language solutions                   We deliver languages. Worldwide   .Company presentation         Ing. Pavel Skřivánek...
Who We Are                    .Over 17 years experience in the global translation business.Headquartered in Prague, Czech ...
Skrivanek Locations   .                
What We Offer                      Translations in 100+ languages and 500+ language    combinations    Our specializatio...
Our Approach e work on a long-term basis with our clients which results in higherquality and cost-effectiveness.         ...
Our Team krivanek currently employs over 385 full-time internal staff around the world.Overall, Skrivanek employs more th...
Who We Work For               
Technology Background                                            .We use the following translation software:   Across Lan...
How We Work                           .   Every client is assigned its dedicated PM (or team of dedicated PMs) and a back...
Work Flow            .   We fully understand that effective project management saves you time    and money.   In order t...
Work Flow   .      
Data Exchange                            .We can receive requests and files via:   E-mail   FTP (secured FTP)   Web   ...
Capacities                  .   Each translator is expected to handle up to 2,500 words per day, each proofreader 10,000 ...
Proposed Team                                                     Global Production Manager:                             ...
Contact Details                    .Skrivanek BalticDzirnavu Street 57a – 1,Riga, Latvia, LV-1010Tel.: +371 67821658,Fax: ...
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переводы с русского на латышский


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переводы с русского на латышский

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  • Skrivanek was e stablished in 1994 as limited company with its headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic. Skrivanek has organically expanded and creat ed a network of over 50 branches covering 14 countries spanning over 3 continents. This enables us to provi de quality translations and product localization services in over 100 languages . Skrivanek is a global language service provider with extensive experience in the management of large projects, ranging from government and EU projects, local customers to multilingual localization projects for renowned global corporations. Specialized divisions for key sectors enable us to build terminology databases, references and general field-specific know-how . Our steady year-on-year growth in sales has enabled us to invest in new technology and equipment , facilitat ing customer-driven solutions to meet even the most exacting requirements . We make use of language technologies such CAT-tools translation memory solutions, various complex advanced software solutions, including localization or quality assurance tools , graphic desing tools and much more. Skrivanek invests in technology development and implementation in order to automate the translation process and make it as effective as possible. Such technology is a key feature. Skrivanek has developed a custom made Business Management System (BMS) helping us to manage the translation process more effectively through automation of most of the tasks increasing productivity and saving personal costs. Skrivanek has implemented the Across Language Server (ALS) technology to its translation process to help us improve quality, accelerate the translation process and decrease costs. Across enables us to centralize linguistic resources, connect internal and external resources and create a perfectly functional environment. Furthermore, Across offers various possibilities to clients to enter and control the process. Across enables ALS to connect with a client’s Content Management System (CMS) to speed up file transfer, and provide easy access to Across via a web-interface to approve terminology or make client reviews (without installing any tool, in a simple environment similar to Word). Besides Across we have experience with most of the localization, translation, DTP, SW Development and testing tools we use on daily basis. Our reputation is guaranteed by ISO 9001:2001 and EN 15038:2008 quality assurance certification . Our clientele includes global corporations such as Fortune 500 companies and the European Commission. Recently Skrivanek has been ranked as number 22 in an independent study of the top language service providers in the world released by American research and consulting company Common Sense Advisory.
  • Skrivanek's unique feature and one of its greatest advantages is its branch structure. Having a physical pre sence throughout Europe, Asia and Northern America enable Skrivanek to provide customers with added values. Skrivanek Group has over 50 branches in 14 countries of the world .
