2011 IKANOW
  6. 6. Big Data Market $53B market by 2017“Big Data will earn its place as the next ‘must have’ competency in 2012 asthe volume of digital content grows to 2.7 zettabytes, up 48% from 2011.”-IDC Enabling Agile Intelligence through Open Analytics“Big Data analyticscan substantially 1 Titleimprove decisionmaking.” Subtitle-McKinsey Global Institute Location, Date .com © 2011 IKANOW
  7. 7. IKANOW Overview• Mission: Delivering the Power to Act• Open Analytics Platform: Infinit.eEnabling Agile Intelligence throughOpen Analytics Big Data Unstructured Data Agile Intelligence 1Title Structured Data Open AnalyticsSubtitleLocation, Date Business Value .com © 2011 IKANOW
  8. 8. Harnessing Big Data Turning information into knowledge Enabling Agile20% Structured Intelligence through OpenLog files • Analytics • Databases • Apps • Documents • Presentations • Spreadsheets • Meeting notes • Email • IM chats • Reports 1 Title • Social 80% Unstructured • Entities Subtitle • Events • Facts • SentimentUnstructured and Structured Data • Geospatial Location, Date • Temporal • Themes .com © 2011 IKANOW
  9. 9. Open Analytics Big Data ArchitectureEnabling Agile Intelligence throughOpen Analytics 1TitleSubtitleLocation, Date .com © 2011 IKANOW
  10. 10. Open Analytics in ActionSocial Intelligence & the Business Value in Big Data Enabling Agile Intelligence through Open Analytics Social Intelligence: The Collection and Analysis of 1 Title Information Derived from Social Media Subtitle Location, Date .com © 2011 IKANOW
  11. 11. Social IntelligenceExample: Syrian Social Media Battle-Space“The Syrian uprising should be the kind of story that takes socialmedia by storm.” – Future TenseEnabling Agile Intelligence throughWithout a Social IntelligenceOpen AnalyticsPlatform, understanding theWho, What, Where, When, and Why is a verymanual, labor-intensive, and time consumingprocess. 1TitleSubtitleLocation, Date .com © 2011 IKANOW
  12. 12. Social IntelligenceInfinit.e’s role• Connect the dots (people, groups, techn Enabling Agile Intelligence through ologies) Open Analytics• Identify patterns• Turn information into knowledge• Pinpoint strategic 1Title business opportunitiesSubtitleLocation, Date .com © 2011 IKANOW
  13. 13. Product DemonstrationEnabling Agile Intelligence throughOpen Analytics 1TitleSubtitleLocation, Date .com © 2011 IKANOW
  14. 14. Infinit.eTaking Social Intelligence To The Next Level • Manual to more systematic and Enabling Agile Intelligence through automated approach Open Analytics • Ingest, categorize, and organize massive amounts unstructured and structured sources into a common data environment • Provides the ability to search, visualize 1Title connectivity and linkages between information with multitude of degrees of separation, that “eyeballing” cannotSubtitle • Reduces the time to actionable intelligenceLocation, Date .com © 2011 IKANOW
  15. 15. Business ValueSocial Intelligence & Open Analytics Enabling Agile Intelligence through Open Analytics Improved Actionable Strategy Intelligence 1Title Improved Real-TimeSubtitle Decision Information MakingLocation, Date Aggregation .com © 2011 IKANOW
  16. 16. Why IKANOW? Open Analytics and Agile Intelligence approach to problem solvingOpen Architecture through Enabling Agile Intelligence Agile Practices Open Analytics 1TitleSubtitleLocation, Date Business Agility .com © 2011 IKANOW
  17. 17. Take-AwaysBig Data: Data that is too big, moves tooEnabling Agile Intelligence throughOpen Analytics doesn’t fit the structures of your fast, or database architectureRapidly growing market - $53B by 2017Social Intelligence: The Collection and 1Title of Information Derived from Social AnalysisSubtitle MediaLocation, Date .com © 2011 IKANOW
  18. 18. Take-AwaysInfinit.e: Analytical Development PlatformEnabling Agile Intelligence throughOpen Analytics  Harness Intelligence from Big Data for Your Businesses Specific Needs  Fuse Social Intelligence with Enterprise Systems – Tremendous Business Value1TitleSubtitleLocation, Date .com © 2011 IKANOW
  19. 19. Do you have a Big Data need? Ask yourself… • What problem will I truly be solving?Enabling Agile Intelligence through • AnalyticsOpenHow is my Big Data solution to derive analytical meaning? • Can I apply a $ value to the solution? 1Title notodayofand is status quo okay?a problem If I said any these do I really haveSubtitleLocation, Date a simple question you are trying to solve and get specific really fast! Start with .com © 2011 IKANOW
  20. 20. Questions? Thank you!Enabling Agile Intelligence throughOpen Analytics Scott Raspa Nathan Putzier Account Executive Intelligence Analyst 1 nputzier@ikanow.comTitle 410.533.2656 330.354.9662SubtitleLocation, Date | @ikanowdata | 703.454.9029 .com © 2011 IKANOW