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  1. 1. Ashwini Palimkar, Dr. Suhas. H. Patil / International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) ISSN: 2248-9622 Vol. 3, Issue 2, March -April 2013, pp.379-384 Using Stegnography Technique for Data Leakage Problems Detect Ashwini Palimkar (student), Prof. Dr. Suhas. H. Patil Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University College of engineering, Pune, Maharashtra, IndiaAbstract:Our goal is to detect when the distributor’s repositories and libraries, e-commerce, onlinesensitive data have been leaked by agents, and if decision support system etc. These applicationspossible to identify the agent that leaked the make the digital assets, such as digital images,data. In this project, we are giving the video, audio, database content etc, easily accessiblemethodology for adding fake object into data. by ordinary people around the world for sharing,Fake object will be added through stegnography purchasing, distributing, or many other purposes. Inconcept. computer based stegnographhy, several forms ofStegnnography is an ancient technique of data digital media may Be used as cover for hiddenhiding or the stegnography is the art and science information, photos, documents, web pages andof hiding the existence of information, we even MP3 music files may all serve as innocuouscontrast it with the related disciplines of looking hosts for secret messagescryptography The data leakage application will be shown throughAnd traffic security. News channel.Many techniques are used to hide data in In this project we are finding out the data is leakedvarious formats in steganography. The most or not. The agent will receive the information towidely used mechanism on account of its broadcast the data on the news media from server.simplicity is the use of the Least Significant Bit. We will check whether the authorized user leakedLeast Significant Bit or its variants are normally the data to another news media channel.used to hide data in a digital image. This paper Assumption1:discusses technique to hide data in a colorful Each and every agent has its unique data.image using least significant bit. Assumption2: Another news channel will received the data only1. Introduction from agent. Sometimes data is leaked and found in Description of this paper in short:unauthorized Places Nowadays; more and more The data leakage application will be shown throughdata are sold and transmitted on the internet. BNN News channel.Databases are being used widely in many important In this paper, we are finding out the data is leakedfields, such as, banking and so on. With the fast or not. The agent will receive the information togrowth of database business on the net, the data broadcast the data on the news media from server.may be unsafe after passing through the unsecure We will check whether the authorized user leakednetwork. the data to another news media channel.The recent surge in the growth of the Internet In this, for the agent has its unique username willresults in offering of a wide range of web-based be considered as the fake object. All overservices, such as database as a service, digital information of the agent is stored into the database (MySQL) Figure 1: BNN News Channel 379 | P a g e
  2. 2. Ashwini Palimkar, Dr. Suhas. H. Patil / International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) ISSN: 2248-9622 Vol. 3, Issue 2, March -April 2013, pp.379-3842. Modules Information example, say the distributed data objects areModule1: medical records and the agents are hospitals. In this In this module consist of the design for the case, even small modifications to the records ofwebsite as well as database design for the actual patients may be undesirable. However, theapplication. The authorized agent will log in. for addition of some fake medical records may bethe new agent has to fill the register form, after acceptable, since no patient matches these records,successful submission of data he can logged into and hence no one will ever be treated based on fakeour system. The agent will request for the data records. A trace file is maintained to identify the(jpeg image), he will receive the data by adding the guilty agent. Trace file are a type of fake objectsfake object into data. that help to identify improper use of data.Module2: If the agent leaks that particular data then other 4. STEGANOGRAPHYnews channel will be updated by those images. At Steganography, as defined above is a technique toserver side the Admin is user for data security hide a data in an image in such a manner that it ispurpose. It will check whether the leaked data is unperceivable.same or not. Many a times Steganography is related toModule3: Cryptography. It may be a misleading statementThe agent request for the data by explicit request with respect to a Steganography approach.and the data is mp3 file. The user will receive the Steganography is related to Cryptography bydata by adding the fake object which is unique. meaning that both are used for security purposesModule4: but with different approach or implementation.This module checks whether our system data as Steganography is, along with Cryptography, a verywell as another system data is same or not. If he ancient concept but its application varies accordingfound the same data then the agent will be called to emerging technologies.guilty agent. The steps in steganography, 1. Include the writing the text messages,3. ADDING OF FAKE OBJECT encryption of the text message is one of the The distributor may be able to add fake options available.objects to the distributed data in order to improve 2. Later, text is hidden in the selected media andhis effectiveness in detecting guilty agents. transmitted to recipient.However, fake objects may impact the correctness 3. At receiver end, reverse process is implementedof what agents do, so they may not always be to recover the original text message. Variousallowable. The idea of perturbing data to detect techniques used in the art of steganography is theleakage is not new. However, in most cases, arrangements of various bits of the characters of theindividual objects are perturbed, e.g., by adding text in an image or other media. Keeping in mindrandom noise to sensitive salaries, or adding a the above, two files are needed; the image file andwatermark to an image. In this case, perturbing the the text file that contains the data.set of distributor objects by adding fake elements isdone. In some applications, fake objects may causefewer problems that perturbing real objects. For Figure 2: The Process of hiding data 380 | P a g e