  • Skrivanek offers a wide (comprehesive) portfolio of language services including the following:
  • 4 key areas : “ customer orient ation ” – we always identify the best process es and resources for your specific need—put simply, if there is a way that saves time and cost without sacrificing quality, we will use it “ quality” is the most important issue for us so our customer s can achieve the best result s with their products worldwide “ flexibility” helps maintain smooth and successful co-operation. “ know-how” we serve our clients with our experience; w ith 17 years experience in translation industry, we keep track of the latest technology trends and train our staff to maintain their skills at a high level
  • Skrivanek currently employs over 395 full-time internal staff around the globe. Overall, Skrivanek employs more than:   200 project managers and coordinators, 50 in-house translator, proofreaders and terminologists, 20 localization specialists (software engineers, DTP specialists, CAT tool/MT specialists) Numerous specialists in various areas such as IT, Servers, Security, Quality Assurance, Methodology and more.   External staff   Thanks to our well-established branch structure, all our translations are carried out by experienced native speakers based in the country in which the language is spoken. Skrivanek has over 3,000 qualified external translators in its database and constantly runs online workshops for those who aspire to join Skrivanek’s ever-expanding team.
  • Every client has his dedicated PM or a team of dedicated PMs (for bigger clients) and a back-up system is implemented, so that in case of illness or holiday of a PM, consistency in all detailed project-information is guaranteed. A qualified project manager to lead translation team efforts, to direct traffic and communication in order to reach critical project milestones and successful project delivery. Most of our global clients prefer to have 1 centralised contacting point (with “universal” opening hours) – where all communication is done in English and is centralized. We can do this for instance by creating a single mail address: and take care of all your requests . We can also supply communication points in different languages, if that is required.   For every project, there is one project manager, who is responsible for heading the project and ensuring the delivery of the end solution on time and on budget. The client communicates with the project manager directly and he/she is the sole point of contact for the client for any issues related to the project. The project manager manages the resources internally using business and project management tool. Internally, the tasks are assigned to the teams through our business management system, our own custom developed solution called Delfy. This ensures that the team is given all the necessary details and that the right people will be on the job and furthermore the progress of the project can be monitored and measured using this system. The translation project kick-off meeting is a chance to get to know team members and to ask questions. It is also opportunity to get clarification on goals and guidelines before work begins . We study all relevant information provide d by the customer about their company, product ranges and names, communication strategy, style guides, reference translations, translation memories, terminology glossaries, style and terminology used by the documentation authors , naming conventions and other instrucitons. Project team set-up – we short list and test a number of translators and reviewers before settling on those best qualified for the particular customer and create a long-term translation team. All information is entered in a project management tool including the selected project team in order to dedicate the same resources to the project. This helps to automate the job processing and make sure the team can sub st itute easily and always work with the same set of informa tion . The average response time is below 30 minutes. According to volumes, jobs can be confirmed in 30 min up to 3 hours.
  • IKEA local staff uploads documents to IKEA Language Portal indicating project specific information (language pairs, expected deadline, translation purpose, translation workflow, reference documents are attached). A project is created at IKEA Across language server, document is pre-processed and analyzed, costs calculation is generated, translation project is approved, translation resources are assigned to the project at IKEA Across language server, system-based assignment and transmission of projects to external language service providers is fulfilled via Across crossGrid automatically to Skrivanek Across Language Server (or an in-house translator is assigned). Still if necessary there are other options available to submit a translation request to Skrivanek – se Data exchange:   After the document is uploaded to Skrivanek Across Language Server a notification is sent to Skrivanek PM who immediately check the project’s details including source and target languages, domain or specialization, translation purpose, format, word-count analysis, specific instructions, expected deadline, etc. The PM assesses word-counts and workflow of the project and prepares a project schedule and the budget, checks the availability of project team (project specific translators/reviewers), enters all details of the project (delivery dates, language pairs, format, etc) into Skrivanek’s proprietary business and project management system and sends an order confirmation to IKEA contact person and accepts the translation task in Across Language Server. A notification of acceptance of a new translation task request is sent.   The content is checked and approved with client (for example product names, user interface items), abbreviations and their meaning, units and their conversion, etc. as necessary.   The PM along with Software Engineer and CAT Specialist check the files for translatable content (particularly paying attention to graphics, embedded objects or screenshots) and prepares source files for translation. This includes locking of non-translatable content etc. The PM creates Instructions to ensure proper handling of files. The PM assigns translation, review and quality control tasks to particular customer pre-approved suppliers in Skrivanek Across Language Server. System-based assignment and transmission of projects to assigned in-house translator or external language staff is fulfilled via Across WAN client.   After a translator/reviewer accepts the assigned task, he/she saves the document, starts processing it and afterwards finishes and uploads the document back to Skrivanek Across Language Server along with a progress indicator. On the basis of the progress information it is possible to monitor current processing status of a task at a glance. The progress level is displayed in the form of words and percentages.   Translation The translation is executed by an individual translator – in-country native speakers of the target language and subject matter specialist – or a team can be set up and the translation is then executed on-line sharing one translation memory, based on the instructions and references provided. During the translation process, the translator is encouraged to use as many resources as possible – online, personal, or those provided by Project Managers and IKEA local staff – in order to achieve the best results. The translator is taking into account the context, the grammatical rules of the two languages, writing conventions, and idioms, as well as the purpose of the text – avoiding the word-by-word translation. Project Managers are always available for consultation and help when any issues or questions arise, as are the numerous Specialists and Terminologists who can further clarify the problem at hand. IKEA is kindly requested to provide a contact to local staff for clarifying any questions relating to translation and/or terminology.   Editing/Review Once the translation is completed, the editor/reviewer – a second/independent translator – checks the translation for accuracy, grammar and readability in the target language; ensuring the use of correct spelling, consistently used terminology, accurate punctuation, correct infelicities of style, i.e. grammatical and semantic errors, and formatting of text in accordance with original document. After each editing/review step an evaluation is created and a registered in the business and project management system helping to continuously monitor our linguist’s performance. 3rd Party Review To ensure high quality and accuracy of the translation a randomly selected piece of translation (at least 10 % of each project or order) is sent to a second translator for review and quality evaluation. Quality Control / Proofreading / Review Once the translation, editing/review phase is completed, our in-country QA specialist (proofreader) compare the source and target documents to check the final files for completeness, grammar, typos and formatting errors and checks the quality of the deliverables according to a specific check list. They are using various QA tools that are remarkably helpful and have a number of features which facilitate the production of superior translations. Should any discrepancies be identified, the text is returned to the translator and reworked before being delivered to the IKEA. In-house Check Before the delivery of files Project Manager makes sure that all steps of the workflow have been completed in compliance with clients instructions, all issues have been solved and that any queries that have been raised during the project have been dealt with satisfactorily. The Project Manager is also responsible for an overall check of the file/deliverable completeness. Client Revision and Feedback The completed files are handed back to IKEA Across Language Server for a client review in IKEA ALS. In case IKEA requires any relevant changes project is crossGrided back to Skrivanek ALS and the Project Manager takes care of full implementation of the changes requested by the client. Feedback is an essential element of our ongoing process to improve the overall quality of our work and is therefore handled very carefully. The feedback is studied closely by the Project Manager in charge of the particular assignment and then passed onto all participating translators and revisers who make the necessary changes. Based on this essential feedback a project check list or “Do’s and Don’t list“ shall be updated or other measurements shall be taken into account. Memory Update and Final Delivery Once the translated text has reached a level of quality that meets our and IKEA´s requirements, the translation is uploaded to IKEA ALS where the document should be check out and the Across translation memory cTank updated with status Approved in order to ensure consistency of translation and terminology in future projects.  
  • переводы с русского на латышский

    1. 1. language solutions We deliver languages. Worldwide .Company presentation Ing. Pavel Skřivánek PR Applications Company founder
    2. 2. Who We Are .Over 17 years experience in the global translation business.Headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic.Local presence in 14 countries spanning 3 continents.Comprehensive language services in over 100 languages.Specialized divisions geared to industry-specific sectors.Extensive experience in the management of large projects for various government s andthe EU, for local customers and global corporations alike.Cutting-edge technologies facilitating customer-driven solutions.ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038:2006 quality assurance certification.Experience providing services to global corporations such as Fortune 500 companiesand the European Commission.“Our mission is to provide language solutions that enable businesses to accuratelycommunicate their ideas and visions to their clients in foreign markets.”