  3. 3. Ashwini Palimkar, Dr. Suhas. H. Patil / International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) ISSN: 2248-9622 Vol. 3, Issue 2, March -April 2013, pp.379-384LSB affects the smallest changes of the 8 bits we can easily encrypt is using several ways. This istherefore it alters the image to minimum. The most the point where Cryptography and steganographycommon method used is called LSB (Least differs. Applying, cryptography result in an outputSignificant Bit) Mechanism that is hiding if the of an unreadable text which when send over andata in the least significant Bit (LSB) of the internet is easily detectable that some importantmessage. information is being conveyed. Hiding message in However, one of its major limitations is an image, along with the conditions, may seem justsmall size of data which can be embedded in such an exchange of picture between two ends.type of images using only LSB. LSB is extremely At this point mind wanders that how anvulnerable to attacks. LSB techniques implemented image can contain a message with no change in itsto 24 bit formats are difficult to detect contrary to 8 quality and size. From this end onwards we willbit format. The other techniques include Masking give a brief vision on the image design. To beginand Filtering. It is normally associated with JPEG. with, one must have a clear concept of an ImageIn this technique image data is extended by layout which includes the Image Headermasking secret data over it. Therefore, experts do information, Image block information, Imagenot include this as a form of Steganography. extensible information (if any).Most of thisAll algorithms employed for any type of format information is clearly specified in standardhave pros and cons and depend upon the technical documents.environments used. It also depends upon the We are using 24-bit BMP over 24-bitinformation to be embedded. Various techniques JPEG because it is lossless compression. JPEG isdeveloped were compared. lossy i.e. to save space on disk it just eliminates parts of any image. If you compare the bit depth5. IMPLEMENTATION and pixel value of a BMP and JPEG both have the Steganography, as defined above is a same except the file size on disk. The reason lies intechnique to hide a data in an image in such a the compression scheme used by JPEG and BMP.manner that it is unperceivable. To achieve such To make this compression efficient the color modeloutcome one may think of chopping the raw data much be changed from RGB to YUV color model,that is the data to be hidden in equal number of why YUV model, reason lies in the way this colorblock and hide it in specific areas with in an image. model represents color. Simply, RGB stores imageSuch a thought interprets that the concept is not color in combination but YUV separates thesevivid. That is, one is not able to extract the true color in Y for Luminance (color Brightness), U forbeauty of Steganography. chrominance(color difference) and V for colorPresently the technology being mostly used is information. This approach is used because humanDigital Images [6]. By digital Images we presume eye is more sensitive to Luminance thento deal with bits that is 0‟s and 1‟s. chrominance. Fewer bits can be used for Digital Images we have selected are 24-bit representing chrominance information. Reducingdepth color images using RGB color model. 24-bit bits in chrominance is achieved by applyingrefers to 8-bit for each RGB color channel, i.e. 8- chrominance down sampling. Thus, reducing thebits for red.8-bits for green and 8-bits for blue and overall size of an image.24-bit depth with width and height of 800 x 600 Our algorithm is simple and flexible usingpixels. It must be remembered that image LSB technique. We have selected the formats thatresolution is highly dependent on the monitor commonly use lossless compression that is BMP,screen resolution. PNG, TIFF and GIF. We can make use of any of The idea is to hide text in image with the these formats or convert BMP into any of the aboveconditions that the image quality is retained along said formats. When data is streamed, it is capturedwith the size of the image. Here, a thought may after the header and chopped into 8 bits.arise that why we need to hide text in an image if 381 | P a g e
  4. 4. Ashwini Palimkar, Dr. Suhas. H. Patil / International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) ISSN: 2248-9622 Vol. 3, Issue 2, March -April 2013, pp.379-384 Figure 3: Simple conversion of a BMP to GIFIt has been analyzed that the conversions do not pixel value of an image. Each pixel value containsdistort the images to a level where the degradation the value of the color and is represented in bits (0can be felt with the naked eye. & 1).Similarly, text to hide is also represented inWe recommend this algorithm to be used to hide bits (0&1).Therefore comparing bit values byte bysmall amount of data although large amount of data byte result in hiding the bit values of Text in bitmay also be incorporated in an image. The concept value of an Image. The technique we are using isis similar to somewhat one time pad. A large Least Significant Bit (LSB) i.e. storing in LSB of anumber of images from the said formats were byte (pixel). As mentioned above, the RGB modelchosen to hide the data. Results confirm the use of is used, we first stream an Image file and read thethese formats for successful Steganography file in bits and then seek the position ahead thetechniques. header bits.In 24-bit BMP, using RGB color model, withheader size of 54 bytes.54 bytes onwards starts the Figure 5 Resultant image after hiding data in GIF format 382 | P a g e