    3. 3. Skrivanek Locations .
    4. 4. What We Offer   Translations in 100+ languages and 500+ language combinations Our specializations are:  Life Science/Pharmaceutics  Automotive/Machinery  Financial/Legal  IT/Electronics/Telecommunications  Industrial/Energy  Retail/Consumer Products  EU/Government  Travel/Hospitality  Media/Entertainment  Graphic design and full DTP services  Software and website localization  Multimedia localization (games, e-learning)  Interpreting (telephone, conference, consecutive, simultaneous, sworn)  Voiceover & Dubbing, Subtitling  Linguistic Quality Assurance , SEO  Sworn translations
    5. 5. Our Approach e work on a long-term basis with our clients which results in higherquality and cost-effectiveness.
    6. 6. Our Team krivanek currently employs over 385 full-time internal staff around the world.Overall, Skrivanek employs more than:00 Project Managers and Coordinators,0 Account managers0 In-house translators, proofreaders and terminologists,5 Localization specialists (Software Engineers, DTP Specialists, CAT Tools Specialist)0 Vendor Specialistumerous specialists in various areas such as IT, Servers, Security, QualityAssurance, Methodology and more.
    7. 7. Who We Work For 
    8. 8. Technology Background .We use the following translation software: Across Language Server (server based translation software for all internal and external resources used for localization, translations, proofreading, terminology and QA tasks; providing a central translation memory, a central terminology system, a multi-format editor, and powerful integrated project and workflow management (including file management and API integration), quality assurance and meaningful reporting) used for all translations for which the customer doesnt require a specific TM tool SDL Trados (translation software for handling localization, translations, proofreading tasks, QA tasks) frequently used as requested by international customers SDL Multiterm (for managing clients terminology) QA Distiller (for automated translation quality assurance) Adobe Acrobat (for PDF annotations and pre-print-proofreading tasks) STAR Transit (translation software for handling translations) MemoQ (translation software for handling translations) Alchemy Catalyst (for software localization and engineering) SDL Passolo (for software localization and engineering)We use the following project management software: Proprietary ERP system Delfy (used to manage all of Skrivanek’s projects: storing information about resources, helping allocate the appropriate resources to specific jobs, monitor deadlines, offer instant reporting on purchase orders and invoices, as well as creating a tailor- made workflow suited to each project’s specific terms and needs)
    9. 9. How We Work . Every client is assigned its dedicated PM (or team of dedicated PMs) and a back-up system is implemented. We can offer one centralized contact point with “universal” opening hours from Global Production Management Centre – where all communication is in English and is centralized, i.e. single mail address. Or we can provide local communication points in different languages provided by our local account managers and or project managers. Every project usually starts with a kick-off meeting and continues with follow up meetings and satisfaction surveys. Careful project preparation – we study all relevant information provided by the customer about their company. Project team set-up – we short list and test a number of translators and reviewers before settling on those best qualified for the particular customer and create a long-term translation team. All information is entered in a project management tool including the selected project team in order to dedicate the same resources to the project. The average response time to a customer request is under 30 minutes. According to volumes, a quote can be submitted and jobs can be confirmed in 1 up to 3 hours. During project processing queries are raised and answered via query reports or via instant messaging available in the TMS.
    10. 10. Work Flow . We fully understand that effective project management saves you time and money. In order to achieve desirable results, we follow the most efficient workflow process.
    11. 11. Work Flow .