  5. 5. Ashwini Palimkar, Dr. Suhas. H. Patil / International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) ISSN: 2248-9622 Vol. 3, Issue 2, March -April 2013, pp.379-3846. IMAGE ANALYSIS most used colour to the least used colours to reduceA. LSB in BMP lookup time. Some extra care is to be taken if the The BMP file format also called bitmap or GIF images are to be used for Steganography. ThisDIB file format (for device-independent bitmap), is is because of the problem with the palettean image file format used to store bitmap digital approach. If the LSB of a GIF image is changedimages , if it is transmitted with an LSB stego. using the palette approach, it may result in aWhen image are used as the carrier in completely different colour. This is because theSteganography they are generally manipulated by index to the colour palette is changed. The changechanging one or more of the bits of the byte or in the resulting image is noticeable if the adjacentbytes that make up the pixels of an image. The palette entries are not similar. But the change is notmessage can be stored in the LSB of one colour of noticeable if the adjacent palette entries are similar.the RGB value or in the parity bit of the entire Most applications that use LSB methods on GIFRGB value.A BMP is capable of hiding big images have low security because it is possible tomessage. LSB in BMP is most suitable for detect even moderate change in the image.applications, where the focus is on the amount of Solutions to these problems could be ,information to be transmitted and not on the 1. Sort the palette so that the colour differencesecrecy of that information. If more number of bits between consecutive colours is minimizedis altered, it may result in a larger possibility that 2. Add new colours, which are visually similar tothe altered bits can be seen with the human eye. the existing colours in the palette.But with the LSB the main objective of 3. Use Gray scale images. In a 8 bit Gray scale GIFSteganography is to pass a message to a receiver image, there are 256 shades of gray. This results inwithout an intruder even knowing that a message is gradual changes in the colours and it is hard tobeing passed is being achieved. detect.B. LSB in PNG CONCLUSION Portable Network Graphics (PNG) is a In some cases “realistic but fake” databitmapped image format that employs lossless data records are injected to improve the chances ofcompression. PNG was created to improve upon detecting leakage and identifying the guilty party.and replace GIF. When images are used as the Using containers (cover messages) tocarrier in Steganography they are generally embed secret messages into is by far the mostmanipulated by changing one or more of the bits of popular use of Steganography today. This methodthe byte or bytes that make up the pixels of an of Steganography is very useful when a party mustimage. The message can be stored in the LSB of send a top secret, private or highly sensitiveone colour of the RGB value or in the parity bit of document over an open systems environment suchthe entire RGB value .A PNG is capable of hiding as the Internet. By embedding the hidden data intoquite a large message. LSB in PNG is most suitable the cover message and sending it, you can gain afor applications where the focus is on the amount sense of security by the fact that no one knows youof information to be transmitted and not on the have sent more than a harmless message other thansecrecy of that information. If more number of bits the intended altered it may result in a larger possibility that Steganography is in the nascent stage ofthe altered bits can be seen with the human eye. development. This allows users to hide files ofBut with the LSB the main objective of larger sizes while at the same time preserve thesteganography is s to pass a message to a receiver general appearance of any cover image used.without an intruder even knowing that a message is Furthermore, the implementation of variousbeing passed is being achieved. security measures provides a high level of protection for the hidden data. It is concluded thatC. LSB in GIF the, it is seen that the original image and the final Graphics interchange format also known embedded image appear to be identical to theas GIF is one of the machine independent human eye.compressed formats for storing images. Since GIF LSB makes use of BMP image, to be ableimages only have a bit depth of 8, amount of to hide a secret message inside a BMP file, oneinformation that can be hidden is less than with would require a very large cover image. BMPBMP. Embedding information in GIF images using images of 800×600 pixels found to have less webLSB results in almost the same results as those of applications. Moreover such uses are not acceptedusing LSB with BMP. LSB in GIF is a very as valid. For this reason, LSB Steganography hasefficient algorithm to use when embedding a also been developed for use with other image filereasonable amount of data in a grayscale image. formats. All the major image file formats haveGIF images are indexed images where the colours different methods of hiding messages, withused in the image are stored in a palette. The different strong and weak points respectively. LSBcolours of the palette are typically ordered from the in GIF images has the potential of hiding a large 383 | P a g e
  6. 6. Ashwini Palimkar, Dr. Suhas. H. Patil / International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) ISSN: 2248-9622 Vol. 3, Issue 2, March -April 2013, pp.379-384message, but only when the most suitable coverimage has been chosen.REFERENCES: [1] Panagiotis Papadimitriou, Hector Garcia- Molina (2010)„Data Leakage Detection‟, IEEE Transactions on knowledge and data engineering, Vol.22, No.3. [2] P. Papadimitriou and H. Garcia-Molina, “Data Leakage Detec- tion,” technical report, Stanford Univ., 2008. [3] “A Stegnography Implementation”, Beenish Mehboob and Rashid Aziz Faruqui. [4] Moerland, T., “Steganography and Steganalysis”, Leiden Institute of Advanced Computing Science. [5] Silman, J., “Steganography and Steganalysis: An Overview”, SANS Institute, 2001 Jamil, T., [6] Bryan. “Steganography: How to Send a Secret Message.” 8 Nov. 2001 8/steganography.shtml. [7] Johnson, Neil F., and Sushil Jajodia, “Steganalysis of Images created using Current Steganographic Software”, Proceedings of the Second Information Hiding Workshop, April 1998. [8] Krenn, R., “Steganography and Steganalysis”, pdf Kafa Rabah. Steganography - The Art of Hiding Data. Information technology Journal 3 (3) - 2004 [9] Sellars, D., “An Introduction to Steganography”, 384 | P a g e