    12. 12. Data Exchange .We can receive requests and files via: E-mail FTP (secured FTP) Web Automatically and instantly to our TMS using Web Services (or Across CrossGrid) The seamless integration of our process helps to manage multilingual file sets, where there may be thousands of files and dozens of file types per language, with constant updates that must be implemented across the different language versions throughout the process. This approach ensures the highest content re-use and automates the hand-over process between client, project managers, translators and reviewers.
    13. 13. Capacities . Each translator is expected to handle up to 2,500 words per day, each proofreader 10,000 words. There is usually 1 day of lead time. Project managers will require at least a day of lead time to receive/distribute the source files and a day to review the completed target files (larger files require as many as a few days of review). For larger projects and or short turnaround jobs, simply multiply the number of translators and/ or proofreaders to determine larger outputs (i.e. 2 translators can handle 5,000 words a day, 4 translators can complete 10,000 words). To preserve the uniformity of a text, the minimum number of reviewers is employed (i.e. preferably 4 translators and one proofreader) unless time constraints require additional personnel. Proofreaders usually begin their work once the translation is completed, so (for example) a 10,000 word translation will take 7 working days in case of standard delivery. 1 day to receive and send files to translator + 4 days to translate + 1 day to proofread + 1 day for quality check and deliver target files to client The duration of a project is defined in terms of working days and does not include weekends, unless specifically mentioned. Other capacities available upon request.
    14. 14. Proposed Team Global Production Manager: CAT Specialist:  Oversees the smooth processing of entire project  Supports teams with technical preparation of documents to be  Ensures all quality requirements are met processed with CAT tools  Oversees personnel matters including employee enrollment  Supports and advises translators and project managers with the  use of CAT tools Is liable for the measures resulting from implied system of quality concerning the branch  Ensures technical support and maintenance of memory and the  terminology server Communicates with the client in regards to organizational and contractual issues  Provides training for company employees and translators who  work with CAT Tools Addresses complaints Local Vendor Specialists:Account Manager:  Regularly evaluates database of suppliers dedicated to project  Liaise with client, formulate and foster effective working  Communicates with potential suppliers and processes their relationships to promote and continuously improve the service to meet client’s requirements and expectations examination results   Ensures on-going selection of suppliers Assist with the preparation of proposals, quotes, plans, reports as necessary  Collects all necessary documents from all internal and external  Effectively communicate and solve issues, ensures hat suppliers, maintains physical and electronic database, corrective action takes place to be certain that the achievement cooperates with other branches on maximum utilization of of service levels information  Liaise with Project Manager to facilitate the project process, QA Specialist / Language Lead: resolve account queries, etc.  Perform on demand and planned translation, review, and quality  Regularly check customer feedback and satisfaction control tasks  Analyze and monitor customer feedback and vendor performanceProject Manager (Management Team):  Communicate with client reviewer and update client feedback  Monitors and supervises entire translation project and process so documentation that it is delivered on-time, on-budget and will meet client  Manage and maintain the language assets (including glossaries expectations and TMs) up to the quality standards as required  Communicates with the client; serves as contact point  Manage product-related queries  Ensures contact is maintained with all parties involved in the  Train and support new staff and vendors according to needs of the process, including client and queries account.  Assigns translators and reviewers to projects DTP Specialist / SW Engineer:  Prepares translation kit and instructions  Analyze source files and define the scope  Monitors consistency of translation and use of terminology  Technical preparation of files for translation using standard according to glossary (using quality assurance tools) translation and localization tools  Reviews deliverables (for completeness, format, accuracy) prepared  Post-process files back from translation into orginal format, re- by team before passing on to client sizing, formatring, quality control and verification, grapics editing,  Manages day-to-day operational aspects of a project and its scope screnshooting  Keeps records of all orders in accordance with appropriate standards  Fixing bugs reported by test engineers, pre-print proofreaders
    15. 15. Contact Details .Skrivanek BalticDzirnavu Street 57a – 1,Riga, Latvia, LV-1010Tel.: +371 67821658,Fax: +371